7 comments on “ESSENTIAL NATURE

  1. “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.“
    Henry David Thoreau


    ” I’m gonna keep on, gonna do my own thing
    We all got a song that we’re meant to sing!

    And no matter what people say, or might think
    I ain’t going no place, no I’m here to stay!”

    said woman, Ch. Aguilera 😀

    • For me BOTH of those songs combined – Fighter as first and Here to stay as second 🙂

      What’s the difference between “desperation” and “despair” ?

      Because I have impression that most of our desperiation got to the point where it became despair…

      • SF-often enough I believe desperation and despair are twins born of the
        same circumstance-neither in itself easy to overcome, but combined become
        a formidable foe to contend with-insult to injury, salt in the water. The
        proverbial straw capable of breaking the camel’s back.
        I think desperation has an awareness, an understanding that something
        needs to be done, there is a need(s) to be met, but isn’t sure how to go
        about it and so casts frantically about in search of solutions often with
        a belief that the problem(s) is larger than they are and so others must do
        Despair on the other hand may say it is hopeless-no remedy exists.
        That may conflict with the opinion of others, or a dictionary definition
        but it seems to be the way of it to me.
        The nations back may not be broken despite repeated attempts both internal
        and external but it is surely bruised.

      • Desperation – loosing, giving up hope

        Despair – utter hopeless; abandonment of hope; extreme recklessness

        Looks like we both are correct, Rezi.

  2. The words for this desperation and this one picture make the eyes to cloud
    for the tears and the anger to come for the true they are. May be to to look
    at the little ones and have this desperation for them to learn the true songs.

    • M+J-A sense of desperation is understandable in many instances-but better
      I think to turn it into dedication and clearly defined goals.
      Those who know the songs should teach them-those who don’t should learn
      them-both an act of cultural integrity-both the act of a free people, and I am not
      of the opinion either can exist without the other.

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