5 comments on “MLK AND RAY

  1. It certainly is a profound mystery, and a disgrace, that the black community can support the likes of Leonard Peltier, but has no qualms in leaving one of their own, who advocated for both African American and Native American rights, by the roadside, and never a word or mention. IndiVisible, is a traveling exhibit, sponsored by NMAI, positing that both minority groups are ‘all part of the same struggle’. What about Ray?


  2. These are great links to provide Anakis- hopefully wherever IndiVisible
    is shown a place will be made for the inclusion of Ray along with
    pointed questions.
    Unity is only a reality when it is committed and passionate-it can never
    be tepid and selective.
    Ray has been excluded, and at this late date one can only surmise it is
    a willful exclusion.

  3. I dare to quote what Mr P. DeMain said,
    (I fully agree with your post and his words) :

    “It would nice if on this Martin Luther King Day, people would focus some attention on bringing back civil rights worker Perry Ray Robinson Jr. from Wounded Knee Creek where Dennis Banks, Leonard Crow Dog, Carter Camp and David Hill had him buried during Wounded Knee 1973.
    Thanks to the American Indian Movement for another blemish on Indian Country.” P.DM

    “On this day of all days one would think that those who speak of and honor King would make some mention of Ray, and in doing so add their voices to those of the nations who are leading the effort for the discovery and prosecution of any invloved in his murder at WK2.” R.

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