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    • LBW
      Your voice as well as those of others has had an impact, made a difference , that simple
      reality is what is of value. If it takes a broken record then so be it.
      I’ve been thinking about Riegert’s book Quest For the Pipe-Amazon wants $75 for a
      used copy-there is an FB site that offers it for $25 in paperback-$35 for hardbound,
      and $15 for a pdf -even so it is cost prohibitive for those where it could do the most
      So I wonder if some effort could be mounted to have it released as an ebook for some
      nominal fee? If it is a matter of profit I would think volume sales could address that.
      With the increased audience in doing so it could make a notable difference.
      No doubt it involves proprietary rights and contractual agreements but surely a work
      around is possible.
      And thanks for the reblog.

      • Hey Rezinate,

        First, thank you for everything you post. It is deeply appreciated.

        RE: the cost of “Quest”. The costs for the paper and hardbacks are about 20% over the cost of printing them, which is intended to help my family recoup the money and resources we invested in getting it re-published. If we manage to get a “real publisher” for the books the cost will be less as a publisher pre-prints them in volume, sets up distribution, etc. We use Lulu to print each book as it’s ordered, and the bundle the book with some of the original handouts my grandfather created and distributed in the Museum at Wounded Knee before it was destroyed in the 1973 Takeover at Wounded Knee.

        Although we won’t be lowering the price of the hard and paperbacks until we do find a publisher, we can change the cost of the PDF version of the book.

        And we have in response to your suggestion here. We’ve changed the price to $5.

        We’ll investigate Lulu’s eBook service and will post here if it makes sense to go through them for an actual eBook format.

        Thank you for the feedback!!!

        Adrienne Fritze

      • Adrienne-thank you for your responsiveness-I had no idea publication
        was a “cottage industry”, and understand the cost associated with that.
        Neither do I have any idea about the mechanics/cost of ebooks, I merely
        assumed since nothing is printed and it is entirely a digital transfer
        it couldn’t be anywhere near the asking price on Amazon.
        I’ve mentioned this book to others, but at the Amazon price which was the
        only source I was aware of until recently, the cost was always prohibitive.
        I’ll alert and encourage as many as I can about the pdf and and soft/hard
        bound copies-will blog about it in a day or so and include the link.
        It might serve a purpose to contact various indigenous media outlets and
        see if they would mention the book and it’s availability-I’ll add it to
        the recommended sites here on the blog and perhaps other blogs or FB sites
        could do likewise.

  1. another cute one at LRI fb page, Lakota People Law Project Press Release Youtube posted

    Morwen Sand: ” Great news!! I think over the next few years you may get streams of tourists from around the world, all wanting to pray at Pe Sla.”

    **** Here comes the Pay to Pray and Play Toll Booth 🙂

    • uh huh- maybe Crow Dog can set up a booth and AIM can build an interactive
      recruitment center along with some rides for the little ones-children under 12
      The priority now should be a time of discussion-a reasoned approach that will
      accommodate all the nations rather than a land rush to rival that of Oklahoma
      when they opened up land for homesteading claims.

  2. and more deception put into play: Lakota Peoples Law Project fb page posted yesterday:

    “Dear friends, breaking news: the tribes have won the purchase of Pe’ Sla! Our event this Wednesday in Rapid City will be a celebration!

    And a youtube video link with the comment:

    “In it we show a video of Sioux leaders Chase Iron Eyes, Robin Lebeau, Madonna Thunder Hawk, and Phyllis Young”

