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  1. Yes, I’m disappointed that Perry Ray Robinson’s name was not included (and I am sure there are others I don’t know of) but at least it’s a start. It’s an opening and let’s all pray a flood of truth will gush forth leading to more info.

    • Mary-the issue I have is that there have been multiple ” starts”-grand juries convened,
      convictions, witness testimony, investigations, even taped recordings, and I’d be willing
      to bet wiretaps-yet here everyone sits waiting on yet another investigation.
      It’s like being caught in vortex or listening to song that is on auto loop and replays itself
      The question arises for me how much is needed? Rewards being offered are fairly
      commonplace and I wonder have any even been offered related to any of this? If not
      then why?
      Is this latest “investigation” serious or window dressing? A lot of talk about how
      difficult it is to conduct an investigation on the rez-I don’t doubt that-but I don’t
      believe it could possibly be more difficult than to track terrorists in a foreign hostile country
      and drone them, or to capture and detain them at Gitmo and elsewhere and bring
      some to trial-or for that matter to take out Bin Laden.
      Nazi war criminals relentlessly hunted for decades, captured and brought to trial-
      hate groups composed of skinheads infiltrated and taken down-but all this is somehow
      Has to have something to do with priorities.
      The Mafia is a closed secretive society, dominated by fear and intimidation-yet they are
      routinely prosecuted-are all these easier than the American Indian Mafia?

  2. From local sources I have, I now understand there are not just 7 bodies murdered, (with Ray Robinson among them) & their remains hidden, but 12 bodies buried along the parameter of the township of Wounded Knee.
    Show Dog’s worst nightmare will begin when the shovels & excavators arrive to dig at WK!
    Is that why Show Dog wanted AIM to buy the township????
    To keep those WK murdered victims remains hidden… is what AIM & their handlers concern is about…

    • LBW,
      Show Dog- AIM’s pet poodle- and an appropriate name, still smiling about it.
      An excellent question you pose regarding purchasing WK-something that people
      should really examine as to the motivation.
      Trudell is fond of saying look to the Custer Courthouse event, and it should be
      on the list-but people need to look at WK2, set all the bs aside and really look
      at it- a lot of truths and pieces there that when put together create a portrait
      other than the paint by numbers one that has been promoted.
      And isn’t it peculiar that in the midst of all of AIM’s rantings about feds, the
      CIA, moles and snitches they clutch to their breast ITSOCH, whose author
      has CIA ties?
      For all their concerted efforts to create conspiracy tales they would be well
      advised to shut the hell up as they are a treasure trove themselves.

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