6 comments on ““EXPOSE THE MYTH”

  1. We are made to see it is the way you have said to not give the quarter and not ask for
    it, and we are proud for you and this new petition that dos not do this and the good heart
    ones who sign-now it is to put this other one for Annie Mae and the wound knee 2 back
    for the proud it is.
    This peeltier and peeltierites make us to laugh and the true it is.

    • Thank you for giving no quarter either-and in doing such would ask you promote
      both petitions as you are able-in doing so you and others will make themselves proud
      and display the character of their hearts.

  2. Charmaine, Peltier propogandists, AIM mythologizers, sycophants, camp followers, millions of Russians apparently, chiefs and band councils on Turtle Island, now in this year 2012, the year of
    ‘pigs at the trough’ or ‘evil enjoying itself’, ceremony, websites, books, youtube psychobabble, and noise generally to distract us from the truth and steal our money and compromise us so we are stopped…

    Who is behind all this? Well, there are those in government, in judiciary, in the global elite one of whom is The Universal House of Justice in Haifa Israel and their Bahai offshore accounts, Brenda Norell spinner of their mouthpiece, one with AIM, did I say someone in Gov’t? And not the spin
    that Peltier and AIM have, have the former inmates of prisons and current inmates, worshipped as heroes…

    Hmmm… makes me wonder why anyone would orchestrate such a big fraud, and a big short circuiting of the truth constantly, and inserting their ‘ideological rhetoric’ to confuse and distract from the stories…

    What about the murder/suicides? What about those who dropped the hints everytime to stop someone? What about the stealing of the sacred for money? What about the control of land, space and time on Mother Earth so no one can reconnect and get clean and clear?

    Sign the petition. But good luck in getting through. There is a relentless push from darkness to blanket and keep the evil safe and flourishing, like a cancer, like the drug wars in Mexico. Evil enjoying itself since Leonard Crow Dog prayed and did fake sundances down there for money…

    The funny thing is, the light and love was seeded into the land and sky a short time ago, and now
    Charmaine and Peltier mythologists, AIM 3 generation supporters, with sophisticated computer and
    and brain power, cannot stop the voices calling for justice, cannot stop the withering of the roots of their fake world tree.

    They have no roots left! No tradition. No truth. Just reality TV nonsense, like that fake Survivor show.

    The truth is coming out, and the true world tree has been seeded and is healthy, putting down roots of peace, which is something abusers will never understand…

    Sign the petition, and let’s see what happens next…

  3. Thanks for commenting Joan-of the many truths you have spoken one leaps
    off the page-that of no roots, and the reality that leads to-tradition and truth
    either fall by the wayside or are purposely abandoned.

    • Excellent, and thank for you doing so auntiej5-latest word as I understand it regarding
      the Annie/WK2 petition is it remains in the limbo of “review”.
      We all need to do the Rez dog thing, sink our teeth into this and not let go.

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