1. yep, right after Borderland Ranch was questioned about possibly accepting money from Chase, and Chase was asked about giving money to Borderland Ranch, the other_land that may_be available for purchase transformed into feeding the less fortunate 🙂 , Chase questioned http://docs.com/N9G0 , Borderland questioned http://docs.com/NACN ,

  2. -ask Creator what you should do, go out on the land and ask, in regards to the most beautiful place I’ve ever been, Pe Sla…

    -you may be surprised if there is no answer (wait till you get one, it may take eons, it may take seconds, but Creator’s will be done)

    -and you may be surprised what you’re asked to do… it may have nothing to do with money and donations’ scams, and terribly important adults making terribly important decisions

    -I am grieving right now, but it’s important to remember, and honour the sacred fire that still burns there, and she who once came there, it is said…

    -I’m asking, where are the children…

  3. i prefer my eggs looking at me, not over easy, how many times are they going to flip?

    Aug 29, 8am cst, it changed from #3 funds for the less fortunate , to #4 ,back to the Pe Sla land aquisition, lol

    Sara Jumping Eagle posted an announcement 2 hours ago

    All money raised by this campaign will go directly towards the purchase of Pe’Sla sacred site in collaboration with the Great Sioux Nation This will ensure that Lakota tribes and families continue to use the funds they normally have at hand for every day tribal operations and living.

    • Some things just can’t stand the light of day JP-and while previously I have stated that
      any effort directed towards pe sla should be completely devoid of old guard AIM, I am
      of the opinion Chase should remove himself as well-too much confusion, too much

  4. any way Chase and Sarah cuts it, Money does weird things to people, the petition site says the average is $47 per person donated, that is about 6800 people for $320000, which is a decent show of support from the globe. My curiosity is, the money is suppose to go towards all tribes involved with the purchase of the lands. A group of tribes made a proposal on monday, so if 8 tribes are involved, each should receive 40,000 into their individual hat for funds they contribute for the purchase. I do not see that occurring, LRI seems to be setting up to have the funds given to “one” tribe, which could very well be misused by doing so. The Reynolds made a counter offer, and the “tribes” were suppose to respond by tuesday (i think) , Hoping the Reynolds accept the offer made to the counter offer, and also Hope it includes the other Nations aside from the Lakota that have a historical connection to the Black Hills. It would be a shame to see that money go to Borderland Ranch (who is doing another fund raiser for 120 acres, next to their ranch) , since they admit they are sitting on stolen lands, claim to be protecting Pe Sla, but will not return what they say is stolen, pretty hypocritical and not a way to represent the Lakota, especially when they say they are adopted by a Lakota Family.

    • Spruce-thanks for the info-been out of the loop for a few days and playing catch up
      now-as I pointed out previously there may be a historical connection to pe sla
      for the Lakota but they in no way have a proprietary right in my opinion.
      If anything this land is neutral and shouldn’t be “controlled” or claimed by any
      single nation.
      If that is to the way of it though there is a list of nations who were in the area
      long before the Lakota who could make such a proprietary claim.

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