6 comments on “ANTHROPOLOGY

  1. Love this quote, Russell could learn from this too.

    “ No one wins [in war]. Both sides lose. The Indians, so called hostiles, won the battle of the day, but lost their way of life. ”

    • Good quote-does it reference the Big Horn?
      As to Russell the victory he has always sought is that of personal
      monetary gain and celebrity status – the only area he has a measure
      of success in.

      • I believe so, not exactly sure where the quote came from. But it’s applicable in many battles. The Cherokee supreme court battle against the new echota treaty is an entirely different sort of battle, but with the same result grandfather joe mentioned.

        We won the court battle and the military came in anyway, took our homes, lands, possessions. We thought playing by their rules would keep us safe, but we were wrong. We didn’t know enough about the enemy at our doorstep. Most still don’t.

        There’s a video on YouTube where grandfather joe says his tribal and roman name is joe medicine crow, interesting that he didn’t say English, European, white, or any of the other terms used. Maybe he has seen the tracks in the books as well.

  2. We have bee hives, and the lack of Bio diversity is contributing to the decline of everything. Miles of same crops is a desert for pollen & nectar feeders, (& more) for it only blooms once a season, then nothing else.
    As always, Good post, thank you

    • Bees-without them nothing would exist as we know it, and gratifying to
      hear you tend them.
      An excellent point about large areas of land dedicated to a single
      crop-thanks for making it.

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