1. Such the big shame this is and we have done nothing to deserve to be treated
    for this way.

    • Indeed it is shameful M+J, especially in view of other considerations-
      such as the lack of co operation in seeking resolution for Annie.

      Russell is big on working the poverty angle at PR for his owns ends,
      never misses an opportunity to weave into his “presentations”.

      No denying it is something that needs to be addressed-but not by him as he
      sits in the midst of his own luxury.

      If he would persist and employ figures that state PR is the poorest
      county in the nation then one would think in the context of being victims
      he would address the most abused gender in the country as well-indigenous
      women. That is unless he would have all to believe women aren’t abused at PR.

      He hasn’t, and won’t do so because it will not resonate well-the mere
      thought of victims further victimizing other victims is seen not only as an
      atrocity but repugnant also, and casts doubt upon his so called “leadership”
      and matriarchal ramblings.

      Everything can go to hell as long as it doesn’t affect the liberators brand
      name-their marketability. Remove the issues, cast doubt on their agenda,
      and they would lose their income -it’s that simple.

  2. It is a subject in which the conquered become like the conquerors but that’s an excuse once we realize we are mature people, supposedly. The cowards who murdered and were involved in Anna Mae Aquash’s demise said they took a ‘sacred oath!’ LMAO. There’s no honor or nothing sacred in killing a strong warrior woman which is what they are guilty of. The jealous women believed their own stupid lies and gossip while the cowards like Peltier, Banks, Means, etc. practiced gang ideals in shutting up those who thought differently. They always say their lives were threatened when speaking publicly as they look for sympathy and show how hyppocritical they are. Jail everyone involvved!!!!

    • Akicita
      A part of the strategy of invaders is to destroy infrastructure, for
      most people the understanding would be that of roads, buildings,utilities,
      communications, and the like, which is exactly what occurred at WK2.
      But there is another interpretation, a more ephemeral one-the infrastructure
      of tradition, the emotional sense of communal well being, mutual respect,
      and the unity of shared goals.
      Both interpretations essential, both impacted if one or the other is
      assaulted-when both become designated targets the devastation that ensues
      is what can be seen today.
      A lack of cohesion, direction, an increase in crime, poverty, alcoholism,
      substance abuse, gangs, unemployment, dependency, malaise, inertia.
      It is the ultimate rape of a people of which a manifestation is the rape of women
      and children.
      To me these things represent genocide, and perhaps the final steps along
      the path of assimilation-the conquered becoming like the conquerors as
      you say-all of it at the hands of the “liberators” and walkers and talkers.
      All of it bolstered and perpetuated by their fans and supporters who apparently
      feel that transparent excuses have substance- and who in reality become as
      much an enemy of the people in accepting them as the liberators are.
      “Jail everyone involved”- I couldn’t agree more-but first we have to find a
      way around the apparent immunity they’ve been given.

      Appreciate your comments.

  3. Reblogged this on undiscoveredrealms and commented:
    The next time you hear someone liken Palestine to the rez consider the similarities they share in this area-that and the fact that it is perpetrated by a patriarchal code of male dominance.

    Consider also the talk of loving and respecting women-of matriarchy as a for a profit commodity…. and know it all for the sham it is.

    The game is to externalize all blame-on the one hand claiming to be mighty warriors and yet presenting the mea culpa that the warrior is so weak as to be driven by everything but a warriors code.

    “Of Native American women murdered, over 75% were killed by a family member, an acquaintance, or someone they knew.”

    “Native American women are the most victimized group in America”

    • Somewhere I saw this ridiculous ten commandments for indigenous people
      one being that you shouldn’t speak ill of another – I suspect it was
      written by a new ager “channeling” Geronimo or was taken as dictation
      from Banks and or AIM’s ministry of propaganda, aka AIMINTELPRO.
      Banks at the so called ” Leonard Peltier Tribunal” offered his own
      version in saying AIM wasn’t about talking about who killed who, and
      I thought to myself damn right they aren’t or they’d all be in prison.
      They also aren’t about talking about the abuse or rape of women as
      the leadership has zero personal moral ascendency to even attempt to,
      and it would surely come back to haunt them.
      “That’s just the way it is” doesn’t cut it.
      Thanks for the reblog.

      • YW 🙂 And it WILL com back to haunt them, and whatever lackeys and flunks replace them as age catches them.
        As for that mentioned above, the ‘ten injun commandments’…I’d love to drag that ‘channeler’ or whomever out 5 miles into the wilderlands, hand them a knife, and tell them to survive for a week, in winter.
        If they did, they’d learn a lot, and be far more respectful of our People.
        If not…Natural Selection solves things for the unfit and stupid.
        If it came for some ‘AIM’ mulyak…I doubt they’d survive a day.
        I know it’s a Fair and challenging test, Husband did it at 14, I have done it myself to prove myself to my relatives and people.
        They were VERY relieved and happy-proud when I walked back in. 😀
        Our children will be doing the same. Husband and I have agreed on that, and they will be taught to the best of our ability.
        So, if I face-off vs. some AIM ‘warrior’, you might wish to spare a moment of compassion for that person if they try they’re usual tricks of Twisted-Words and False-Talking.

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