29 comments on “NEW AGE SUNDANCE SHAMAN 2

    • There is another ceremony seller named Kenny Frost. He has ceremonies for non natives at the Yampah vapor caves in Glenwood Springs where he is known as their ” medicine man”. He doesn’t ask for donations, but there is a sign and a basket. He teaches these people a couple of Sundance songs, and bikini clad women and nu-age types sing along.

      • Having begun as something of a cottage industry by a select few franchises are
        no being offered as well.
        Corporate HQ is located at Crow Dog’s “Paradise”.

  1. Televangelists and churches are all about offering tours to the “Holy Land”, a variation on the pay to pray scam- Crow Dog has gone them one better-he’s offering tours of “Paradise”-you don’t get to walk in the footsteps of Jesus, but those of Crow Dog and the Liberators.

  2. an interesting inbox dialog generated from postings i made in ref to Means, CrowDog and other at to the Holy Man fb page. (which were deleted of course)

    Eliase Graywolf: u must be an apple hu lmao …well to all u apples that support the bia …and their stoog actions …were going to find all of u make sure justice is done our ways. a.i.m. restance now and forever long live uncle russlle and all those that oppose the goons and trible corruption

    Joe Wade: your comment “were going to find all of u make sure justice is done our way” are mirrored words of Dick Wilson back in the 70’s, you have been taught well you little tool, LOL!

    Eliase Graywolf: what u apple lover …. s.a.i.m. is going to wipe all u off the face of the planet ….and start over …one nation one voice …all tribes united for the good of everyone …the secound american idian movment is strong were going to start making changes with our spiritaul ways of life ….7th generation now is our time.

    Really holy, spiritual movement being generated from those who are suppose to be voices for 1st nations people and role models for the youth eh?

    • JP
      uh huh-and speaking of stooges, if mama catches this one on the computer
      it won’t go well.
      Same old wannabe tough guy warrior bs-sounds like this person couldn’t
      find their ass with both hands.

    • I don’t care to know you but if you support these clowns you must be like them,living in the stone age. As for myself i know all of them,they are all cowards,who? what else could shoot a woman in the back of the head and ambush people,like i said i am a close relative to one of these .,…,, I am a fullblood and a man so i’ll say this,bring it on i’ll be waiting even if its by myself! thats enough for all you cowards.

      • mikita-you must have posted this in the wrong place-no one here supports any
        of “these clowns”, and if you’ve read any of the comments that have all been in
        agreement with you, you would know that.
        In fact you won’t find a topic anywhere in the entirety of this blog that does-any
        who may have responded who do support them didn’t hang around long.

    • dont worry about graywolf….his real name is elias YENAGETA, and he aint even native, he is an ETHIOPIAN trying to pass himself off as lakota….everyone in denver hates him and his stupid s.a.i.m. is nothing but a few kids on facebook reppin….what a joke

    • by the way this ethiopian is NOT russel means nephew and that family hates him….he was a russell means GROUPIE with no ndn blood at all….trust me…..or you can just ask anyone in denver

    • Sorry about the mix up, i was replying to the idiot who said,[ what u apple lover]. I was angry at what was said.

      • he calls everyone an apple who questions his indian blood too……his sheets been pulled…eliase graywold is NOT lakota he is ETHIOPIAN

      • Wow! he is more of a scumbag than i thought. I know of him going around saying he is a heyoka, and of him making cash from european customers by convincing them he is Sioux. I know he brought his white girlfriend into a sweat and told everyone she is lakota and she started freaking out before the water was even poured. He also tried telling a REAL holyman how to smudge. What a Joke this Eliase guy is. He runs around showing off his AR-15 and telling people he is the leader of the Second Indian Movement whatever the hell that is. Do they even really exist?

      • sounds like he went to the “University of the Universe” and studied
        under the “professor” as Means referred to Crow Dow and his “paradise”

      • Well,He is always trying to stir up the local indians, I can’t figure out if he is an agent provocateur or just a retard. His main focus on his “SAIM Resistance” seems to be a resistance to what? “Apples”? The dumbass even made threats against the Indian Center here. What does he hope to gain by battling against elders, health workers, toddlers and teens taking GED courses anyways?

