1. I just want to say this to the person who wrote this.I thought i was the only person that was brave to say the exact words.I am a close relative of this so called chief in our eyes this person is a coward does not deserve to be even called a man. I was just there this past week, it must of got paid thousands of dollars from the same stupid people that go there to sundance and be traditional for a few days. So i give you thumbs up for the your words and keep up the good work.

    • Thank you for having the integrity to raise your voice mikita, the fact that you are a
      “close relative” as you say must compound the reality for you.
      Family is important, but we each bear a responsibility to be true to the things they
      believe in-right and wrong are the issues-to be silent is to give consent.
      Be well and stay strong.

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