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  1. Even since I read about the honoring of Russell Means by the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council, I have wondered what could possibly have brought them to decide on such a thing…really.. have they run short of dignified elders to salute? unlikely…. this man may be aging, but he has never ceased to con people of their money, including in matters of his health recently. He has proclaimed loudly how he beat his cancer through prayers and traditional medicines, while paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for the most modern, advanced medical techniques of European treatment of cancer in Arizona, that of tomo radiation which is only available to a few rich people, and to boot, he started an internet campaign to get funds to pay for that expensive Western therapy because he did not have the funds, while boasting of turning to traditional medicine for treatment….. What????? Between Indian Health services, his medical coverage as an actor through SAG, and his own royalties on movies and book, he could not afford to pay for his own treatment, and had to beg for donations (while not telling the truth about having recourse to “white” medicine for actual treatment ) ????. Outrageous to the end, RM who has extorted hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars from unsuspecting do-gooders throughout his life, does not deserve a tribal salute from the Oglala nation. None of that money he extorted from numerous donors has ever been used to better life on PR. or benefit even his family. I remember how he got thousands of dollars from me for Yellow Thunder Camp and how the money never got to the camp at all. I remember his children calling me for a few dollars they needed badly when he was making solid money filming The Last of the Mohicans. I am sad indeed that the Oglala Lakota people have decided to honor such a profound and cunning con artist. Letters should be written to John Steele, President of OST. What indeed did it take to make them adopt such a proposal?

    • Helene-I had hoped that in starting this blog it might lead others to respond-to recount
      their personal experiences, some have chosen to do so and I commend them for
      having done such as I do you -your’s is as cutting and insightful as any, and a debt is
      owed to you for sharing it.
      In the midst of Russell’s theatrics re his illness-the begging and pandering, the radio
      driven “fund raising marathon”, the internet campaign you mention in which the points
      you have made were never mentioned-it would have been counter productive to have
      done so-to lose an opportunity to milk the cash cow- all things are sorted and prioritized
      by that standard-their worth in dollars.
      On at least one occasion I addressed this issue of his adhering to only traditional
      medicine as opposed to “western” that he railed against and yet employed.
      When he was making these announcements an elder I know, a medicine person,
      offered the opinion that he would resort to “western medicine”, that the nature of
      his spirit would not allow our ways to work for him-that has been verified now.
      They also stated that the recovery will not be complete and will in fact be a recurrence
      linked to the continuation of they way he has lived his life-that he will not change.
      Yellow Thunder, The Treaty School, etc-a litany of products to offer with everyone still
      awaiting delivery.
      Now it is about e prayers, yet another book, “art” shows-a toothless ambush predator
      no longer able to actively hunt and so resorts to constructing a bower to attract prey.
      A mandate for AIM from day one was to marginalize and usurp the traditional position
      of elders-this is further evidence to me they succeeded in doing so-the offense is only
      surpassed by now presenting themselves as elders worthy of respect, worthy of
      being listened to.
      An excellent point you make regarding SAG- I hadn’t thought of that.

  2. Good to see you here, Helene 🙂

    When I read words from both of you and Rezi only that little, simple but so pure and powerful song comes to my mind clinging between desperation and despair 🙂

    • A REAL favorite of mine-something the nations should remember in the midst of
      desperation and despair-we are not motherless children-we are children not only
      of our blood mothers but of mother earth as well-and as good children we are
      obligated to honor and protect both-to remember the lessons they have sought to
      teach us, the values they would instill in us, all they provided for us.
      This song never fails to make me want to raise a clinched fist.
      Thanks for linking it SF.

      • Well, this song is my one to survive hardest times as I feel and understand it same way as you described above. And here is one and only way to understand freedom also sung by Richie Havens, who I love fully and for me he is one of most wonderful teachers:

        “Love is the only freedom in the world because it so elevates the spirit that the laws of humanity and the phenomena of nature do not alter its course. Tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair, but manifestations of strength and resolution.”

        ― Khalil Gibran

        Kindness and tenderness coming from Love are our roots, I do believe… 🙂

  3. Yes, respect for this Helene to speak these words and such the good music from this one
    stonefeather, we sing this song freedom to little ones in our language and oh they dance
    and clap the hands. and the thank you for these words of the mother rezinate.

  4. I know Richie personally, a kind and compassionate man with an elevated soul. I was privileged to trek through the southwest with him a few years ago, and to get to know him through long talks … I have deep respect for this man, and artist, and love his songs. Know them well. Thank you for allowing this space to express deep concerns. Your blog is right on…. Equestrian statue and reference to Incitatus are superb….

    • I have always liked his music and thought him to be a man of understanding and dignity
      without ever having met him-pleased to hear it is so.

  5. That leadership just promoted more of what Russell Means, and his affiliates actions are partially responsible for.

    The teenage suicide rate on the Pine Ridge Reservation is 150 percent higher than the national average. Children as young as 6 have reportedly attempted to take their own lives. In 2009, the president of the Oglala Sioux Tribe declared a suicide state of emergency. The emergency still exists.

    Reservation Realities

  6. Good points to make jp-thanks for the link……….Means and his cronies routinely went
    after the previous tribal pres-Teresa Two Bulls, at every opportunity they had or could
    manufacture, as in the “7th” Air Cav choppers-when in reality it was not the 7th and yet
    they still haven’t made that correction on the RoL.
    With Steele’s previous AIM history apparently he is more to their liking. Statistics and
    videos like this illustrate even more what an atrocity Russell Means Day is-what an
    affront ANY praise is.
    PR continues to spiral downward and events such as this only serve to facilitate that-
    the Lakota are not so lacking in heroes, in good decent people, that they must resort to
    or allow those so undeserving to be lionized.

  7. Note time interval 1:08:00, the experiences of growing up on Pine Ridge after WK2 , coincides with the effects of the generation in the Reservation Realities video posted above.

    • Known truths JP, truths spoken by many-and yet there is a Russell Means Day, also an annual
      “anniversary” celebration of WK2.
      NOTHING has changed expect for the bank accounts of Means and his cronies-as
      this man said the location was chosen for the attention it would gain-this man or someone
      else should gotten in the face of Means, Banks, and Bellecourt every time they opened
      their mouth and stayed there.

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