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  1. Here here, Rezinate…in total agreement, however since the petition removed Peltier from the AIMsters, leaving Peltier as still the faux political prisoner of the AIM supporters dreams…I want my name removed from the Petition, and a new one drawn up by people or yourself…. whom know what AIM is about, & have actually been harm personally by AIM, like one of the victims or survivors of the American Indian Movement, that know personally you cannot remove Peltier from the petition or lose focus about the real issues about the murderers etc. in AIM.

    • LBW- I believe we all want the same thing-the truth and equal access to disseminate it-Aavza
      isn’t the only vehicle to accomplish that-and I am given to understand these other vehicles are
      being looked at.
      There are a number of ways to accomplish this that the AIM/Peltierites can’t interfere with
      and I believe their misbegotten attempts to will soon backfire on them.
      I am also given to understand Aavaz will not even respond to the author of the petitions requests
      for clarification-for an explanation-that speaks volumes to me-it’s like they got caught with their
      hand in the cookie jar or with jam on their face and nothing in the way of an excuse to offer.
      I agree that Peltier cannot be separated from AIM and their reign of terror which he, Peltier,
      was a participant in.
      This petition will reappear and will undergo some revision-that doesn’t imply a backing off of a
      single point, but a fleshing out with more information, facts, and links to legal documents.
      Ultimately the fact that such an outcry was raised speaks to it having delivered a well deserved
      kick in their collective asses and they should understand there is more where that came from,
      and it will be forthcoming.
      The threats are always about law suits-I think a class action suit composed of victims and survivors
      of victims who didn’t survive should be mounted-but then I also think everybody should have
      signed the petition and the feds should have at least indicted under the Rico Statutes long ago.
      As I’ve said before I am inclined to believe the official approach is to allow time and passing to
      be the solution-willing and hoping to be proved wrong about that.
      I believe the author of the petition has a good understanding of the issues, and a dedication
      to social issues regardless of location or ethnicity-also a person who is willing to ask rather than
      assume-all of which are good things.
      We are looking at decades and still waiting for people familiar with AIM to step up-no question
      that they should- the question arises for me is who among them will make a petition and promote
      Russell in a weak an insipid attempt to justify selling out sovereignty in his Chinle defense said
      he wanted to drive the final nail in the coffin of colonialism-we need to be about the business of
      driving nails as a concerted effort in the coffin all this has led to.
      We haven’t lost-it is only a time to regroup and come back harder and more determined-and the
      reality is with Peltier, Graham,and Looking Cloud imprisoned the score is three to zip-the only
      coup that has been counted in this process has been by us, and all they have is the same old lies
      they’ve been spreading from the beginning.
      We can up the score by networking, supporting each other whether it be a blog or an FB site-we
      need indigenous journalists to contribute in the venues they control as well-to promote the potential
      of this network and such diverse things as a petition-strength multiples by a factor of numbers, the
      more, the greater the effort, the stronger they and it become.
      I might suggest you contact the author of the petition-I think you would be well received and
      have a lot to discuss-personally and for whatever it may be worth I vouch for their commitment
      and integrity-that doesn’t necessarily mean you will wind up exchanging friendship rings, only
      that you will find and share common ground.
      Keep punching Suzanne Dupree, Looking Back Woman, your’s is an important voice and making
      a difference. More than the first step has been taken on this thousand mile journey.

  2. yes rezinate the tin drum and much noise, we have read this link and dos not make
    sense to us and this one Charmaine the more noise.

    • M+J-I’m not an expert in composition, structure, punctuation, or a “journalist”
      by any stretch of the imagination, but in viewing the linked article
      a couple of times I am struck by the manner in which it is written
      with all the periods-like it is coming off a teletype-something something
      something (period stop) something(period stop) something something
      (period stop).
      Maybe it’s a new literary form, or a revivial of a forgotten dadaism
      known for embracing the irrational. Having said that makes me wonder
      if that is the explanation for the irrationalism characteristic of the AIM/Peltierites,
      not only wannabe liberators and “political prisoners” but self styled dadaists
      without really understanding what it was about.

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