1. What hasn’t been said until 6hrs ago , the petition deadline extended beyond the auction date

    at the petition site:
    Lastrealindians posted an announcement 6 hours ago

    As you have noted,the Fight for Pe’ Sla Campaign Team has decided to extend our fundraising deadline in order to raise more funds towards our goal of $1 million dollars.

    • Also in the updates section I believe it is mention is made of a contingency plan involving land around
      Bear Butte-that wasn’t mentioned until questions began being asked.
      At least there is a back up plan, but it would have been better I think to make that part of the original
      presentation seeing that there was a concern whether the specified amount could be achieved.
      If the pe sla effort fails does that imply the fund raising will continue with the focus on Bear Butte?
      If a parcel is purchased at pe sla will the drive continue for Bear Butte?
      A lot of talk about some sort of government intervention-I don’t believe that is likely-but I wouldn’t
      be surprised to see an eleventh hour attempt to get an injunction or a suit/legal challenge post sale.

      • In court is where Mr. attorney Chase Iron Eyes will likely cash in for services rendered. On his LRI page it states ” All donations to the tribe are tax-deductible and will only be used toward the purchase of Pe’ Sla.”

        thou that does not mean Chase can not make a career in the courts with funding from the tribe. Any way one cuts into this issue, people donated believing they were submitting money for tracks of land to be auctioned this Saturday. The contingency plan you mention was posted 2 days ago. In other words, the global community that gave, has been deceived.

  2. posted 2 days ago at petition site: “Our contingency plan at this time, is to put the funds towards purchasing and protecting other lands that_may also become available at Pe’ Sla or in the sacred Black Hills, such as near Bear Butte,

    • looks like this is petition intent # 3 hitting the table, on the updates page

      Sara Jumping Eagle , Aug 28th

      (….) We appreciate the continued fundraising efforts as any funds will go directly towards offsetting costs for tribes that need to continue to benefit Lakota families everyday living needs. (….)

      Wondering who will get the perks off of that fund raising , unfolding like a typical AIM script 🙂

      • Well it all sounds good on the surface-very humanitarian, but I can’t think of another fund
        raising campaign or even a telethon that changed it’s stated purpose three time.
        I’d like to know who will be administrating this distribution of funds and what the criteria
        will be.
        This is beginning to sound an awful lot like Yellow Thunder Camp and that “immersion”
        In addition I’d like to know how much Banks and Clyde got for their appearance at the
        Traverise rally-how much was raised in total and what amount went to Traverise.
        As of now I’m changing my position of advocating for others to contribute until such
        time as the above questions are answered.

  3. Folks are always trying to get your (rezinate) identity out of me and I hate to tell them, even I do not know. I don’t really care either. I just try to get people to see the gigantic hole in their logic that it is all about the People – all NDNz and that just doesn’t hold up when there is still a family in NDN country that the lied to masses are afraid to support.

