7 comments on “COMPARISONS

    • Either way you cut it cowards is an appropriate word-the intent is to either murder,
      inflict great bodily harm, or at the least destroy a persons life and all they have
      worked for.
      If arson was the cause in Trudell’s and Nogeshick’s case it amounted to all of the
      In Giago’s and DeMain’s all but perhaps personal items like photos and other memorabilia
      can be replaced-but those undoubtedly are the items of greatest value.
      It isn’t known presently, at least publicly, what the motivation was or if it is part of
      some conspiracy-but one would think the investigation is a multi agency effort that
      will produce results.
      AIM is known to have created and employed bombs as in the case of the bombing
      of Mt.Rushmore, and forcing Annie Mae to assist in their construction after they began
      to suspect her of being an informant-guess they figured it was a security measure
      in doing so.
      It has also been verified that during WK2 AIM was responsible for several fires
      being set that resulted in the loss of property.
      I’m not in possession of enough of the facts related to this latest fire to make an outright
      accusation, nor is it my place to, and for that reason the title of this particular blog is
      I am confident though that others have made the identical ones and see the similarities.
      Time will tell, and it’s going to be interesting to see which way it goes.

      • If it was direct AIM involvement due to what DeMain has done for trying to get the truth out on so many various fronts, or if it were gangs, or even just some mentally ill person. The effects of AIM from that era are known to many and I doubt it would be hard to find a connection back to them in some way.

  1. Well, we gonna see what we gonna see -AIM’s legacy is anything but liberation, and
    so much of what is occurring now is a part of that legacy, just as a drop of rain that
    falls in the mountains makes it’s way to a stream, then to a river, and finally to the ocean,
    to loosely quote your words in your Climate Change blog.

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