6 comments on “IF WISHES WERE FISHES……….

  1. Rezinate,
    Your words are so true & powerful, Adrienne Fritze, John Trimbach, & his Father..Joseph, Cheryl Robinson, Robinson’s widow, Paul DeMain, Denise, Anna Mae’s daughter & myself…Looking Back Woman, all thank-you for what you write & how you write it. Wish there were many many more with the knowledge & writing ability available to cover historic events such as the Dakota Conference like you!

    • LBW-truth is a power unto itself-it can be denied, hidden, revised, and abused,
      yet it remains what it is and ultimately makes itself known.
      It should be act of conscience if not an obligation to speak and promote it, a growing
      number are doing so-among them ones such as yourself.
      It is the true traditional way of the people-and some would say the way of warriors,
      though that is a title I will never bestow on myself-a title and a way of life that excludes
      the walkers, talkers, liberators, and liars.
      Keep punching, and thank you for your response and efforts.

  2. Oh yes rezinate always the love and the prayers for you, the looking back woman
    and those ones to speak only the truth, and the little one here makes to smile for
    this thing to make the better place for him.

  3. It would serve the nations well for all to be stalwart in traditions, and
    fierce in their defense of them-to do so is to do likewise for the truth and
    committed to those things that make us who are, who we have been.
    If we are to remain who we are doing so is the only viable option.
    A lot of benefits in the convenience of what the world has to offer, but in
    availing ourselves of them we must own what we accept, we cannot allow
    ourselves to be owned by it-we cannot allow ourselves to become
    another brick in the wall…or worse, an assimilated and forgotten people.
    If those who strive to maintain our culture make so much as a scintilla
    of difference then all the little ones will be able to say we did so
    for them- and that will be ample reward.
    Appreciate the good thoughts and prayers that have been expressed-I
    return them to all of you.

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