6 comments on “STEPPING STONES

  1. The white woman, the red woman, the black woman, any the color dos
    not matter for this hot water, the same for all, and we say the same
    mystery for us to think any the woman would have the good word for
    this one Russell Means, and we think this reward is the good idea.
    Annie Mae, Ray Robinson, and the other ones worth much more than
    the pots for this Dennis Banks who made the reward for them and
    much more than the talk Russell Means make.

  2. Completely agree M+J-color isn’t and shouldn’t be any part of the
    equation, also that people have a greater value than pots.
    Material items can be replaced-a person cannot.
    A broken item can be repaired-decidedly more difficult to repair the
    broken spirit of an individual or a people.

  3. Love this one!
    I live in MN, & remember the NDN center & AIM in MPLS, on Franklyn ave, (35 years back, maybe more)
    recall when these guys would come through, there was fear, & there IS a difference between Fear & honoring someone.
    Nuff said by me, you say it so well,
    Thank you

    • auntiej5-thanks for your response and rebuke of the AIM myth-I’m familiar
      with the center and the Phillips area-the strutting peacocks still distribute their
      propaganda in the neighborhood and one of the results of their collective work
      over the years are the gangs that now roam the area.
      Go figure huh?

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