    • Kira-I’ve covered this previously in other blogs-there are those who comment in the blog
      that know me, some who have come to know as a result of the blog. I’m not looking to
      promote myself, make videos, or sell books or prayers, so that is enough for me.
      The truth is what it is and stands alone-better for the truth to be accepted at face value than
      untruths accepted because they come from a name or a face-like Means, Banks.
      I have posted around the net prior to the blog -was pretty open about things and wound
      up getting email hacked and trojaned more than once, also spammed with all the sell out
      and name calling BS.
      The spam alone this blog receives is staggering-numbering literally in the thousands-but
      wp and Askimet are very good at catching it.
      When the topic of blogging came up others concerned about more of the same were
      encouraging but asked that “discretion” be applied-so that’s the way of it-if any have
      a problem with that no one is twisting their arm to visit the blog that I know of.
      A website has been developed and being fine tuned that I intend to open-date undetermined
      as yet-some even want to develop it into an indigenous news site-if that eventuates there isn’t
      going to be any political correctness, I don’t consider myself related to thieves, liars, murderers,
      or rapists, as in we all related.
      A part of the “mission statement” will be to give no quarter and ask for none involving any of the
      issues or people addressed in this blog. It will be open with the ability for people to respond or
      contribute an “article” if they like.
      I’m not a journalist in any sense of the word, so I don’t know about the news thing, though some
      who would be involved are qualified.
      I/we would think of this as a counter balance to all the sites springing up pandering to AIM and
      the liberators- and one things for sure, if a need were pointed out we won’t be collecting donations,
      though providing a link if appropriate and reputable wouldn’t be a problem.
      So much of what is being seen and said on the net about tradition and history is pure fantasy-
      things like no evidence of pre Columbian warfare, Aztecs doing open heart surgery rather
      than ritual sacrifice, the absence of scalping prior to the invasion, a mere 300 warriors at the big
      horn-there was more than that among the non lakota alone-all of it bs -and most of it
      emanating from the great revisionist Means. That is something else we would address.
      I don’t ask personal information of people- I’m not a FB kind of person that feels compelled to
      bare all things for the world to see, and I decide who I will trust and who I won’t. Someone posts
      a user name, an avatar or gravatar that’s good enough for me, as time will tell where their heart
      I have a life and people in it other than this blog-I am protective of those things- and people can
      make of it what they will.

    • Thanks for the heads up Kira-perhaps it was the questions raised by many that toned
      down all the stated redirections of where and how the donations would be used, and
      served to rededicate them to the original stated purpose.
      If so I’d say that’s a good thing, and respect to all who asked such questions.
      In being mentioned I wonder if this means I have now arrived and can begin selling
      syrup, ebooks and prayers, or seeking donations for various “schools”, “camps”,
      and other “projects” that just never quite materialize?
      Well “fame” is fleeting they say-fifteen minutes worth-so I need to get busy now and
      attempt to enrich myself at the expense of those who have the least.
      If anyone knows where there’s some roadkill I could use to fashion regalia or a warbonnet
      for myself with I would appreciate being notified of such..

    • too bad the article did not mention the rash of insults and attacks on people at their Pe Sla fb site when simple questions about indeigogo service fees arose which resulted in Ruth Hopkins a campaign team member started casting accusations leading into attacks on those seeking an understanding. http://docs.com/NLD5 , That thread has now been removed from the Pe Sla fb page.

      when one looks at the timeline of events of the fund raising campaign , it is no wonder people are in question as this unfolds. For example, both LRI and Borderlands continue to refuse any reply whether or not monies from the campaign might be used for purchase of the 120 acres Borderlands Ranch is fund raising for, as in other lands Chase said the funds would be used for is the Reynolds property bid was not successful.

      Quit a mess it is , the Means at which the fund raising was conducted, and you can Bank on this , it will get worse as long as LRI refuses to be transparent. Today at the Pe Sla fb site a member states in reference to people asking for an understanding about indiegogo fees and for an understanding of other fundraising donations,

      Glyn Jones …. “I also notice that two people who have voiced concerns on this page a little too often, whether or not they are valid, are busy there rubbishing lastrealindians rather than being patient enough to allow them to recover first, from their great efforts, before replying to their questions.”

      LRI and affiliates needs time to rest before they can be transparent ?. 🙂
      timeline of events, http://jpwade.wordpress.com/2012/09/06/i-know-its-shining-down-like-water/

      Someone once told me , “do not rattle the cage before entering” , If truth rattles the cage, then those who have something to hide have to deal with it, because i will rattle it like crazy.

      • That’s known as news blocking JP-too funny about needing time to recuperate.
        I find it interesting that “real Indians” won’t address the murder of Annie Mae or
        Ray from at least a neutral viewpoint-after all it is news, and it is about one “real Indian”.
        I assume though that in doing so it would rattle the AIM cage.

  4. If not in error Embassies need Ambassadors, this is getting funnier every day, posted at the official campaign Pe`Sla fb page today:

    Joseph Camps Highcountry: Maybe LRI could discuss to convert some land near or in Rapid city under the Great Sioux Nations and 1851 Treaty and build a Joint Truist Headquarters for the tribes. Maybe LRI and other organizations can have offices there. Maybe call it an Embassy. ?

