1. rezinate, we know you have the big respect for the women and many
    the time we see this for the words you have made to speak for this
    Annie Mae and the women to, and we are made to think may be it is
    some will take the insult for this thing you say now, but we do not
    and know they are made to be true.
    we know the good men the bad men same to know the good women
    and the bad women, to be the man the woman dos not make the difference
    it is this character you speak of that makes the different.
    the more the more we see this one the Russell Means is the politician
    to have the re set button and made to be the dwarf the elf the leprechaun
    the small one for the spirit he is made to have.

    • M+J, Appreciate your response as always-I have expressed
      a personal opinion, I think it is good to stir the pot on
      occasion by saying rather than focus solely on the common
      talking points let’s take a look at other aspects.
      In addressing something it should be viewed from a variety
      of angles, different perspectives, I believe that is how
      meaningful answers and resolution are found.
      In doing so I am not kicking women under the bus, and
      I appreciate your understanding of that.

      • Rezinate ,

        I fully agree with you- and no, you don’t speak against women- you speak FOR women what shall be clearly seen I suppose.

        What you done is this post for us- is to help us, women see what would be, what is wrong, unnecessary, what brings harm and why we shall NOT listen to all those “matriarchists” as they have no idea how matriarchy could look or work out- as THEY never spoke with women about their understanding of matriarchy or do WE want it! Do we want to BE in charge in fact.

        I also think FOR NOW matriarchy wouldn’t work anyway – after such long time of patriarchy, it’s wrong aspects, suppression of women and understanding them , because of disrespect and what we have in our minds as women put there as stereotypes about role and behaviour of “true woman”.

        FIRST WE, women must cleanse ourselves in all aspects -emotional, intellectual, spiritual – WE must REmake an image in our heads. WHO we are, want to be and suppose to be AS WOMAN and WOMEN. How our role, tasks, talents, skills, gifts shall be understood, appreciated, respected, used.
        To love and be loved, to self-respect and respect each other…to find back ways to understand ourselves so we can understand and respect and love MEN. TO FORGIVE and HELP them fix all what done wrong against us and turn point of view on us to be in our favour.
        To help men become EQUALIST as you are. As THIS is way to HONOUR us and show us respect and support, BEST way I ever seen in my whole life.

        THANK YOU, Rezinate.

        I am equalist as well – so your point of view goes perfect with my point of view.

        Also….Patriarchy + Matriarchy…Father+ Mother+ PARENTS, EQUALITY in giving love, care, support, lessons, protection.

        To be healthy, happy children and become conscious adults we need both parents – not lack / suppression of one and dominance of another.

        I also think Matriarchy is impossible currently, in proposed versions – I see no place for MAN role and position in there and that would be shitty Matriarchy.

        Egoism, material status of man, to “catch a husband/sponsor”, mostly body and sexual attraction(to prostitution) focused attitude without having character and knowledge/wisdom to impress and charm man; agreeing on “easy come, easy go” treatment, being a toy and mostly sexual amusement, entertainment for man; agreeing for violence, abuse, rape against us and our children as “this is how world goes, always been like that for women”. Plus laziness, lack of skills to care about house and children (to cook, clean, work; lack of education and ambitions to learn…

        Those are big “gifts” for patriarchy – currently staying in women minds as ways of behavior learned and coded in minds during times of patriarchy. Formally – Porneia Domina (Babylon Whore, Lilith, Kali and other wicked versions of Goddess are good equivalents to understand what /who I am talking about ). Not really Sancte Femina, Sacred Mother, Divine Woman; Woman men WANT to LOVE…

        And THIS is what we have to change, unlearn, erase from our women minds BEFORE we even talk about any version of matriarchy.

        In MY humble, feminine opinion 😀

  2. “To be healthy, happy children and become conscious adults we need both parents – not lack / suppression of one and dominance of another.”

    Good point stonefeather- and obviously implies the presence of both parents, the
    willingness to accept the responsibility-something too many men are not noted for.
    Yours is a very candid response and raises other considerations and insights as a man
    I might not of thought of.

    I can’t think like a woman, and neither do I believe a woman can think like a man-that speaks to the need for openness and feeling secure and comfortable enough to discuss issues that is sorely lacking.

    It isn’t a versus thing-about winning or losing from a personal viewpoint, more of finding a way of balance from which all benefit.

    I don’t believe there is some pie in the sky solution-some dramatic intervention forthcoming like the so called Age of Aquarius that will produce a quantum leap forward in human nature-we as humans create the problems, and the responsibility to address them is ours.

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