      • some people are just into role playing and wanting attention-if he’s making
        a little money of it that would be another motivation I would think.

  3. I am non-native, who happened to be there at invitation of native person who had attended in past. I am not New Age and went with full intention of respecting sacredness of ceremony. I figured it would best if I stayed in background, and I was honored to have been invited. (I fully understand the need to protect integrity and would not be offended if I had been barred from going later.)

    Once there, I was shocked to find many New Age types in a very well equipped campsite area. They were pretty open with me, since I probably look like them closely enough. They were definitely partying – they talked about their evening parties, all the other sun dances they have attended (sun dance “groupies”?), and they acted almost like they were at a carnival.

    How sad that actual sun dance participants were making serious sacrifices in such an atmosphere. Maybe it is not my place to comment here, but the New Age people really angered me. It seemed so disrespectful to push their hodgepodge belief system into a traditional ceremony. I was surprised they were encouraged to attend and participate (with enough payment). And I thought you would be interested in hearing how truly “respectful” the New Agers were about the ceremony when they thought it was okay to speak so openly with me.

    • TL-you’re welcome to express your opinion here and your comments
      illustrating a reality are germane and appreciated.
      Sadly enough many of these ceremonies are taking on a carnival
      atmosphere, are frequented by cult of personality groupies, and
      have become a for profit venture.
      Crow Dog’s so called paradise has had a reputation for decades of
      being more akin to a party station than anything vaguely resembling
      a spiritual haven-that alone should cause people to look a little
      closer at the AIM liberators who installed him as their resident guru.
      People pick and choose-if it’s something they want they will ignore
      anything that conflicts, electing to turn a deaf ear to a thousand
      dissenting voices in lieu of one favorable one.
      All of this is about one thing-money-it has nothing to do with bringing
      a “spiritual” message or a prophetic sharing.
      In a way it reminds me of Safari Land-only in this instance the public
      can take a guided tour through ndn country and see the noble red man
      in his native habitat-and like those places there is an entrance fee
      and souvenirs are made available for a price in the form of t-shirts etc.
      Thanks for commenting and understanding.

      • I would also like to add some food for thought, but I would appreciate also if rezinate would correct me if I’m wrong.

        Traditional ceremonies have no monetary content associated with them at all. One thing I had to learn to do was separate tradition from look alikes in my own perception. Being raised away from my traditions left me with a lack of understanding about my own people that I can fall pray to if not careful.

        I went to someone for help that I was told by the nation was a traditional medicine man. When I was there, I was given advice that would lead me directly to new age beliefs, and faux tribes.

        I did not believe him because I knew in my heart much of what he said was wrong. You may not have knowledge of traditions, but you will FEEL wrong being in a wrong place.

        These people running these fake schemes like crow dog, the place I went, and where ever it was you went, match a profile you would associate with a predator and/or con artist.

        These “groupies” wouldn’t have been allowed at a real traditional dance. Traditions require devotion, you can’t buy that.

        “I was surprised they were encouraged to attend and participate (with enough payment).” This surprise is what I’m talking about the feeling wrong. You may not know what is involved but you can feel what shouldn’t be.

        I’m really glad you spoke up about this.

  4. Tali Uquelugv
    I basically consider these things crimes-crimes against a people, and in a sense
    crimes against humanity-the humanity of those who are being pimped and the
    crimes committed by the “johns” who are the customers.
    The further insult is that the profits aren’t “shared”-they aren’t used to address
    issues of poverty among the people, instead they are directed to the feathering
    of individual nests.
    Ceremonies, particularly sundances, are becoming big business-they are named
    now after individuals as being “theirs”, following the business model of televangelists
    who promote THEMSELVES with bible colleges and the like featuring their name,
    such as Oral Roberts University and a host of others.
    Russell has one, Clyde has one, Crow dog has one-a group that includes others,
    all of who are about as tradition and spiritually destitute as can be found-but they’re
    making money, and that’s what they are singularly about.
    I’ve talked about what is becoming the GMOs of tradition in the past-how they are
    seized upon by new agers, modified, and then make their way back into acceptance
    on the rez -people like the above and the one you mention are the engines of commerce
    driving this burgeoning industry.

