1. There is no logic in such associations, 2 cents more below:

    A U.S Senator Remembering Palling About with Terrorists by James Abourezk – March 2012
    “Aside from a few Palestinian terrorists I’ve broken bread with, I knew another Jewish terrorist—Nathan Yalin-Mor–who had killed a lot of Palestinian civilians during his tenure as one of the triumvirate of leaders of the extremely violent Stern Gang, the Jewish terrorist group.”


  2. “The National Lawyers Guild NLG, a coalition of Old Left Communist Party USA CPUSA members and supporters, Castroites, Maoists and other New Left Activists, held its 37th national convention in San Francisco, February 15-19, 1979.”

    “The NLG convention reaffirmed the NLG’s commitment to continue serving as the key U.S. support group for foreign and domestic Marxist-Leninist, revolutionary and terrorist movements. During the plenaries, caucuses, workshops, task force and committee meetings, support was expressed – and in some cases practical measures planned – to aid revolutionaries and terrorists from the Middle East, Iran, West Germany, Nicaragua and other countries as well as such violence-oriented U.S. groups as the American Indian Movement, the Black Panther Party, Puerto Rican Socialist Party, Fuerzas Armadas de Liberacion Nacional (Puerto Rican marxists in the U.S.), United League of North Mississippi and the Weather Underground Organization.”

    Interesting that among the attendees at the 37th national convention were
    Dennis Banks and Vernon Bellecourt. “Politics” as they say makes for strange

    “Our aim is to bring together all those who recognize the importance of safeguarding and extending the rights of workers, women, farmers, people with disabilities and people of color, upon whom the welfare of the entire nation depends; who seek actively to eliminate racism; who work to maintain and protect our civil rights and liberties in the face of persistent attacks upon them; and who look upon the law as an instrument for the protection of the people, rather than for their repression.”

    Sounds very lofty until you read the fine print in the first quote above. I find the declaration odd considering the lack of such protections within the Soviet Union and other communist countries.

  3. Both Dennis Banks and Russel Means are guests of a pro-Palestinian event this coming October 6th in New York, organized by the Socialist Worker Group, a notorious communist organization with international ties. This event is supposed to hold a Russell Tribunal on Palestine….(???) and Russell Means is said to “testify” at it. Testify on what, mind you?. Also on the list of guests at that event is Angela Davis, a well known communist friend of AIM When I first met Dennis Banks, he was financially backed by another well known communist woman, whose husband had been on the Hollywood black list of producers. When I first met Bill Means in New York, in regards to I.I.T.C. work at the U.N., he introduced me to a friend of AIM, a woman whom I later learned was well known for her communist thought and affiliations, Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz. She has been a close friend of AIM for a good many years, in early association with them in presentations at the UN in Geneva,, etc.. etc.. I am only remarking on the most obvious.. There are many other threads and instances ….

  4. Helene-
    These two are probably the biggest prostitutes doing double duty as poverty pimps
    ever to exist in any movement.
    The Lakota Pope and his Cardinal Richelieu involved in a “tribunal”-what they both
    should do is install themselves as ambassadors in permanent residence to
    Palestine-a “mission” I would support through yearly contributions as long as they
    stay there.
    I saw a statement made in a video interview during Russell’s time in Scottsdale when
    he was being treated with that “non western” medicine he had so heartily denounced
    that Russell “never lies”……….right, and skunks don’t smell.
    Good information and appreciated-thank you.

    As an aside, Beverly Axelrod, now deceased member of the CPUSA and long associated with AIM, became enamored of Eldredge Cleaver and began one of those jailhouse romances…..hhmmm, seems like I’ve seen other examples of that recently.

  5. You know something, I know I am going to be slammed down for this, but you need to come and live in Canada to know that 1% or less of the population votes for communist candidates, a total of about 5 of them across Canada, when the total number of seats per federal election in Canada is 308…

    There is a Conservative party in power right now, winning a majority after a minority gov’t. of a few years, and we don’t have an elected senate, we have a constitutional monarchy, meaning we have our own constitution, we are our own country, but we have ties to the queen and the monarchy in Britain, even though we have a French province, who is probably the most radical thing in Canadian politics these days. Pauline Marlois of the Parti Quebecois, was given a small majority mandate, which means she can’t go ahead with a Quebec referendum of separation any time soon.

