11 comments on “TRANSITION

  1. Written like a True Expert in the “Game Of Divide & CONquer” The People…In tough times The Sellouts come out of the woodwork in droves…”Good job”, fbi…

    • You’re right about one thing TM-the truth always divides, it
      is a catalyst for separating fact from fiction and something
      everyone should “sell out” to.
      Try it some time-you’ll be a better man for it and actually
      provide a service to “The People”.
      “fbi”—too funny, and too sad at the same time-seems as though
      you’ve been through the indoctrination program and conditioned
      to respond with the same old shopworn and meaningless terminology.
      How’s that working out for you- do you sit up, speak, and roll
      over on command?
      Might want to consider one of those cult de-programers.

  2. Oh yes, good to sell out for the truth and the people and the tradition and the
    little ones, and the better person to do this.
    the sky is the different color from the morning to the night, some time blue some
    time with yellow and orange and some time black, but always true to being the
    sky. It is the same with this truth, always the same always the truth and dos not
    matter the morning the evening the night, and dos not matter for these ones who
    bring the clouds to say the sell out the fbi and make the lies to hide it.

    • A great analogy M+J, one people should take to heart. The sky, the
      truth, all of it-it is what it is huh?
      I’ve heard this sort of thing before and doesn’t bother me-I’ve
      come to know the closer you hit to home the louder they will
      squeal-so when they do I take it as an affirmation of that and
      kind of smile.

    • One things for certain -Peltier doesn’t look like a warrior, sundancer, teacher, humanitarian,
      or any of the other things in the above photo LPDOC attempts to portray him as-and the
      caption is refreshingly candid.

  3. I think it is pretty sad when one tries to turn opinions into facts. Fact is if Leonard is guilty why did the FBI hide so many pages that would have shown his innocence? Why did a retired FBI agent admit that Leonard was set up? I believe Leonard is not guilty and even if he is he should be set free. The FBI had no good reason to go to The Jumping Bull Ranch that day. The FBI is who is guilty. Another fact is why were two men tried for the same case found not guilty due to self defense and Leonard was found guilty? Shouldn’t he have gotten off because of self defense? Just something for you to chew on.

    • To begin with thank you for commenting, but I have to say it is
      typical of the “defense” offered and typically without merit.
      To begin with the feds went to the Jumping Bull compound thinking
      they had spotted Jimmy Eagle who they had an arrest warrant for,
      for something more than the theft of a pair of boots-which the
      Peltierites never seem to be able to admit- Eagle was also wanted for
      kidnapping and armed assault-that gave Williams and Coler every
      legal right to be there as they are crimes that come under federal
      Since these types of “defenses” don’t work any place else I’m a little
      surprised any would think they would here.
      I believe Annie and Ray were “not guilty” and should be set free-but then
      that isn’t possible is it? Neither is it possible for them or Williams
      and Coler to appeal their “sentences”. In lieu of that the next best thing
      would be to arrest and try everyone with ANY association in their murders,
      and that’s something for you to think about.
      As to Robideau and Butler getting off that will obviously be argued for
      years more to come-on the other hand Peltier has gone through something
      like eight separate appeals and been incapable of raising valid grounds.
      All the money and various attorneys haven’t been able to present anything
      substantial-just the usual piece here and there, often taken out of context,
      and the same tired old conspiracy theories.
      Much has been made of the shell casing found in the trunk of the Williams
      and Colers car-yet when LPDOC raised that as an issue nothing came of
      it, and one can only wonder why when they brought their “own” ballistics
      expert that he never testified during three days of evidentiary hearings.
      Could it be their “findings” were are bogus as everything else they present?
      Do I think the feds are always scrupulously clean in all their dealings?
      NO-but in having once been a Peltier supporter until I did the research I
      can say without any hesitation that in my opinion Peltier is a liar, a fraud, a
      convicted murderer, and belongs exactly where he is.
      Read the below link and then explain how the very men you bring up as
      being acquitted fail to support Peltier’s lies in their words as cited within it-
      how it proves his innocence or disproves that he is a liar.
      It is beyond comprehension to me when you factor in distance, the type of
      weaponry used, and the amount of rounds fired how any reasoning person
      can claim the murder of Williams and Coler was self defense-but then it
      is an essential part of the myth that has been created-one I would think
      a child could see through.
      I see you left a little wiggle room in saying even if Peltier is guilty-having taken
      that step set everything else aside and go back over EVERYTHING available
      pertinent to the case and see where it leads you.
      Peltier can whine , snivel, and lie all he wants, but he should be thankful
      he isn’t being tried in this day and age as the death penalty has been
      instituted by the feds I am given to understand.


  4. @Gonzales:

    “I believe Leonard is not guilty and even if he is he should be set free.”

    And EVEN IF HE IS…he shall be set free?

    You know – THIS proves that LPDOC and his supporters don’t care for him – it is simply EGOistic approach and desire to have last word and by having him free have “satifaction” you done “good job” as supporter. Pyrric victory. Has nothing to do with helping him or showing truth, proving his innocence or he was set up. That’s shameful and myself I would rather stay in prison and shut hell up – if people would say so about me. Don’t care what’s your story, we need you freed just to prove our point of view. That makes me kind of sympathetic for him – he was tool during WK2, scape goat of egos..and he still is, just different group.

    Beside that- if you as supporter say “and even if he is (guilty)” – that means you DON’T BELIEVE his innocence. And that proves how feeble and untrue his version of events is..if his “own supporters” don’t hesitate before saying he may be be guilty but same time saying “he should be set free” anyway just for sake of the case and years, money and resources wasted (in spite of some off-side business and good money on gadgets and souvenirs and books), just to ease and justify own mistake and make disappointment and own discomfort being mistaken less painful .

    Shameful, disgusting and making him looking even more stupid, guilty and miserable than his own mistakes.

    • SF
      This “even if he is” is a part of the evolution, a subtle position change to keep abreast
      of current events-events as in more information coming to light and the subsequent
      difficulties that arise in the monotonal “innocent man” mantra.
      Too many conflicting statements(even by wind chasing himself,or maybe that’s wind
      chasing the dollar), too much testimony,and too many questions being asked now,it
      is inevitable that an attempt will be made to compensate and shift the focus from he’s innocent to maybe he isn’t but even so…….
      The Peltierites will have as much success with that as they have with the rest of their story-if this case were only coming to court now with what is known Peltier would be in a world of hurt.
      So called reconciliation and healing events would recognize and reach out to all parties- people like Annie’s family, Ray’s family-and yes, the families of Williams and Coler as well.
      One would think LPDOC and Peltier in the midst of their performance would understand
      that the families of Williams and Coler are victims, and a simple thing like saying
      we acknowledge your suffering without admitting the guilt they can’t bring themselves to admit would be the right thing to do-and yet they haven’t, no one on their side of the fence has-that in itself speaks volumes about the nature of the reconciliation and healing they claim to want.

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