    ***** what a horrid visual of tribal leadership

    • Well jp, this title of leader is for many the “Jewel of the Nile”- the Holy Grail…..hopefully it
      won’t morph into chief at some point, we seem to have a growing surplus of those.
      My hope is that this success won’t be seen as an opportunity for any to increase their
      presumed stature or a vehicle to propel a career. What is needed is to step back and
      be satisfied with the fact that a remnant of the fabric of nations has been restored-that is
      the only thing of importance at the moment.
      I saw CIE’s video homage to himself and LRI, which was mentioned countless times.
      The announcement through various media outlets was that a coalition of nine tribes
      had been successful in striking a bargain-that’s good news, and I commend Robin Lebeau
      for her efforts in the negotiations-now is the time to focus on stewardship and develop a
      long term strategy that excludes any form of commercialization-no pay to pray, no pandering
      to, or seeking to develop a tourism trade.
      My initial thought is to create a council of elders as overseers from among the various nations
      that pe sla has relevance to-whether that will eventuate or if it does will be inclusive of other
      nations remains to be seen.

      • Sept 3rd, LRI press release LRI uses the clause: “the Lakota pilgrimage site Pe’ Sla for the Sioux Nation”

        is that suppose to be, as in the definition of Borderlands Ranch Spiritual Pilgrimages?

        Borderlands Ranch conducts a Ceremonial Pay to Pray, Pilgrimage, SunDance, Sweat Lodge – in Pe Sla

        Pilgrimage fees begin with a flat fee of $6000 for any number of pilgrims up to 10 persons, for any number of days up to 8 days including arrival and departure days. Catered meals – $45 per person per day

        Everyone is welcome to participate in worship and spiritual ceremonies at Borderlands. Grounded in the Anglican tradition, the worship at Borderlands honors and is inspired by all of creation reflecting particularly several dimensions of the Lakota and Celtic spiritual traditions.

        The spiritual dimensions of earth, fire, water and wind are explored and experienced by pilgrims. To enrich the spiritual experience of pilgrims, an outdoor eleven-circuit labyrinth has been constructed of local slate and quartz. A medicine wheel, arbor and sweat lodge are also on the property.

  3. Well jp I have a couple of issues with this-the first being the designation “for the Sioux nation”,
    sounds very exclusive and proprietary, as if those who were there before them have no right or
    Secondly the term pilgrimage offends me – as if it is in the same context of the Haj or a visit to
    the “Holy Land”, or Lourdes.
    Sedona, Arizona has been taken over by the crystal wavers offering sweats, vision quests, and
    “genuine Native American ceremonies”- Hopefully pe sla won’t become the next Mecca for them,
    but with Crow Dog and his crowd it wouldn’t surprise me.
    If anyone starts talking about Ley Lines and convergence at pe sla then we’ll know the whole

  4. This is the tell for me.

    “reflecting particularly several dimensions of the Lakota and Celtic spiritual traditions.”

    Two entirely different belief structures, they can’t be meshed without destroying both. One or the other as close to original tradition as can be had I would have no problem with. But this is obviously not that. Celtic is used to draw white people that have little to no understanding of their ancestry. It’s the blanket they are trying to throw over europe’s indigenous people. There were far too many distinct tribes and few were celtic.

    Couple that with $6000 which few can pay, and you can know it’s corrupt to the core.

    There will end up being a fight between tradition focused people and money focused people from the same tribes going on in this newly purchased land, just like there is in so many other places.

    It would be wonderful to see a council of Elders from many tribes overseeing Pe’Sla, but it won’t happen with this group.

