1. “When the connection to the land is broken, either by choice or force, it is the first step in a journey to decline-for indigenous people this foreign version of civilization ….”


    Although it has long been accepted that trade routes existed along the vast waterways of the
    East Coast (fig. 2), it was not until a burial mound was examined that the Adena’s expansive
    influence was truly understood. “The Augustine site came to light in 1973. Careful excavation
    revealed an elaborate mound feature. As the layers of earth were removed, burial caches were
    uncovered. Interred with the human remains were tools and a wide array of weapons and
    ornaments.” (Keenlyside) This elaborate burial mound, with its similarities to the Adena Mounds
    found in the US, is located on a remote hillside at the junction of the Northwest and Southwest
    Miramichi River in New Brunswick. The Augustine Mound is located about 30 miles from the
    Gulf of the Saint Lawrence into which the Miramichi River drains and ‘sits on a terrace about 15
    meters above the river’ (Turnbull 1976). The mound is surrounded by a number of other burial
    sites in the area and at least 11 burial pits were dug into the prepared surface (Turnbull 1976).

    For more than 2,500 hundred years the body of a man lay shrouded in his formal burial
    costume, surrounded with artefacts of whale bone, flake scrapers, bifaces of quarts, beaver
    incisor tools, gorgets and copper trinkets. He bore a finely crafted headdress of leather and
    “pieces of well preserved fabrics” (Turnbull 1976)”

    Extracted from bottom of pg4, image of headdress at top of pg5

    Source: http://docs.com/MQEQ

    Modern day civilized Spiritual people, condoned that above and justified their support of removal/disturbance, because they assisted with returning that removed to the earth with ceremony.

    From my own perspective, there is no reason to unearth such, especially considering those involved categorize, codify ancestry to label them with “legal names” (Adena, Maritime Archaic, etc.) to separate ancient relationships. Such a sad aspect the European belief systems have had on original beliefs.

    • I’m sure there were originally ceremonies, and something of greater significance
      than anything that would follow them.
      It is primarily about a mindset- a sense of entitlement in the quest for “knowledge”.
      I happen to know a scientist who is steadfast in his proclamation that scientists
      have NO moral responsibility-again that pervasive sense of entitlement-but then he
      is also fond of saying that only scientists should be allowed to govern, and the majority
      of people are too stupid to vote-the very foundation of eugenics.
      We have literally been “loved” to death by the black robes and their followers-
      Agape, the pure love we were first introduced to when the crew of Columbus
      smashed the heads of our children against rocks and trees and then fed them to
      camp dogs-the love of the Conquistadores and the missionaries they brought
      to enslave us-the love of “christian” reservation agents that took the best for
      themselves and left us to starve and shiver, and ultimately to send our children
      to boarding schools to be raped, abused, and murdered.
      The best thing that could happen is for the churches to pack up their fetishes
      and move off our land-to admit that our beliefs have a history and viability far exceeding
      theirs-that it wasn’t necessary for their creation to murder the messenger, mount
      crusaders, or torture and burn “heretics”, and that all they done is to inflict their own
      brand of misery upon us.
      I have seen clan mothers go to church and then tsk tsk at ceremonies, flags commonly
      waving at pow wow-proudly presented in grand entries, and as yet to understand

  2. I don’t like ideological rhetoric and self righteousness, even if it is your blog.

    And those who further AIM and the defaced and degraded words and ceremonies need to understand that the wakines, the thunderbeings, are coming in and blasting away first as a warning, then with fury and might. Pay attention sundancers, with your ‘terribly important adult’ syndrome.

    It is usually the innocent and ‘good’ that are killed. The bad who serve the dark, and the programmers, and there are many in this day and age, run away to another part of the earth…

    I have heard the men say that it is good, it’s a purification time… NOT. The grandmothers and grandfathers, medicines, Mother Earth and Father Sky are writhing in pain and agony, everytime
    there is imbalance and agendas, intentions of power and might, groups of bullying and abuse…

    There is no symbolism here. The communication is direct. Stop the abuse! Or we are coming in and cleaning up the mess. And no one is exempt. No one.

    I was taught powerfully, even though my mother was a devout Catholic, and after she passed in 2005, and after I received in a good way a cannupa in Dec. 2008, that I could either serve the Catholic church, or I could serve the new/ancient good red road. I could not do both. I was asked to choose.

