• I hadn’t seen the video and appreciate the link.
      Apologies are a good thing and have their place when sincere, but I believe
      they should mark a beginning rather than ending. Words without follow up
      deeds remain merely words leaving too much undone, and there is much yet
      to be done.
      Equitable inclusion is what is desired – but an inclusion, or access if
      a better word, based not on an assimilated loss of language and culture,
      rather one than recognizes the differences and importance of maintaining
      Assimilation in itself can become a very real form of extinction.
      In an age where even school children are taught about the extinction of
      species no one should forget that the original intent of the colonizers
      was the extinction of the first nations of this hemisphere – a goal somewhat
      realized with the extinction of a number of tribes and languages.
      Apologies will neither resurrect these lost tribes, languages, or atone for
      centuries of hardship, they cannot remove the blood of our ancesters that
      blankets this land, or elevate a single person out of poverty….and so I
      say deeds speak louder than words.

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