    I sure hope that fund raising money, and future fund raising money does not start falling through holes in the floor. This could very well turn into into a modern day Paint your Wagon saga, LOL

  5. I think it is a good thing that a deal has been struck-what I don’t get excited about it
    is very obviously the claim and direction being taking is that this is singularly Lakota land
    with no thought of those who inhabited long before they showed up.
    Some claim was made that the Lakota had been there for at least ten thousand years-try
    since the 1700’s if accuracy is important-that’s the century in which they were driven westward
    form their homeland by the Ojibwe.
    Will these other nations now have to ask for permission to enter or hold ceremonies? Will they have to pay a fee, some honorarium to offset the purchase price-will there be “scheduling” conflicts?
    Placing it in “trust”, I assume with the government, may not be a good idea-that hasn’t always worked out well in the past- I maintain the correct approach is to recognize the status of all the nations who inhabited the area and held it to be scared before the Lakota arrived, and to create a council of elders with the Lakota and those other nations as equal members with equal input to overlook the land, maintain it, and make decisions related to it.
    I didn’t expect that to be the way it when I first suggested it and apparently it won’t be- so much for we all related and doing things like “real Indians”.

    During the height of the plains war nations rode, fought, bled,and died side by side for a common defense and common good-apparently during those times other nations were seen as equals who shared a common bond and claim to the land-equally as apparent is that it is no longer the belief.
    But then this is the 21st century and assimilation has taken a toll-too many wasichu influences and attitudes prevail-one reason the nations are experiencing the internal troubles they are.
    Transparency should have been the hallmark from day one-failure to do so only leads
    to questions-something an attorney should be well aware of.
    As to fees here’s the wiki on it: Users publicize the projects themselves through Facebook, Twitter and similar platforms. The site levies a 4% fee for successful campaigns. For campaigns that fail to raise their target amount, users have the option of either refunding all money to their contributors at no charge or keeping all money raised but with a 9% fee.

  6. And this:

    jpwade.wordpress.com; Change in Campaign fund usage , the funds are not being used as part of the earnest money Rosebud Tribe used for bid acceptance according to press release statements from Rosebud Tribe Chairman

    Sept 11, API News;Tribe’s bid accepted for South Dakota land, ROSEBUD | The owners of nearly 2,000 acres of pristine grassland prairie have accepted a $9 million bid by the Rosebud Sioux, tribe President Cyril Scott told The Associated Press. The Rosebud Sioux already has paid $900,000 as an earnest deposit; the remaining $8.1 million is due in November….. An online campaign to help the tribe buy the land raised nearly $390,000. The campaign ended last weekend.

    The Rosebud Sioux Tribe is looking to see if it can cover the remaining land cost itself, Schmidt said. If not, the cost could be spread among the roughly 20 tribes that make up the Great Sioux Nation,

    Rosebud secured money for the earnest payment from the Indian Land Tenure Foundation of Little Canada, Minn., and its subsidiary, the Indian Land Capital Co. Foundation President Chris Stainbrook said his organization was contacted by the tribes before the planned auction to see whether they could help them finance a bid.

    (note: Last week LRI reported 300k was part to the 1.3 million for an earnest deposit. the bid acceptance press release today states 900K? and LRI campaign funds are not listed in the api press release as part of the earnest money for purchase. LRI refuses to release the actual amount of funds available from the petition campaign after indeigogo service fees, nor the amount their campaign option offered which was direct deposits to the Tribe, nor the fund raising at the Sept 5 rally, so much for transparency.

    Why are the campaign funds not being used , Sara Jumping Eagle said 1/3 million of the 1.3 earnest money , was from the campaign funds, and now the Campaign funds are not included in the api press release for bid acceptance?)

