1. I’ve just finished reading your post, Rezinate ,

    And there’s ONE MAIN point of view which is outstanding for me and it perfect solution to save Pe’Sla. Which can work out way better at the end – than just raising money..and doubts.

    HERE is the answer: Arikara, Arapahoe, Pawnee, Kiowa, and Cheyenne.
    To contact with them all, join forces, unite, stand together…not relying anymore on something small like 3 or 4 AIMsters – but on Power of Indigenous Nations united .

    Also- with such multi-tribal involvement – it will be very hard to fraud money…

    • SF- a viable suggestion- I for one would prefer to not have “AIMster” involvement of any kind.
      I would like to clarify one thing though-no one is claiming anything fraudulent in this effort,
      and I’m sure you aren’t either.
      The truth is there seems to be some concern expressed on the net about what will become of
      the money raised if it insufficient and the effort fails- I think that is understandable as it is “dedicated” money.
      This is a matter of importance to all the nations as none are without their own vulnerabilities,
      and I am of the opinion that involving the principals as you have suggested is an excellent
      idea rather than attempting to cast this as a proprietary issue of one nation……which it
      clearly is not.
      Time is short and it may be too late to form such a coalition-an approach that should have
      been taken in the first place.
      We have donated what we can on our end and believe it was the right thing to do-now we wait for
      the outcome as others do.

  2. Is this the same Joy Parton , daughter of Dick Marshall ???

    On the Pe`Sla Petition Donation Page – Step 1: Perk & Amount, Pick a perk.

    Rez Hoofz Purse/Boot Set: $2,000 (minimum contribution amount)

    Purse and Boot set, BLACK, handpainted, custom made, beautifully detailed! Own and wear works of art! Designed and donated by artist Joy Parton, Oglala Lakota/Apache of Rez Hoofz

    If so perhaps she can find out why the accounting on the donations page adds up to 62,000 while the totals bar says 178,000 ?

  3. Perhaps had a joint venture been implemented from the time public notice of the auction was released, a functional solution could have been reached with all Nations involved.

    That would have given almost 3 months to coordinate efforts, in place of the 20 days since Chase went public with promoting the “save campaign” , not sure how long the petition has been up thou it is peculiar the effort was not made until the witching hour.

    This combined with the fact that the financial goal is quite lame in regards to land value and a successful high bid, leaves me thinking , the intent is to grab gold nuggets for the self , in place of actually trying to acquire the lands. Now that all is pretty much said and done for the auction deadline, Arvol comes out today posted on lastrealindians with a interview for publicity?

    All these points combined along with Chase Iron Eyes historical profile is why is “I” say , this is “another AIM money sucking smuck” preying on peoples sympathy.

    Will just have to sit back and see how much havoc they try to create while screaming about the county wanting to pave a country road, leading people to believe the lands are going to be heavily developed and plowed over by whoever wins the auction bids.

    People can expect any excuse under the sun for Chase and affiliates not invoking action sooner than such a short time span, and those who gave to “save the Lakota’s Sacred Land” will not get an option to have their monies returned.

    at the Brock Auction site, Auction page upload dates:
    Track Maps: Tuesday, June 05, 2012 4:03:20 PM
    Photo Page: Tuesday, June 19, 2012 11:25:13 AM
    youtube: Published on Jul 5, 2012
    Brochure: Tuesday, July 17, 2012 4:08:16 PM
    Poster: Monday, July 23, 2012 1:36:30 PM

    on another note: the highway mentioned in the petition has nothing to do with the land sale, except that the road to be paved runs approx. 1 mile through the acreage

    “Pennington County Highway Dept. is currently doing a study on the feasibility of paving the South Rochford Road sometime in the future.”

    view in google, tracks and county road , http://google maps http://goo.gl/maps/iW1Qu

    • jp-there is quite a difference between a feasibility study to pave an existing road and the hysteria of of an implied turnpike,super highway, or mass development as the the following quote illustrates, “June 2012Pennington County Highway Dept. is currently doing a study on the feasibility of paving the South Rochford Road sometime in the future.”
      At this late date I’m willing to await the outcome before expressing other opinions-which I surely will
      immediately following the auction. As I said-we made a donation as we were able-that was done on
      the same basis as helping a friend or stranger in need-we won’t suffer because we did, but this is
      “dedicated” to a specific end, and if it isn’t employed as such we have no intention of being silent.
      I have some issues with Arvols comment about respecting the ceremonies and sacred
      artifacts of other nations despite being engaged in hostilities-something I will
      comment own later in the day.
      Thanks for the comment and information.

  4. The irony is that with a fraction of the $757-million dollars now sitting on account (original US purchase offer plus interest), the Oceti Sakowin (it such exists as a legal entity) could easily buy the land back. For all the pronouncement that “The Black Hills are not for sale”, in 1875 the Sioux responded to the original offer with a counter-offer of $70-million. The legal history of the issue is complex, but worth the time for those interested… http://bulk.resource.org/courts.gov/c/US/448/448.US.371.79-639.html

    • Brian-we are both aware of the opposing sides regarding accepting the settlement and the
      reasons for doing so-what isn’t mentioned is that there exists a growing number who are in
      favor and is the result of the poverty that exists.
      Those in favor are keeping a low profile due the closed nature of the rez and the trouble
      it could lead to.
      I have always found it a little contradictory when high profile AIM members who OWN ranches
      and multiple dwellings scattered across the country go into the no one owns the land presentation.
      In view of such obvious contradictions I find their spiel to be yet another made for the media
      Thanks for commenting and providing the link.

  5. Many good points in this blog entry for people to consider , especially about the Nations that utilized the lands over time and the comments on how “title” occurred. It would be great if the Reynolds family and involved Nations could put the lands in some form of trust so that all involved would have some power of authority for it’s preservation. i.e for example, each nation having a council of 7 or so , with a representative for each group as a voice for the trust.

    “If” the Nations and the Reynolds family could find a way to get the global community involved and assist with the finances for transfer of “title”, it would be a quite an achievement of “people working together”. For example, “If” 24 global entities put up 200K (a drop in the bucket for many that spend that much just to get out of bed) and 6 Nations doing the same, 200k each, it would equate to 6million, that which is suggested to be the financial value of the lands.

    I would not hold my breath, waiting for such to occur, thou it is kinda nice fantasizing about such concepts.

  6. Posted under updates on the fund raising page.

    Anpetu Waste! Good Day! Many people have asked us, “Well if you don’t raise enough funds to buy the land at Pe’ Sla? What will you do with the money?” This is an excellent question. Our main focus continues to be purchasing the Pe’ Sla land that is being auctioned off on August 25, 2012. Our contingency plan at this time, is to put the funds towards purchasing and protecting other lands that may also become available at Pe’ Sla or in the sacred Black Hills, such as near Bear Butte, another sacred site that is threatened by ongoing development.

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  8. ” to potentially be bulldozed into a road or a golf course.” this from the Aavaz petition by
    Sara Jumping Eagle
    Anyone know anything about bulldozing roads or golf courses?

    • I requested any creditable source information, example press release or what ever, to support the comments about “industrial development” mentioned on the money raising petition page, received no reply of any kind back.

      • Don’t think you should be holding your breath waiting for a reply-next up we’ll be
        hearing about a WaLMart or a super mall to rival the Mall of America in Bloomington, Mn.
        This is all getting a little sad.
        At least if a mall were built AIM could have the pony rides concession-that’s something
        I guess.

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