6 comments on “ROLE PLAYING ?

  1. The 44 Year Enigma, and players too numerous to mention. There may be at least two or more “leading” characters or ‘insiders’, as you have mentioned. A pre-approved crime syndicate that exists amongst our own doesn’t sound that far fetched to me. An old film comes to mind: Three Days of the Condor. There is certainly some similarity of the characters and a parallel plot, if stretched a bit. The government within the Government, untraceable phone calls, an ‘insider’ murders their own, secret conspiracy, spies (informants) working for both sides, and a lot of loose ends. In the end, the big bosses could have cared less who was murdered, as long as there was cheap gasoline. Sounds more like the AIM Brotherhood. The film came out in 1975, however, AIM was well on their way to murder and mayhem before then. Well, they have been running on cheap gas, or maybe their own gas, for quite some time. We can only hope that it will end soon, and the people of our nations, with integrity, as well as information, will make a stand and come forward.

  2. ” A pre-approved crime syndicate that exists amongst our own doesn’t
    sound that far fetched to me.”

    I readily admit it is speculation, but any other explanation defies logic.
    We’re not talking about criminal masterminds-there’s no Professor
    Moriarty in this group-this is a group of people who require speech and
    ghost writers-even then they can’t keep their story straight.
    It’s that old adage normally applied to politicians-“if their lips are moving
    they’re lying”- and you don’t have to be a genius to figure that out, only
    “free to be free”.
    Haven’t seen the movie you mention but sounds good and will make an
    attempt to.

  3. we see this word the rol and we see this other word the role
    and say the funny language this is, we see to this one who
    makes this word the rol makes to play this role and we do
    do not think this is made to be funny.

  4. Yes , Meoquane&Jess that’s great point and indeed funny language it is to show those RoL(e)- Playing- Games. 🙂

    This painful thing is that their words, lies and roles they making up for themselves and dressing up for the videos and photos and post, those “noble savage white Indians” are same as elves and dwarves and vampires or barbarians in this RPG play, they don’t really exist, are imaginary, are illusion not truth – and those who play this RoL (es) (they play in daily REAL lives also our lives , it’s not rolling dices and playing with friends to them come back to real life) – worked and working same way as nails in the fence for us, leaving wounds and scars:


    If someone never played- short description what R.P.G. is : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Role-playing_game

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