5 comments on “SYSTEMIC DENIAL

  1. Oh yes always the blame for some thing else, my mother died for this alcohol
    and I am not made to think any one made her to do this drinking.

    • It’s always easier to say someone is made to do a thing M+J-as if it is against their
      will and they can exercise no control-but always better to speak the truth as you have.

  2. Too much diagnosis, syndromes and disorders to blame it all on, and not enough backbone like you say. When our ancestors had it rough they had to dig deeper or die. Nobody cut them any slack. What is thought of as “compassion” gets wasted on the nothing people while the deserving ones go without anything real or human.

    • Mary-we are becoming further and further from what we were and what we were
      intended to be. We have forgotten more than we claim to have learned.
      And just think-Russell Means the would be Lakota Pope wanted to open a
      liquor store in Whiteclay.

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