    • Well said Tali Uquelugv- and indeed a blatant tell.
      This reminds me in a way of the the ecumenical councils of the Catholic Church, whose end goal has always been to establish a sort of one world order of religion.
      The history of the church has been that of a juggernaut devoring all in it’s path by forced assimilation or a clever melding of various facets of regional ethnic beliefs.
      This can be seen throughout Mexico, Central and South America where different “local” customs are incorporated into the mainstream catholic belief.
      What is going on with indigenous beliefs is similiar in the fusion that is taking place-it is primarily about expansion and increasing the revenue base.
      To this end we can expect more of these comparisons bewteen the beliefs systems of others like the Celts and our own.
      The greed that motivates this will be disguised in such ways as to say we are all related, rainbow warriors, the seventh generation, and no doubt a ramped up rhetoric about “star people”.
      At some point I won’t be at all surprised to see anaolgies made between White Buffalo Calf Woman and the Virgin Mary to facilitate this merging, who was a device that began to raise to prominence in the 3rd and 4th centuries A.D. in an attempt to attract non christians who had existing feminine avatars.
      This is a reversal of the proselytizing the nations have endured-only this has nothing to do with “saving souls”-it is about personal celebrity and show me the money.
      Helene Hagan and I had a discussion of sorts in another blog about a shared belief that Creator has expressed himself in a geographic way and ethnic centric way that people could understand and relate to within the context of their physical and cultural enviroment-if that is true then each beleif system was specific to those needs and meant to be-if that were not the case then all would share the exact same beliefs.
      She characterized an expression of this in saying that the God of the Middle East was a desert god.
      In Christianity the growing trend is what is referred to as the “prosperity doctrine”, the problem with this and the claim that “god’s” desire is wealth for all is made a lie in such simple quotes as can be in the New Testament that the poor will always be among us, or that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to get to heaven.
      Another example would be Jesus telling the rich man if he would follow him to give all his wealth away first-what eventuates is that those preaching this doctrine do indeed enjoy the “blessing” of increased wealth-and this attempt to merge other elements from other beliefs into ours amounts to little more than another version of the prosperity doctrine, the results will be the same-the integrity of the original will be lost and a controlling, money grubbing “priesthood” will rise to power.
      Of the stories told in the New Testament the one that should be recalled is that of jesus entering the Temple and laying waste to the money changers-as clear a statement that there is no place in religions for commercialization, for it’s commodification-to me that is an across the board truism, and the word wasichu now begins to take on new meaning.
      A part of the presentation related to discussions of land is that the land is not for sale-apparently
      the same concept doesn’t apply to our culture and ceremonies-but then the aforementioned hasn’t
      really either for some time.
      Our land consists of more than the physical earth-it is composed of all we have been-what we believe,
      our social structures, our relationships, our traditions and ceremonies-NONE of that, and NO ONE has the right to barter any portion of it-nor do any have the right to dilute even the smallest measure of it.

  5. Well put, but don’t forget also that the catholic church built churches on sacred spots, for the druidic way it was the sacred groves in the forests.

    I would add to your examples of catholicism changing to suit a culture, the confessions.

    Originally christians had to speak their sins in the town square as was roman practice. After St. Patrick turned ireland catholic, they kept their druidic tradition of people talking in private to a druid. So the confessionals changed to in private, in the old caves the druids had used, until the church was built in a sacred grove. Also instead of each person leaving an offering as they could to the druid, the priest required a payment of anything from coins to livestock to crops, to be able to confess.

    Pay to pray on a sacred site… sounds familiar to me.

    Maybe it is a joining of lakota and celtic cultures, but only post christianity. I’d expect to see a childrens school to be built next, easiest to turn em young.

    • Excellent contribution Tali Uquelugv -also a motivation for the Catholic rite/sacrament of confession
      was the installation of a “mediating priesthood” who were the gatekeepers to keep you either in or
      out of heaven- a control mechanism pure and simple to insure obedience, allegiance, and dependency.
      It also enabled the ability to offer dispensations at a price to raise revenue, and the threat of excommunication if you didn’t do as the “Holy Mother Church” instructed you.
      All in all as heinous a scheme as Wall Street could ever hope to come up with.
      It does indeed sound familiar-and mores the pity.

  6. Quite right, and the “get out of hell card” known as purgatory. I guess that’s where homeland security got the idea for the do whatever you want and get away with it system.

    • Purgatory, another invention that hasn’t a single biblical reference-but again, affords an opportunity
      to control and acquire revenue-as in those “love” donations to have a loved one trapped in this
      fantasy prayed for in the list of names for a Mass.
      What a long running scam.

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