2 comments on “FULL CIRCLE

    • auntij5,
      As indigenous people we’ve never had the ability to influence much of anything,
      must less the direction this country takes-the mystery to me is that those who do,
      who have been of the majority electorate, have in effect through the casting of ballots
      and the failure to hold those they elect accountable precipitated the current
      Personally, based on what has been the history, I believe a tipping point has
      been reached from which there may be no turning back.
      Legislation that doesn’t or won’t resonate with the public is all too often
      passed behind closed doors or attached as riders to other bills deemed
      The in your face influence of corporations, the banking industry, and Wall
      Street is such as to be unprecedented and overtly in your face.
      So much for change and transparency -both of which are anathema to
      politics and politicians.
      The two party system is so firmly entrenched, so bent on protecting it’s
      turf, that any viable alternative candidates have little chance of being elected-
      with the media actively colluding to this end.
      It is sad, and it doesn’t bode well.

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