1. we have seen the little piece for this before but not all, hard to
    explain for those ones that make the pie but we think they will
    say these things you have said they will.

    • I don’t know of anything physically linking him to Annie’s murder, or heard anything
      to that effect.
      Some say Trudell rolled over, but as that mostly to date emanates from the AIM/Peltier
      camp sympathizers it’s questionable at best.
      I’m not sure who put the “poster” together but I consider it accurate.

      • So what you are implying is that “Coyote Poop On Himself” was totally out of the information loop …say “Obstruction of Justice” concerning Annie Mae…as if he did not know that she was being “jacketed” by AIM, FBI..>AIM in FBI clothes… FBI in AIM clothes and this drug dealing punk ass bitch is without information about who did what do Annie let alone Ray Robinson.

        If that is the case, then you must be “smoking” what John Juan is smoking. Fact is…he knew what was going on with her…the bad and then the ugly when they raped and murdered her. As if John did know that huh? So his “silence” as the bitch he is…leaves him off the hook and innocent! Amazing!

      • Nothing amazing in what I said, rather what you’ve read into it – I never said Trudell was
        out of the loop, what I have said is nothing exists I am aware of that links him physically
        to the events that occurred.
        I also said he may have rolled over, which if he did could explain a few things – such as
        his early attempts to lay the murder at the feds door and the latter ones where he says
        basically everyone in AIM should be dragged in to get to the bottom of things.
        Trudell is the one who said Banks identified Annie’s body prior to anyone else, and I
        give him credit for that-but I also think there remains much he hasn’t said but could
        and should.
        If that is the way of it what’s the reason for not doing so….fear that the next fire like
        the one that took his family will take himself or others? Or could it be the result of
        rolling over and being told to keep his mouth shut?
        If that is the case there won’t be any obstruction charges, another consideration is
        prosecutors either state or federal seldom prosecute witnesses whose testimony is
        favorable to the case they would make, and Trudell has testified in court.
        I don’t believe for a nano second that any involved in the AIM Leadership or those
        occupying secondary positions as flying monkeys were out of the loop, if you had
        taken the time to browse the blog archives you would know that, you would also know
        I believe that one or more within the AIM leadership and their closest minions like
        Dave Hill have rolled over at one time or another when it served them.
        For your further edification I neither ‘smoke” or drink.
        There’s no question that it was AIM that jacketed Annie, one of their “talents”,
        despite every infantile attempt they’ve made to make it appear otherwise.
        For all the bs about calling people snitches in the strictest sense of
        the word that is what Russell Means cast himself as when he pointed the finger
        at Vernon.
        He wasn’t interested in justice or attempting to do a public service, only
        to direct attention away from himself and family members.
        Did Vernon have knowledge? Of course he did, they all did – and since Annie’s
        murder occurred in PR that places Russell Means right in the middle of it
        by his own words that NOTHING AIM related took place on PR without his
        knowledge and consent.
        You’re welcome to comment in this blog, but as you have a blog of your own
        it might be better if you tone the language down a little or leave it for yours.

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