9 comments on “WAR IS PEACE

  1. Rezinate, may be it is this one Orwell was the contrary for his people to speak in
    this contrary way, the war the peace, the freedom the slavery, but we see
    the lesson to learn for this.

    • A very insightful observation M+J
      Orwell’s vision of the future was apocalyptic,sobering, and intimidating-
      also sadly prophetic-but his wasn’t the only vision that spoke of things
      to come-there is a silent film by Frtiz Lang titled Metropolis that did
      as well-and equally as chilling from the vantage point we hold now of
      Orwell’s 1984 should be required reading, and Lang’s Metropolis required
      Many would refer to both as fictional works-but there are too many spoken
      truths to do so without some measure of qualification-they knew, understood,
      that ultimately power and wealth corrupt. That governments seek to expand,
      not downsize, and it is liberty and freedom that are sacrificed upon the
      altar of “progress” and “security”.
      That this expansion involves being in bed with corporations and banks whose
      sole motivation is that of profit, and the reality that ensues is that they will
      lobby for and author favorable legislation to that end-government becomes their
      servant rather than the people’s.
      People should remember in asking or expecting the government to meet every
      need that a government that can or will provide everything can just as easily take
      it away as well-there is historical precedent to prove that.
      You cannot be sovereign if you are unwilling to provide for yourself
      and instead rely on dependency.
      Paul DeMain commented once that being sovereign begins with feeding
      yourself-there is a great truth in that, but also you cannot be free in allowing
      a cadre composed of a handful of miscreant’s to speak for you or direct
      your course whether your feed yourself or not.
      So what is it the reader desires and what effort are they willing to invest to
      achieve it?

    • Keep punching LBW-we are entering what are referred to in boxing as the
      “championship rounds”, where the emphasis is to punctuate the effort of
      the earlier rounds and leave no doubt, nothing to chance.

  2. “If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it”….

    Let’s ponder now a little WHY liberators having ghostwriters and so big PR and promo teams? 🙂

    • Excellent point and question SF- I would suggest as one of many possibilities for the same reason
      banks and corporations do-after all, they are business men, and Russell at least a banker in the
      truest sense with the formation of the so called bank.

    • Thank you LBW-and thank you for the clarity you present in addressing the
      issues you do-often enough a go to for myself , and others as well I am

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