6 comments on “NAJA

    • LBW
      I don’t profess to have a clue about what standard or criteria is applied to designate
      an event as being newsworthy, and of course in attempting to address such things
      there is a nagging thought that it would be counterproductive to anger anyone in a
      position to advance this petition.
      But I take the approach that for those journalists who have advocated for Annie and
      Ray this would appear to me at least as being a natural.
      Maybe there are other considerations I’m not aware of-like a managing editor who
      for whatever reasons wouldn’t approve, but I’m sure as well that many journalists
      have their own “social media” site- and a free press means exactly that- an assumed
      freedom for journalists to address issues.
      The truth is much of the media is about opinions and little to do with facts- the opposite
      is true about Annie and Ray, there is a prodigious amount of substantiated facts to
      warrant an opinion.
      If the media can routinely “endorse” politicians or fawn over people like Banks and
      Means then surely a precedent has been set to present a petition-even if it is necessary
      to do so from a neutral position.

  1. rezinate we see you put this petition again and it is good to do this may be
    it is these ones the journalist will do the same and not be silent for this

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