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    Makes me wonder too if any poison would be consumed depending on how it is packaged and marketed-kind of seems to be the way of it when you look around.

    Ammonia, an ingredient in over the counter meat products at the market- dyes and “preservatives” in canned goods, fruit harvested green and then gassed to force it to ripen-vegetables layered with pesticides-“medication” with a list of contraindications as long as your arm-eggs laid by chickens liberally dosed with hormones and speed-eggs that often have that dark yolk people go on about as sign of quality when the truth is more mundane, that the color is the result of additives such as ground up…

    • I’ve been approached by our women young and old wanting me to purchase
      alcohol and “party” with them – I can’t can’t count the number of our
      men young and old I have seen staggering and reeling around, passed out
      in their own vomit, and it breaks my heart.
      I have too many memories of friends lost to alcohol and substance abuse,
      been in too many homes with crying half naked children and beer cans
      littering the floor. Too many still born, too many with Fetal Alcohol
      Syndrome, or deformities.
      It seems impossible that any of us could have come to this, and yet we
      have, and I can only liken it to a form of genocide by our own hand,
      a willful poisoning of ourselves little different than the followers
      of Jim Jones in Guyana with the AIM leadership in the role of Jones.

      • it all began with ‘firewater’…before that, all we had was Tizwyn, and that took effort to make and was only for seasonal celebrations. I’m still looking it up…so I might be way off.
        But alcohol…yeah, it triggers a Cycle…but all cycles of such, where a foreign element is involved, can be broken, stopped.

        Our Peoples have seen dark times, but we did experience an Apocalyptic event, and it takes time to recover from such.
        Now, it’s time for our Peoples to Face the Twisted Shapes that have been haunting us…our own sense of failure, of loss, etc.. Those Twisted Shapes when confronted and defeated by showing more beneficial ways to think and the rekindling of Spirit will no longer be the sly conduit that makes alcohol such an appealing place to hide.
        If one feels no need to hide, then one will not hide in a bottle.

        As for myself, I like red wine, especially to dip day old rock-hard home-made french bread in as a snack. 🙂 Hard alcohol…it all smells like lighter fluid to me now, and I really dislike how it futzes up every motor system in the body.It’s just…Inconvenient and a hassle I don’t want to deal with.

      • I haven’t an issue with someone drinking – I have an issue with people drinking
        and getting stupid, destroying lives, and creating a hardship.
        Wine is supposed to be good for a person in moderation – but then there’s wine
        and there’s that two dollar a bottle Thunderbird or Ripple.

      • I agree. I’m not anti-alcohol, I just think my system doesn’t like it. Tequila, never had it…just the smell locks my throat shut.

        As for being drunk and stupid, been there a few times…as bad as the hangover was, the embarrassment of recalling what I said and did was so much worse.

        The wine we buy is about 6$/bottle, quite tasty, and is actually one a number of commonly had ‘table wines’ in France in many people’s homes, so I presume from that it’s just fine. 🙂
        Canadian made also, it turns out! LOL

        Thunderbird and Ripple…heard of them, never seen them in any stores, might not be in Canada. But with those prices, I question quality/manufacturing standards…

        Moderation…that’s it exactly! The key.

      • Moderation in all things is arguably the best way to go – I probably drink too
        much coffee and “threaten” to scale it back….so far it’s only been a threat

      • Well, coffee is LOADED with all kinds of genuinely good things, so there’s that. 🙂
        All things in Moderation…including Moderation itself. 😉
        I live on Green Tea, and I mean a LOT, but…scale back? I have no health issues from it, so… *shrug*
        Coffee…for me, it’s something I have from our local ‘starbuck’s’ place–it’s Independent, not actually Starbuck’s–because I LOVE coffee. 😀
        Also, I like the folk who own the place, the staff, and it’s a local business. 🙂

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