    Either way would bring me honour, because if you strive to be a good person, and do good, work hard and accomplish the little chores and errands of life, honour the spiritual path you follow, then good things happen. The sun shines and a beautiful day happens. Gentle breezes blow. Creatures, all my relations, walk up and communicate, even though science says, NO.

    It is not, look at this religion, it’s bad, it destroyed us. Or look at those people, they destroyed us. If I hear the word ‘genocide’ one more time as part of an ideological rant I will spit.

    You don’t promote hate, you show the truth through facts, research and the stories that have had a profound impact on the heart and soul. Then you ask the people, “What is this, what conclusion do you come to ?”

    And there are a few good people everywhere, I hope, even within the religions and ‘dominant societies’.

    And there are bad people everywhere, too many now, within all indigenous peoples’ tribes and lands and ceremonies… It’s not about the money and celebrity. That’s not what the sacred is about.

    But I do know one thing. Bahai, Christianity, New Age, and all other agendas that say we can mix religions and it’s all ok are wrong. People wake up. There is much harm caused by the mixing of the religions… it’s up to you to pray directly to Creator, and ask for guidance, then be guided.

    And my powerful intuition tells me, although I don’t have proof of this yet, that it was someone from within Indian country, not a white man, that murdered and skinned the little white buffalo calf in Texas, and killed it’s mother so no more white buffalo could come through, and it was Creator that took back the father, as a warning to the men of this earth…

    Now the game continues out east, and the parade of ‘terribly important adults’ continues, as the Lakota and others attach themselves to another little white buffalo, and make the owner of the ranch an honourary ‘Indian’ and he takes part in inipis etc. He says he feels like a little white buffalo now, the man says this. Well he better be careful. You know what a man or men did to the last little white buffalo.

    And did anyone ask him what his faith, what his religion is? Don’t mix religions, or harm will come to everyone there.

    And does anyone remember that the buffalo have the most extreme and sensitive hearing of many creatures on this earth? Poor eyesight, but great hearing.

    The babies are extremely sensitive. They don’t need drums and ceremony and big important ‘adults’ with all the cacophany cars, trucks, and living needs of the humans, tents, trailers, noise. And oh ya, did I say noise?

    The little white buffalo needs peace and quiet, maybe an unci or 2 that loves them, sweet gentle soft sounds of the earth and sky, for about one year.

    You know, there is so much degradation, and disrespect, and the enforcers of this abuse, everywhere. Pay attention to Syria, it’s being played out there. Everything is interconnected, and when one part of the web of life is insane, all other parts reverberate, like a musical intrument, “REZONATING”, in reaction and response…

    And oh yes, the bones, the mystery of the ancestors lives on whether someone disturbs something or not… the earth will yeild up its secrets to the good and the kind, as you know rezinator, as you know well.

    So the Sacred will live on whether science imprisons everything, the Smithsonian makes rediculous pronouncements and the earth is one giant prison yard. That is only the insanity and foolishness of ‘terribly important adults’ waiting for the wars that will justify their existence. There is only the hidden agendas of ideologies waiting for their inevitable pure and holy goal of murder/suicides.

    Assad and his lovely wife know their purity, their righteousness.

    This is the time of much ugliness, and we have to live through it. And I don’t know how, other than to pray daily, and ask what I can do now.

    • Joan
      I’m not sure if this is a “purification time”, if it is I don’t believe it will be such
      as that being promoted-but what I am sure of is anything and everything can
      be spun to create what will be perceived as wisdom and a provenance-and in
      doing so create a market if it gains traction.

      And I agree-this Christian philosophy or any other cannot be mixed with
      our own-especially this alternating current between those among us seeking
      to increase their audience and revenue base with the crystal waving adherents.

      As to white calves I find it a little curious that none have been born
      among the nations own herds that I am aware of- after all it is our prophecy, and
      I know of none that state it wouldn’t be.
      An example commonly familiar with most is that of Moses-he didn’t fulfill
      prophecy by leading the Egyptians out of bondage, but his own-so I say when
      one is born among any of our nations it will be a different story altogether,
      and then I will truly be excited….I don’t think “honorary” applies, I feel those
      attempting to make the most of this will find such an event will not occur among
      their nation.