    Get Ready for more fund raising without Transparency , it looks as if the campaign money will start getting shuffled around, hopefully not lost through holes in the floor.
    Tuesday at 1:19pm · 1

    • yep, that blog entry was updated a bit with addition of links for postings at save pe sla fb site, such as that below. It is evident Sara Jumping Eagle and Ruth Hopkins believe the public does_not_deserves an understanding.


      Sara Jumping Eagle
      LRI will continue to post announcements on their own pages and sites. We look forward to the gathering of the Oceti Sakowin and the decisions made about Pe’ Sla. We are positive people helping to make the future better for our children. We appreciate The overwhelming positive response, prayers, and work so many have contributed to seeing a hope come closer to reality. We all work, have families, and continue to work on these efforts. We cannot address all name calling or lies that are put out in the Internet. Financial details of the fundraising campaign are readily available on indiegogo website. The policies are straightforward and the amount raised is posted. We appreciate the need for transparency and this is the very reason indiegogo was chosen by our team. Pilamaye!
      Unlike · · Unfollow Post · Wednesday at 8:09pm via mobile

      (smith posted a indiegogo reply, about public access for available funds, after indeigogo fees)
      *** Geri Smith> Geri Smith: after a campaign closes , how does the public find out the actual amount of funds available after the indiegogo recieves its service fees from the total donated

      Indiegogo ,

      Hi Geri,
      That information is the responsibility of the campaigner. They can share that information if they choose to smile
      37 minutes ago

      Hopefully someday the public will get an answer from the Campainger
      Wednesday at 9:43pm · Like

      (smith address’s Sara about not being open with the public)
      *** Geri Smith> the “financial_details” are_not readily available on indiegogo website, and one would think a campaign team member would at least be straight forward and give the fund raising total after, overseas transactions, currency exchange rates, currency exchange fee’s, pay pal fee’s , or whatever other fees are deducted from the total donated.

      Your post is another attempt to not be open with the public, by telling them to go and look for themselves, knowing all necessary information is not at the indiegogo site.

      How about a little transparency to include the amount donated through the campaign option to donate directly to Rosebud Tribe, and the amount generated at the sept 5 rally

      Not going to happen is it? , if it does not this campaign fund raising transparency will be no different than the Justice for Vern Rally that lastrealindians conducted.

      A similar request was made to Ruth Hopkins you campaign teammate just 2 days ago, only to be met by accusations and attacks from her because someone requested an understanding, that attack was followed up with other members of this site attacking as well. So what will the public get, transparency or “Parley” , a pirates response when caught with his hand in the cookie jar.
      Wednesday at 11:15pm · Like

      *** Unique Material> Geri – you are an instigator wherever you go. Why do you sow dissent? Did you even donate? Indigogo will take their cut – it’s what makes the world go round. The rest will go towar…See More
      20 hours ago · Like · 6

      *** Keya Rainbow Heart> Pilamaye Sara Jumping Eagle for this update ! Wakan Tanka nici un… Mitakuye Oyas’in (Humbly suggesting that the ones bringing negative energies are simply ignored … just saying…;)…)
      20 hours ago · Like · 8

      *** Lizzie Cornish> Good idea, Keya… :0)
      18 hours ago · Like · 4

      *** Geri Smith> Unique Material, Keya Rainbow Heart, Please try not to flood the board with such rhetoric and finger pointing. if you have comments to offer an understanding , please post.

      Requesting an understanding is not being an instigator or bringing negative energy. , Sara Jumping Eagle , will reply if she believes the people who gave deserve transparency, ignoring such a request and refusal to give an understanding is is no different than turning her back on those who have given.
      18 hours ago · Like

      *** Jerimey Morse> Geri, Do not expect a reply from Sara Jumping Eagle or Ruth Ruth Robertson-Hopkins they both have made their position very clear that the public will not even get an explination as to why they refuse to release something as small as fee’s associated with the funds collected. Expect to have any similar requests posted to lastrealindians deleted.
      11 hours ago · Like

