9 comments on “THE MONEY WHEEL

    • LBW-thank you for the sharing and the kind words-I never thought there would
      be a time when any among the nations could be referred to as one percenters,
      yet we see now it is so.
      It only makes sense to avail ourselves of what exists within the context of the
      era we live in-that can be done in the midst of maintaining traditions and a
      cultural identity-we use what we accept, rather than being used and owned by
      To do otherwise is to facilitate assimilation-and it is assimilation that is fueling
      the erosion of who and what we have been.
      The “liberators” made that choice decades ago, schooled themselves in talking
      the talking of the people but fail miserably in walking the walk-in doing so they
      have become the prototypical hang around the forts, and whatever they do
      or say is singularly about show and tell.
      They live a comparative life of opulence in the midst of poverty, and employ
      that very poverty to enrich themselves- to merely label them poverty pimps
      is an undeserved kindness-I think reservation agents and the connotations
      associated with that is by far more accurate.
      Like the photo above they have even at times grown the goatee and worn various
      hats while their ill gotten gain spills out of their pockets.
      It is about more than two feet of leather hanging from sparse whispy braids,
      more than appearance fees-maybe the non indigenous aren’t aware of that
      but we are……. or should be.

  1. May be it is why this the ROL has the medicine wheel to be upside down, not
    the tradition only the money

  2. Reblogged this on Influenced to Death and commented:
    Excellent …. “The history of the nations is that they have always “policed” their own communities, there were standards that were adhered to, traditional beliefs played an important roll in this, the focus was directed more to communal well being than the individual.

    An understanding that if harmony existed within a community it enhanced the life of one and all. When this sense of community is lacking it then becomes about the individual.

    This is a part of AIM’s legacy-they created the foundation for it and now that it is out of control they have little if anything to say about it.”

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