      I am inclined to believe we will see more being born as the result of selective
      breeding- the revenue value is becoming understood and we all know what that

      If this is the case the “market” will become inundated and the significance
      of such a birth will begin to lose it’s value, and the “terribly important
      adults” will exhaust themselves scurrying back and forth across the country
      attempting to squeeze out every last bit of currency and attention they can until
      it all goes south.

      I’m not sure how to take your comment “I don’t like ideological rhetoric and
      self righteousness, even if it is your blog.”

      If this is to imply I am self righteous or an ideologue? -self righteous? no-
      an ideologue? perhaps depending on one’s viewpoint-but I view myself as a
      traditionalist unwilling to give so much as an inch and take no offense.

      I’ve had the good fortune to spend some time around a calf, not a white, and
      agree they are sensitive to influences around them. I have found them to be
      playful and affectionate once trust has been established-and those calf eyes
      can melt the strongest of hearts – something I kind of have to laugh about as
      I’ve come to know women can employ them as well.

      Mom was suspicious in the beginning but came around and would come as
      eagerly as the calf for a carrot, apple, a handful of bear grass and a scratch
      on the head if I called out to them. Always amazed at how such a massive
      animal could be supported on spindly legs.

      I used to watch this calf of a sudden toss her head and then leap and cavort
      around just for the joy of it-I always thought of it as dancing, the sheer
      exuberance of life.

      Our relationship with them is well established-our dependency incalculable -as
      they almost went so did we. As they live confined on “preserves” so we live
      confined on “reservations”-they live in maintained herds, we live in communities
      maintained by our dependency on governmental programs-the linkage and
      similarities cannot be dismissed.

      And so both they and we remain-neither living as they once did, yet still
      indelibly linked-still meaningful one to the other, and as one goes so too
      will the other.

      • -sorry for the rage and the despair… thanks for your kind words and telling me about
        your experience with the calf, and I do appreciate your blog…

  3. very well said, even in basic forms, people today pray to “the” creator, in place of talking with creation.

    • A part of the growing separation jp and related to the cults of personality
      so commonplace today-truths are secondary, it is the “personality” that
      becomes important-whether it be convicted murderers or bloated one
      percenters riding the wave.
      It isn’t about understanding, but memorization. Autobiographies and
      e prayers, and perhaps most devastating of all-revision.

    • When I initially read this comment it kind of tugged at my memory and then hung around
      until the connection was made a couple of hours ago with something Tali Uquelugv said
      in one his blogs:
      “Creator did not make just man in its own image, but everything. We are all related to creator
      and each other.”
      Both of you speaking in the same context I think-he in his way saying we are a part of
      a related encompassing creation and not separate, and you in yours saying much the same
      in yours-“in place of talking with creation.”
      It is the separation that blurs the lines and weakens I believe-if we see and accept that creator
      and creation are either one and the same, or inseparable, everything is cast in a different light.
      Maybe I’m assuming too much in drawing the comparison but it is food for thought
      for me-and in all honesty I never thought one could be separated from the other.
      There’s a verse in the bible where Jesus says something to the effect that to see him is to
      see his father-and then there’s the trinity thing-the father,son, and holy ghost as being one.
      Another way of saying that to see Creator is to see creation-to see creation is to see Creator-
      to speak or pray to either is to speak or pray to both-that to me is a circle, the circle we as
      indigenous people speak of, and if we truly believe and accept that we have a duty and are
      honor bound to live it.

      You either live within the circle or outside- there is no halfway point.

    • how many lives? , as the norm goes for such rapid “civilized population increase”, the result was total annihilation of, culture, tradition, spirituality, and people , not to exclude people of Africa who were also enslaved and worked to death at Potosi to plaster the churches of europe with gold and silver, to create a shift in congregations for serving the “saints”. it also played 1st nations against one another , by ostracizing traditional believers to the point of being outnumbered, then the killing of those older ones that refused to allow the dispersion of different beliefs into their way of being followed.

  4. amount of lives? total annihilation, as noted in the lower left corner of the image, Native man’s head atop of the building on a pole, to include people of Africa. The book indian givers has a brief write up on Potosi, thou it is grossly understated as to the lives taken, the american indian path to industrialization, pg 66,


    it’s been years since i read this, thou from what i recall , the author ties Potosi to the funding of the hudson bay company & the fur trade. thou that trade was initially secured by the vatican through the concordant of 1610 with the Mikmaq. when Membertou and family was baptized with the name of King Henry and his family members.

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