    You remember Pauline Marlois, the newly elected leader who was hustled off the stage when a crazed shooter at the back entrance of the theatre shot 2 people, killing 1, and set off a fire bomb at the back entrance… just a few weeks ago now…

    I forget, America is concerned with bigger problems, so you use cliches to discuss something you know nothing about right now…

    And by the way, the Communists get 45 or 50 votes out of thousands per riding, and everybody thinks they are a joke…

    But the problem with AIM inspired corruption among Native tribes and reserves and band councils and chiefs up here is sickening… and liberal judges who say isn’t it terrible Native people have suffered and therefore there is no accountability of massive amounts of money transferred from the federal gov’t to them…

    One band has a woman chief who refused to let anyone look at the books. She blamed the feds and white people for the deplorable conditions of her people freezing to death last winter in shacks… by the way she had a warm home…

    The federal gov’t responded by saying where has the money gone? This one northern band, one out of a few thousand across Canada, was given 9 billion dollars in 5 years… I kid you not…

    The band council were to turn over the books to an accountant hired by the federal gov’t, who would impartially (including with the media) see where the money has gone…

    The woman chief sent the man packing the first day because she said he had insulted the ancestors by ‘being casual’ and bringing her a box of Tim Horton’s doughnuts, (Tim Horton’s very big in Canada, both coffee and doughnuts)…

    I don’t know why, but this same band spent $900,000. on a Healing Lodge in the middle of the arctic,
    with 7 different woods from the south, it looks like a modern city museum, with no bathrooms and no place to heal anyone… it was sitting empty… so that was part of the money I guess

    And AIM has regularly, since the 70’s been free to cross the border into Canada… indeed some of the major players in Wounded Knee 2 hid out here, and Anna Mae came from Mic Mac territory in Nova Scotia, my province of birth actually….

    The last few years Arvol Looking Horse, his wife Paula and their entourage, have travelled to Lytton/Lillowett for a gathering entitled “Protecting the Sacred”, and now recently, “The Eagle meets the Condor; South/North prophecies” and “Leaders of the Sacred Prophecy” gathering, where New Agers can be milked of their money through massive donations for this and that…

    And Paula can cry on demand, and everybody loves that word, “genecide”.

    I have wrote to them several times, pointing out ALH is a fake, and would they please look at the truth, including American Indian Mafia by the Trimbachs, and Quest for the Pipe of the Sioux, by Wilbur Rieghart, and look at LBW’s site please… I even sent gifts and tobacco to the elders to cease and desist this fraud, and still they ignore me and the ‘spiritual event’ grows year after year….

    The con is on, and no wonder AIM is interested in all the fraud up here…

    But the weather patterns, mud slides, raging fires, and a woman elder being eaten alive by their own medicine (bear) gone berserk, does not deter them…

    There is so much up here that is BS, it appears to be normal… and anybody decent and kind and good is trampled on, to hush up the truth…

    Now you have a bigger problem with AIM… its support by Bahai, everywhere, and the infiltration of Bahai into all ceremonies, all meetings, all organizational activities, and its never ending propoganda by Brenda Norell…

    indeed Phil Lane Jr. and his 4 Worlds’ Institute, go to his webpage, is 1/4 Native American ‘spirituality’ (sic), and 3/4 Bahai teachings, and word is, he likes the young girl sycophants, just like Dennis Banks did – Oh ya, Phil and Arvol have recently appointed themselves chiefs, and are complete leader/chiefs of everyone… did you know that?

    They, along with Raven Redbone, are really milking the northwest, and B.C., Canada, complete with Bahai, Antoinette and etc. It’s like a gathering of the ‘clan’

    Did you know that Minister of External Affairs for Canada, John Baird, is a devout Bahai, and travelled to Haifa israel in Feb., where the Universal House of Justice, or a powerful group of PHD men from all over the world, but mostly educated in America, rule? They are elected for life, yet claim to be the world’s best religion, because they consume all others…

    Did you know that 1 and 1/2 weeks before the Americans were killed in Libya, John Baird of Canada announced the closing of their embassy in Iran? And then several more happened after that, temporarily. The Iranians were kicked out of Canada…

    Did you know that Iran is the birthplace of Bahai, its origins are Sunni Muslim, and rejected by all Muslims… indeed Bahai’s were imprisoned and thrown out of the country recently…

    I worry that someone is playing the Canadian government, and has direct access to power and control here… I worry that someone who props up and supports AIM in America, is propping up and supporting radicals in Muslim countries…

    I worry that someone played the Muslims against the Americans, the Americans against the Muslims, and that they knew Americans were to be ‘sacrifices’ in a larger game of What?

    The Canadians were warned ahead of time…

    It sickens me…

    Those Americans who died sound like good strong men used to danger, but when something is a planned assassination, to stir up trouble, it was a cold, callous and powerfully brilliant plan,

    Then there are the so called nut cases emerging with video and cartoons to inflame things further, to keep the rage going…

    So Canada is dealing with a lot, but AIM and communism? They wish they could get the Russians back into the box of their donation coffers, but even in Russia people are sick of communist tendencies returning, and they are trying to protest Putin and boot him out…

    So the truth is, things are changing fast, but shake off the cobwebs, and watch how world events, AIM events, and others are being ‘staged’ to distract us from the truth…

