2 comments on “SOMEWHERE

  1. Reblogged this on stonefeather and commented:
    They all – all of OUR worldwide “leaders” and “saviors” and “heroes” all over this tormented worlds – have turned their back on us LONG time ago.

    Not to form circle to stand on guard and protect us as united warriors – but to walk away and walk alone own ways; caring only about own security and material enrichment for themselves.

    Maybe it’s OUR highest time to turn OUR back on them – all together. And support each other, who only wants to truly join and help ( friend in need – is friend in-deed) – so we can help ourselves to be leaders all together – for ourselves and our nations.

    So WE will we decide WHO we see as best leader – looking at his/ her deeds, work, compassion for people/ nations, skills, talents, HEART for others – mostly, but NOT ONLY for humankind.

  2. it is the thing to do this we who make to decide and to look
    no more for these ones, to put the eyes away from them.
    Strong words and the strong spirit to speak in this way for
    the Somewhere and the truth for it makes the pain for the heart
    and this pain should make the eyes to open and break this silence
    to be no more.

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