8 comments on “MONSTER UNDER THE BED

  1. Friends,

    I just created a new petition and I hope you can sign.
    It’s called: Truth about story of Annie Mae Pictou Aquash and Wounded Knee 1975 event and all victims of that event.

    This issue is very important to me, and together we can do something about it!
    If you sign and then share with your friends and contacts, we’ll soon reach our goal of many signatures and build pressure to get the decision we want.

    Click here to read more about it and sign:

    Campaigns like this always start small, but they grow when people like us get involved !
    Please, take a second right now to help out – by signing and passing it on.


    Thanks so much,

    • Thanks for the comment and link-I tried several ways to provide it in the above blog but
      for reasons unknown couldn’t get it to work so removing it.
      aavaz is a global organization with a membership of over fourteen million-they can assist
      in making a difference as they have with many issues-would be a good thing if ALL supporters
      signed in.

  2. oh the strong the powerful words you make rezinate and we are proud
    for you, you make the tears to come for this to turn the light on
    for the little ones.
    You say these words and never to say the warrior the patriot the
    liberater and to send the money, different from these ones Russell
    Means and Dennis Banks and all those other ones.

    • Your words are a kindness M+J- I appreciate the distinctions you draw
      between myself and those you have mentioned for I would never be
      associated with or likened to them any manner.
      It falls to you and others, to the nations, to turn the lights on- if this is
      done it will be a quantum leap forward and pave the way for a revival.
      No one is going to do it for us-the responsibility is ours and must not
      be shunned.

  3. Right now I am under seige by the abusers of the Sacred…
    -look at where the gathering is to be held… where the ancestors are…


    Trying to get me to stop exposing them for what they are…
    Keep going Rezinate, because I am not going to stop, no matter what the say or do to abuse me further…
    This is going on on my own WP blog…harassment, slander, libel…ugly, & they are the men who are suppose to be protecting the Sacred…as the fire rages on…on the Elder’s traditional territories, & they just do not get it.
    Pilamayaye yelo, Wakan Tanka…
    And, they can say it 100 times, I shall not stand down after they slandered my dead Mother on Mother’s Day…stand strong, be resolute…we shall succeed with our goal of truth…

    • It is the way of things LBW that some who respond do so with
      a lack of understanding-of knowing. Some are true believers
      who stand in opposition, others resort to any means necessary
      to divert attention and discredit, for them it is an act of fear
      born of a perceived necessity to save themselves.
      Nothing new in this-a standard initiated four plus decades
      ago and one they have painted themselves into the proverbial
      corner with.
      How ironic, how fitting, that now their own words come back
      to haunt them and all that is left to support the lies are more
      Truth is an armor, a shield to blunt the blows and a stick
      to count coup with-there is honor in the speaking of it and
      we none should be intimidated or stand down-our time, the truth’s
      time, is coming as surely as the grasses grow and the rivers flow,
      and they can stop neither.

      “This is going on on my own WP blog…harassment, slander, libel…ugly,
      & they are the men who are suppose to be protecting the Sacred”

      These are not men LBW-they are those things that bite and crawl
      and sting. It is a time for strong men and strong women-a time to
      stand together-we here are committed to holding the line as are
      you and others, and it is making a difference.
      I follow your blog and am aware of what is occurring there-I would
      encourage others to do likewise if they would know more of the realities.

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