1. Rezinate,

    I am afraid that even best and most talented make-up artists wouldn’t be able cover up those faces to hide this ugliness they represent… NO faked tan to pretend being full blood, no false warpaint and attached braids can make one of them to be indigenous chief or medicine man or woman. Such attempts only end up making them looking same “good” as Lil’ Gradma Keisha with her “shamanic medicine two strips on cheek” make- up…

    Kind of cheap Nativity play with way too expensive tickets…and those who pay the highest price are their own people/ nations/ children/elders – as wannabes and ignorant fools mostly being tempted by “exclusive 2in1 , buy 1 get 1 free” offers of sun dances, sweat lodges, hallucinogens involvement( it’s all about DMT&peyote “healing”, so popular NOW among whites) and “noble savage” way of life – Hollywood way to ride horses through Canyon to land up in another “Chief of Medicine” arms, with some awkward Indianish-like names f.e.: Walking Eagle, Crystalline Bear, Singing Wolf, or similar – to be brainwashed… and all SO FAR away from reservations, so no one can see what is hidden under chiefs “new clothes”. Which are nothing else that old rags and those cheap decorations – are falling apart.

    “Sad but true…” – as Metallica sings.

    • SF
      For some everyday is Halloween-they trick the public and the public ponies up
      the treats-treats as in money.
      All in all a sadness-but more than that a tragedy with the impact it is having on
      the nations.
      People of this sort approach ceremonies and tradition as marketable items to
      be sold in what amounts to their flea market booth-they are a disgrace and bigger
      thieves than those they rail against.
      They are the new black robes and boarding school teachers that no amount of
      affectation can hide.

      • Well, another level of this disgrace is – that my race (as we all know I am white European) is enchanted and kind of mesmerized by this freak(ing) show. And they mindlessly copycat those stereotypes, lies, twisted “wisdom” and sucking in this “native knowledge” as easily and with same hesitation as Mc Coke& fries.
        And it’s double pain and double shame – as FIRST of all, we HAVE own indigenous knowledge about same things as you for our lands, nations, cultures, customs, herbs, ceremonial dresses, music, dance, art, languages… And while many of whites cannot say much about their own homeland and nation, own history and stories – they happily wrap themselves with blankets, paint with lipsticks, re-telling “native stories” badly translated/ changed or found on shady corners of internet ..and what is worst part…all those who still have short term memory functioning good enough to remember story for few months are “experts” and “indianists” way more indianish than indigenous Americans themselves.

        And if you try send them to places when they could see “dark side of the moon”- they closing their eyes and calling you a liar and disrespectful liar and racist – as you showing them there’s something OVER and behind that delusional rainbow of cheap beads and tainted feathers…

  2. yes stonefeather sad but true always the Hollywood, the halloween, the lie
    and this the two for one and much ugliness for this.

  3. SF
    well they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and
    while that may be true of a child who imitating a parent
    wants to help with a task or adopt a good charateristic I say
    respect is the greater flattery.
    This type of mimicry you mention abounds here, and I believe
    somewhere near the core of it lies a dissatisfaction with the
    life people are leading and it becomes an escape mechanism.
    Can’t blame people for their dissatisfaction or their desire
    for something else but game and role playing isn’t a solution
    and won’t change anything.
    Modern societies are short on culture and long on the confusion
    resulting from that-what usually results is a collection of
    unrelated and disjointed bits and pieces that a person finds
    As related to the wannabes and hobbyists I don’t view them
    as preservationists-more of a destructive interloper with little
    or no understanding who will assign and cultivate their interpretation
    as it suits them.
    I envy the uncontacted tribes we hear of on occasion-not for the
    difficulties they will face with the inevitable intrusions but for the simplicity
    of their lives and the integrity of their still intact traditional lifestyle and culture.
    I view them as a globally significant-world historical “sites”
    that must be preserved.
    They don’t need to be dragged into the twenty first century,
    the world won’t suffer if they remain a testiment to what a
    communal people should be-no missionaries of the religious or
    technical persuasion are needed.
    It is enough or should be for even the most glutinous that
    the world,it’s resources, and it’s people have been plundered,
    that species and nations have been driven to extinction without
    adding these few to the list.
    Do people own their culture? I say absolutely and without any
    qualifiers-but in a world where the battle rages over copyright
    infringement and piracy-a battle I might add that is strictly
    about profit- the reality is that if a people want to flood the
    internet with videos, language courses, and “sacred” teachings
    what insues is predictable and it becomes a charade to then rail
    on about theft of culture.
    A prime example is the battle to “legalize” the Sundance-in the
    short time since this was accomplished under the Carter administration
    we now have what I will refer to as cultural traitors like Crow
    Dog etal who have packaged it for the public marketplace.
    The Sundance is no more Crow Dogs or Russell Means to affix their
    name to than say the Bible that televangelists will affix their
    name to-like the Jimmy Swaggert edition or any other.
    Read the fine print on those end user agreements on the internet-they
    all basically say the same thing-that in agreeing you surrender
    proprietary right to anything you post or say.
    I submit that a few capitalists, a few one percenters among the
    nations haven’t the right to hand over any part of the culture-
    they haven’t the right to feed at the money trough it generates for
    them like the pigs with lipstick they are-they are the greater
    disgrace, they are worse than the crystal wavers, wannabes,
    and hobbyist/Indianists.

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