• LBW
      It’s very revealing to me when “insiders” speak candidly about Peltier -so far I haven’t
      run across anything that could be referred to as praise or supportive of the myth.
      That sort of thing is earmarked for public consumption-those calls for donations.
      Of course this will make no difference to the Pelterites -if they have to resort to
      calling EVERYONE a snitch or a fed rather than question anything about Peltier that is
      exactly what they will do until they and he are the only ones left believing the lie.

  1. If only there was a US attorney with the gonads to indict Madonna Gilbert Thunder Hawk, John Trudell, Bruce Ellison, Ken Tilsen, Charlie Abourezk, or even Russell’s behind-the-scenes lawyer buddy, Senator James Abourezk. As chief legal counsel for Anna Mae’s killers, the senator should be taken down any way possible; politicians usually act out of self interest and James, I believe, would not disappoint; burn Russell in a heartbeat. And if necessary, though I hate to let any of them off the hook, grant one of the secondaries immunity in return for truthful testimony against good-day-to-lie Dennis. If Arlo wins a new trial, and he certainly should, all of these turkeys should be brought to the witness stand. Meanwhile, a certain inmate will increasingly lose relevance, to him a fate worse than date night at the cell block. Having shoved a gun in Anna Mae’s mouth, one can only guess what his justice requires on Saturday nights. Keep going, Rezinate!

    • “Date night at the cell block”… there’s an image I don’t even want to entertain.
      Totally agree re Abourzek -seems to be part of the insulation politicians enjoy, same as
      “Santa” Janklow.
      And we’ll be getting into these two a little farther down the line-the railing defenses related
      to Peltier produced thus far are an encouragement to stay focused on that topic for a while-
      the more they kick and scream the more that will be the way of it.
      Completely in favor of granting immunity if needed-of course they would become the
      next fed, snitch, COINTEL to rant about-but as I’ve said I believe one or more of the
      boys has some sort of immunity/protection as it presently stands- the only thing that makes
      sense re the lack of “gonads”.

  2. No particular response this is addressing-just musing out loud so to speak-What is
    utterly amazing to me is how the Peltier/AIM supporters will point out everything they
    view as a favorable discrepency and yet refuse to address any they don’t-or if they
    do all they have to say is fed, snitch, mole, cointel, nazis, etal.
    They’ve been brainwashed and thoroughly programmed, so I guess we can expect
    nothing else from them-they belong to a cult, and like all cult members independence
    of thought and action is not tolerated.
    Kind of like Scientology-they even have their re education camps operating under
    the name of Paradise.

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