    • The big difference in the man I visited was that he didn’t put his name to anything, didn’t charge, and the dance he held was considered by everyone I talked to as more in line with traditions than many others.

      A good con artist that is kept in check by society will have to hide the con. The fact that crow dog and so many others are so blatant shows they aren’t kept in check.

      Part of that keeping in check responsibility falls to outsiders as well. To understand some simple things like these traditions belong with the individual tribes. Just like a spouse wants their mate to be faithful, so should we consider these traditions an intimate connection that should be kept sacred.

  5. It is really a transgression against natural law that understands the sacred hoop of WO lakota, to hear of those so call full blood, or mix blood indians to talk in the name of those whose language is pure, and sacred, and who’s real presence in them is by spirit not stereotypes of indian american, the bless of chanupa wakan is for the ones that are willing to take the risk to be blame, and judge and even die in the name of truth sacredness waonshila. The sacredness will come to you when you’re heart is willing to receive god grandfather Tunkashila, and there’s no fear at all running in you’re veins, the action to sale or prostitute the sacredness of any indigenous nation is a blame against chanupa and it cannot be tolerated but is more that judge others.HUANKAS do not judge others for wannabes or new agers they want to be connected the transgression is COMMITED in the greed intentions of those who ask for money in the sacred presence of chanupa.i hold you’re hand as my WiCHAPI HUANKA for speak in the name of my ancestors who’s blood cannot be corrupted for false chefs, a real ITACHA always will look for the good welfare of his people, to stand strong in the pole of the sun, a real chief will give his life to feed his HUANKAS, and never live them there in the darkness of the black road, the only reazon for tatanka yotaki to be part of buffalo bills and be taken pictures in the streets, was to give those coins to the little ones and bring hope in their hearts. Ho HECHETU yelo I have spoken this words as a HUANKA, and will take it as a real mending of our sacred hoop because my mind heart, and blood speak wolakota. Chante chetan emakiyapi.

    • As a people the nations have lost nearly everything, if we lose the integrity of
      our ceremonies and traditions a tipping point will have been reached from which
      there is no turning back – the black road you speak of – our road is not the color
      of any other nation but our own…..red. We either walk it or become caricatures
      of ourselves.
      The fight is not only to maintain ceremonial integrity but an act of survival.

      • The color in the north home of changleska kile was to reminds us that there’s four colors to complete our circle of prayer in order to accomplish the will of the antient ones to bring the two legged back into the sacred hoop of life, and show them the world seen from the eyes of the eagle wambli gleshka appointing the future of human kind within ochanku luta the good red road.many have spoken in the name of wolakota without accomplishing their sacred wheel of life, without walking the four sacred corners of their life in a ceremonial way, far away to understand the soul of the buffalo nation, but now the accomplishment of the profecies gides us into the right direction were those who have completed their medicine wheel of life, embracing human kind in prayer, understanding the importance of perceiving the four color circle of our sacred hoop as a piece of the whole picture, then and just then the blood of our ancestors won’t be contaminated any more, the same blood that burns the sacred fire of our sacred chanupa wakan will burn eternally in the hearts of those who have completed the full circle of the four sacred corners with clean mind, heart, and soul. That’s our vision as the keepers of PETA owihankeshni the fire without end. Ho HECHETU welo..

      • Been busy and first chance to respond – what has always served to validate
        the nations prophecies for me is even though they may vary from nation to nation
        there are common threads they share, and goes to a belief I’ve expressed
        numerous times in this blog and elsewhere that each nation was given what
        they needed and could understand related to language, custom, and geography.
        If that is true then none are meant to take precedence or another, they are threads
        that when woven together compose the fabric of the nations, a guideline and
        blueprint to live by not just as individuals but as the people.

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