4 comments on “NOTHING PEOPLE

    • As you imply auntiej5 sovereignty is something more than a word-it is
      sovereignty of thought and the individual, as well as of nations.
      A right under attack not only by the government but internet entities
      like the so called social networks, whose activities in gathering every
      scrap of personal information they can to market as a commodity is
      anything but a social awareness, or respectful.
      I say such activities constitute theft, a criminal act, and should be
      addressed as such.
      If someone goes into a mailbox and opens another’s mail they have committed
      a crime-if they employ a keylogger to invade a persons computer they have
      committed a crime, if they skulk around peeking into windows they have
      committed a crime-if they track and stalk they have committed a crime,-I see
      no difference in these things and the internet version of doing it for money.
      But it is the result of that smooth language Blackhawk spoke of where wrong is
      made to appear right and right to be wrong.
      We live in a world driven by greed-everything has a value and a price tag
      attached to it- I liken this internet approach to the slave markets of former times,
      and it is the highest bidder who wins.
      If a person is willing to be sold or pimped that’s on them-personally I am not.
      If a person has a burning desire to be an exhibitionist then let them take up
      a career in the porn industry. If a person thinks they have the right to know
      everything about anyone they have a desire to then they need to either get
      a life or get their meds refilled.

  1. yes the nothing people and we know what this means, and this one auntie
    is right to say the sovereign and solid. we do not make the open book for
    our life and think the big mistake to do this for this internet. And we are made
    to believe these things you have said are the crime are.

    • M+J I suppose I have a stubborn streak-that translates well when there is work to
      be done or some issue to address, as I will see it through. The flip side is the more
      I am pushed or cajoled to do something that has no value, serves no notable
      purpose, or is counterproductive, the odds of my doing so decline geometrically.
      That works quite well for me-allows me to stay dedicated to what I believe, devote
      a hundred percent attention to those I interact with, things I engage in, and focus on
      the importance of both.
      Bottomline is I’m not going to be pushed or led around by the nose on the net or
      in the day to day world to satisfy someone who thinks they have an alienable right to
      demand more than I am willing to give.
      A hallmark of our people was always respecting the privacy of others-very bad form
      to snoop or pry- an attitude that contributed heavily to a communal wellbeing.
      Another hallmark is that we would not have stood for the BS characteristic of the
      An attitude that is being replaced now with the same voyeurism so commonplace
      on the net- it is a hive mentality of show me yours and I’ll show you mine I will have
      no part of.

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