2 comments on “OFF THE GRID

  1. Yes, you are right,So many suckling upon our Emerald Earth’s finite resources. There is also geo thermal potential, and wind power that looks like cattails, with far less injury to our feathered relations. Yes, we know the oil cartels, and their strangle hold on green evolutionary actions. Their ownership of politicians. But I still have hope for grass roots movement towards better health.

    • Grass roots is the only hope auntiej5-taking on the establishment and voting
      out those who represent everyone but the electorate. A steep mountain to climb
      but entirely possible.
      Geo thermal and wind as you mention are viable alternatives as well-combining
      them with solar would certainly meet the demands of usage and dramatically
      reduce the environmental impact.
      People are apparently seen as being disposable-not surprised our feathered
      kin are deemed to be likewise.
      The latest corporate approach is fracking- the evidence that is it detrimental
      is already in and the scramble is on to deny it.
      The Keystone Pipeline is another example-not so much as a single drop of
      that is dedicated to U.S. markets-it is all for export-but in the money game
      none of that matters.
      It is being touted as a vehicle for jobs creation-but the best estimates put
      the figures between six and twenty thousand jobs-and the majority of them
      being temporary in nature.
      I have nothing against Canada-but if environmental risks are to be taken let them
      do it on their own land without subsidizing construction with U.S. taxpayers
      An all out assault is underway-even to corporate farms and huge tracts devoted
      to a single crop that stifles biodiversity, strengthens pests, and ultimately can
      only lead to soil depletion and the increased use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
      All of these things speak in their own way to globalism-not a good thing in my
      opinion.And apparently the French and Greeks in their latest elections don’t
      think so either.
      Thanks for the input.

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