4 comments on “INDEPENDENCE DAY

  1. Yes much to think for with these words rezinate and these pictures say
    many things to those ones who have the open heart.

    • M+J- The Constitution may well be one of the great humanist
      doctrines to have been written-but almost immediately the intent
      was to circumvent, and what exists today as a part of the accumulated
      history has been reduced to graffiti by politician vandals equipped
      with cans of spray paint.
      Their favored approach is to say it is a “living document” that
      must continually be re-interpreted and in doing so assume, hope,
      that others agree.
      Overlooked is that truths are indeed a living thing, and as such
      remain a constant-no need to genetically modify them.
      The sky is above us- a truth that needs no revision-truths such
      as the earth is round, we are born, we live, and die-freedom is
      the birth right of every man, woman, and child-greed and power
      serve only a few, and in that service oppress others.
      Truths that say a people,the individual, have the inalienable
      right to be secure in their lives, homes, persons, and their
      coming and going-that privacy is a thing to be respected and not
      taken-that each persons life is a thing of value that amounts
      to more than a statistic, being part of a demographic, or a source
      of tax revenue to fund insane wars and bolster abusive corporations.
      A billion plus will be spent on this upcoming election-that speaks
      to one thing, that not merely the office of the president has been
      commodified and is for sale, but all political offices are…..I
      would ask how does this sustain independence? What humanist
      intent does it speak to?
      The irony,the injustice, is that a people fleeing one land seeking
      freedom, in turn sought to deny it to others…..and we have been
      fighting every since to regain it.

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