5 comments on “THE ENORMITY OF IT ALL

  1. What you have described is what my grandmother called the “throw away mentality.” When a person is treated as if, and told long enough, they are worthless, they start to believe it and act accordingly. It’s a hard road to venture down, because it takes the breaking of a person, or a people, to make that turn. It’s an even harder road to leave because people have to unlearn then relearn, but through perseverance it can be done. A person has to feel and believe they are worthy of better before they will start carrying themselves as if they are. Role models are the first, strongest and most lasting examples by which people learn to live their lives. It’s impossible to make something out of nothing, but the tiniest spark can set the world on fire.

  2. Your grandmother was a wise woman tezza- society is about disposability,
    products are designed to be disposable, or become obsolete-fads drive the
    market place and the same mentality has spilled over in evaluating people.
    You offer a great insight in your mention of breaking people, of unlearning
    and relearning-I hope those who read them take them heart and understand
    the truth of them.
    Thank you

    • She was a very wise woman, and though she passed from this world over 25 years ago, I find I am still learning from her to this day, and that is a blessing.

      Planned obsolescence is something that has never set well with me. Legally screwing people is just wrong in any way, shape or form. Personally, I’d like to do away with laws and replace them with justice, respect, intelligence & common sense.

      It’s obvious that, as a species on Earth, there are far too many of us, and we have thrown almost everything out of balance. Having said that, I still believe that each life is sacred, viable, meaningful and important. We are each here for a reason, (some possibly as a bad example or catalyst, for few, if any, heroes or great leaders were ever born out of a Utopian environment), and we each have an important part in everything that goes on around us. Others can come from the outside and create huge changes in our lives, but no matter our circumstances, we each can and do choose how we live. We need to do better. ALL of us need to do better.

  3. It is hard to unlearn, and relearn, no doubt. It takes an acceptance of the weakness we all have, without being weak. you have to be strong to fight against what is all around you and not collapse under it. it takes a great inner strength, and i feel women have that much more than men do in such cases.

    I never cease to be amazed at what women can handle and continue on. But it is our duty as men to help them lighten their load as much as possible.

    We had to be adaptable as a people to survive the natural world, we have forgotten how to adapt, and we are learning a hard lesson because of it.

    Life is seldom easy, and was even less so when our people were free, they made the best out of it, and it’s time we learned that lesson from them.

    • Tali Uquelugv , yes it is the hard lesson to learn again
      and to do this adapting the more hard now but it is the
      thing we are made to do to make the way for the little

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