      • Well, the clear implication is that anyone who desires the most basic of information,
        asks the most basic of questions, isn’t a positive person.
        Their names are probably being added to an “enemies list” much the same
        as politicians have done.
        Did I just say politicians????? Yeah, guess I did-as this is beginning to
        mirror the behind closed doors, lack of transparency, manuverings politicians
        are noted for.
        What is lacking thus far is to introduce the 7th generation prophecy as a
        provenance and to begin labeling people like Geri, Kira, and others a fed and sellout,
        but then the day is young yet.
        The reference to negative energy is a classic-did that come from the gatekeepers at
        Borderlands, or was it something “spirit” channeled through an enlightened conduit?
        Negative is resorting to calling people who ask basic questions instigators-negative is
        the shuck and jive, the cloak and dagger stuff-negative is sending underlings to address
        questions rather than those who lead and author, negative is those who want to be seen,
        praised, and given credit in video highlights without having to answer questions.
        As to charging a fee I don’t have an issue with that if it’s within reason, and RESTRICTED
        to indiegogo -it’s to be expected, and part of the process.

  7. Can’t help but notice the crystal wavers are in support. UniqueMaterial is an avatar on Russell means site, so I looked it up. Ghost warrior is from the same tribe trying to buy the land if I recall correctly.


    I was wondering, would it help anything to set up a petition to donate, but put direct links for the tribes. Was wondering if the other tribes like the Cheyenne received donations, they would have a bargaining position to be brought in to share the land. Also the more tribes involved the harder it would be to lack transparency.

  8. True, it is pretty late in the game, but if enough was raised, if the lakota were unable to come up with the money, which i seriously doubt, a new deal might be able to be worked out.

    • The “flag” I believe has become akin to an epaulet to wear on one’s shoulder,
      kind of a not so secret Rosicrucian handshake. As I have said before it has
      the same significance to me as the banner flown by the 7th or Chivingtons

  9. “In light of comments made online, some at Rezinate.Wordpress.com, questioning the credibility of the money raised by LastRealIndians.com and how the money would be spent, Iron Eyes said the funds will fully go toward the purchase of Pe’ Sla.”

    Bottom line is it shouldn’t have taken questions being asked for a reiteration of where and how the money raised would be directed.
    In attempting to address them it certainly didn’t require ambiguity or resorting to telling people they were “instigators”-any instigation that occurred emanated from, and was the result of the ambiguity exhibited on LRI -if they want to point finger and take a page out the AIM manual to assume the role of being misunderstood that’s their choice and the standard that has been set.
    “In light of” -the implication is that as the muddled and confused manner in which LRI reeled back and forth between ever changing statements-four to be exact-concerning how the donations would be used, that public awareness led to a final(?) declaration-I’d say that’s a good thing as it speaks to public input, which is the very least any should expect when a call for donations is made.
    This is textbook AIM-a declaration of how it’s all good, all a people’s movement, while a handful sit behind closed doors arbitrarily making decisions and becoming agitated when any dare to question or disagree.
    Am I impressed? Not hardly-but then I never had much of a taste for politics or politicians.
    Nice to be singled out as in “some at Rezinate.Wordpress. com” as though to minimize the concerns being raised as appearing on a lone site-not the way of it at all, as there were vigorous discussion going on in FB and across the net-but thanks for the props LRI.
    The “credibility” of money being raised raised is a misnomer-as I don’t believe money is an animate object that has integrity-the credibility in question was the stating of an initial goal and then repeatedly changing it.
    And so I will repeat what I have said previously-no single nation has a proprietary claim to pe sal -if an attempt is made to make such a claim then the history of “ownership” and occupation has to be the final determination- a determination that clearly shows there were others there long before the Souix made an appearance.
    Ignoring that while claiming a preemptive spiritual link to the land amounts to little more that a display of disrespect for the spiritual connection of others that existed previously-that doesn’t strike me as having anything to do with what has become the cliches of “my relatives” and “we are all related”…..like I said, assimilation and the growing influx of wasichu attitudes…. the new traditions.
    Now if “real Indians” want to honor women warriors they could do so by displaying the petition for Annie Mae and encouraging viewers to sign it.

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