    • Joan,
      I’m assuming this is addressing me so I will respond as follows
      without “slamming” you.
      I haven’t implied in any way that Canada is a communist country,
      only that Canada has communist organizations just as we do,
      and people here think communists are pretty much a joke as well,
      so where exactly do our differences lay?
      Neither am I aware that a single communists holds an elected post,
      that doesn’t mean they don’t exist or attempting to stir the pot.
      I wouldn’t mind living in Canada-it is a beautiful place and I have
      been there several times-I also have friends on reserves that
      keep me updated on first nations issues as related to government
      policies. I understand that isn’t the same as being there but in the
      least I am able to see a different perspective than that of the media.
      Canada has it’s own problems just as this country does-they have the
      same one percenters motivated by greed as the below link indicates,
      and many of the same racist problems. If the treatment of first nations
      people isn’t racist perhaps you could offer a different definition.
      The Canadian government shares the same lack of concern towards raped
      and missing indigenous women as this country does-so I don’t necessarily
      believe it to be a role model any more than this country.

      “One band has a woman chief who refused to let anyone look at the books. She blamed the feds and white people for the deplorable conditions of her people freezing to death last winter in shacks… by the way she had a warm home”

      This could just as well be said of some tribal leaders down here and for sure
      about the AIM one percenters. So again, where do our differences lay?

      The world is indeed changing, and yet much remains the same as Helene Hagan
      pointed out in her response about the SWG October conference with our “liberators”
      in attendance.

      As to LBW and Quest for the Pipe-she frequently comments here as well as
      reblogs -as far as I know we share many common opinions.

      As to Putin-I don’t believe that he is going to be booted out-he will just clamp
      down. If AIM events are being staged as you say then it’s been going on
      for in excess of four decades and why I have said that there should be an
      Occupy AIM movement.


  6. This discussion reminds me of something russell means said in an interview. He was asked what kind of government the nations have, and his reply included “socialist anarchists”. I don’t remeber the entire reply, and can’t seem to find the interview again. I heard it on the republic of lakotah website, so he apparently approved it.

    Look on the right side under MISCELLANEOUS


    This site is all over the place, but kinda reveals a bit if you know what to look for.


    A little wikipedia also:

    In the 1980s, AIM divided into several competing factions. The division was in part over differences among members regarding support for the indigenous peoples in Nicaragua, a nation then led by a socialist government. Means announced his support for the Miskito group MISURASATA (later known as YATAMA), which was allied with the Contras. He traveled to the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua in 1985 and 1986 on fact-finding tours. Some members of AIM supported the Sandinistas of the national government, although they had forced removal of thousands of Miskito from their traditional territory. At that time, the Grand Governing Council of AIM, based in Minnesota, asked Means to cease representing himself as a leader of AIM.[citation needed] Other chapters of AIM continued to support Means.

    On January 8, 1988, Means held a press conference to announce his retirement from AIM (for the sixth time), saying it had achieved its goals.[8] That January, the AIM Grand Governing Council, headed by the Bellecourt brothers, released a press release noting this was the sixth resignation by Means since 1974, and asking the press to “never again report either that he is a founder of the American Indian Movement, or [that] he is a leader of the American Indian Movement”. The AIM General Governing Council noted there were many open issues and legislation regarding Native Americans for which they were continuing to work.[9]

    In 1993, the organization divided officially into two main factions: AIM Grand Governing Council, based in Minnesota, which has the legal right to use the name; and American Indian Movement of Colorado, based in Colorado and allied with Means.


    Russell Means, a libertarian and leader in the American Indian Movement, has repeatedly stated that he is “an anarchist, and so are all [his] ancestors.”


    • Tali-over the years Means has claimed to be a lot of things, ranging from a Democrat, to a Republican,to a Socialist, and now a Libertarian-kind of depends on which way the wind is blowing and what opportunities he perceives. The one he’s failed to claim and the most accurate would be that of serial blowhard.
      I’m still laughing at his “fact finding” mission-he also made a statement pursuent to that that he would gather a hundred warriors together and basically go down there and set things right.
      Colorado AIM was an attempt to give some measure of legitimacy to himself and his homeboy Ward Churchill following his statement that AIM had accomplished all it had meant to, worked itself out of a job, and indigenous people had obtained a level playing field.
      Of course upon returning from Nicaragua he had the to be expected tales to tell of his heroic and life threatening adventures. Basically what it comes down to is if Russell’s lips are moving you know it’s BS. But he will cozy up with anyone and claim allegiance if he thinks it serves a purpose-just as AIM did with Communists and drug dealers.
      Appreciate the comment and links.

    • Tali- More money to be made in milking conditions than attempting to resolve them.
      Proof of that is he now owns a ranch, a condo in Santa Monica, and a place in
      New Mexico. Who says crime doesn’t pay?

      • Doesn’t hurt tali-and hopefully all will forgive my momentary lapse but I have a friend who
        when something arises that doesn’t go as he would like-a traffic ticket he couldn’t get out
        of for instance, he will smile wanly and say “well, it isn’t who you know but who you blow”.
        Just seems appropriate to quote him now.

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