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  1. We think this occupy is the good idea and we like the words for this picture, the need
    and not the greed.

  2. I love the fed up “Occupy Movement 99 %” because it’s people saying “enough” with greed and dishonesty being a hallmark of Capitalism. But I don’t like the leftist political agendas and ideologies attaching themselves to the movement as though they originated the energy, the drive, the determination, and the focus. Including AIM attaching themselves to the movement faster than you can blink or nod.

    By the way, in a previous comment, I said some things from the middle of the story I am researching about Bahai and AIM, the Middle East and Canada. I did not provide all the research because I would have to have my own blog to do that, and I’m not interested in that at this time. Thank you for letting me speak Rezinator.

    I am doing research on who in the American government is Bahai? Anybody find a link or a way to find this out? Because for sure, Bahai will shape their politics and policy making agendas, much more than the good and well being of America should be the focus and drive and determination of a politician…

    I also love the values and ethics of an honest Capitalism. Anybody remember that? It is based on the ancient ways of trade and barter, values and stories, relationships and treaties.

    There are books out and lectures from the 1940’s, from modest Capitalists, who talked about the exchange of Value. Value exchange was at the root of Capitalism. Not profit and greed and dishonesty, which is considered necessary and vital components to a ‘healthy’ (sick) Capitalism in the modern mind/modern world.

    What does this mean? It means that I provide a product or service that has value, that will give something to people that is rooted in moral and ethical principles of balance and harmony… I can’t sell myself as a prostitute for example, because that degrades me and throws me out of harmony with life, although I don’t call down or judge any prostitute or call girl, I would help her because she is my planetary sister, if she asked for my help.

    What do the people give back? Well in this day and age, we would give back money, as value for value, but an interesting thing is happening. The barter/ trade system is returning everywhere. And I think that is a healthy response to the lack of trust in Capitalism anymore.

    I still like Capitalism that is honest however. I like businesses and business enterpreneurs, and a good product with good value, and I want to give something of value in return, because I am delighted with either the product or service, and the honesty and kindness of the business owner.

    I do not think I am entitled to anything other than what I can work for. And for what I can invest in, for future generations.

    I am happy that in Canada we have Universal health care and pensions for old age seniors. We even have a strict and tight Employment Insurance benefits to laid off workers.

    But that is a far cry from wanting entitlement and a blanket sharing of the wealth and profits.

    You see, any time somebody says something is absolute, I have to go out and do research. I have a very curious mind. So when people said China was bad and America was good, I had to go to China to find out for myself.

    I lived and worked in Sichuan province for 2 and 1/2, almost 3 years. And I saw the corruption and abuses locally, ideological rhetoric, punishment and abuses of an absolute dictatorship cloaked in ‘social democracy’ terms, nationwide. Why does the ‘shit’ rise to the top of all communist and revolutionary actions and energies, and control and power is asserted once again to imprison the people?

    I don’t know, but it always happens. AIM pretended to be left wing, ideologically pure and bringing a new movement, a new energy to the people… remember how the media, academia, and AIM set it all up? Including ‘liberal’ sentimental judges and judiciary?

    The average Chinese person is a wonderful survivor, very proud of their modernization, and their economic and scientific prowess, and they will do anything to be the best in the world now. They are hungry for it. I liked the Chinese people, but not the government or system, except during the SARS crisis. That is the only time I saw a totalitarian regime do the right thing at the right time, ever, in the history of the world.

    I am going to say something radical here. Other than helping women and children, I think the Canadian government should cut off all funding to Native Reserves. The people are wealthy, so wealthy, they have been tricked into believing they are poor and at the bottom of the heap.

    You see, I believe the hearts and souls of Native people are intact, are healthy and beating strong. We have been tricked into believing we are poor and nothing.

    And they can only take from you what they believe you have lost.

    They are the ones with nothing, with a mindless rhetoric and modern consumptive need for anything and everything that is without meaning. Greed and dishonesty.

    I think the point is, understand the meaning of wealth, and know that they don’t have it, and you and we the people do.

    • Joan-I’m not opposed to any “value” system that works-the problem is none can be found with
      the exception of barter. The phrase “absolute power corrupts absolutely” comes to mind-with rare exception this has been the history of mankind, add the ingredients of wealth, greed, and status
      into the mix and what results is what we have today-social and economic chaos.
      I’ve advocated continuously for the nations to wean themselves from any form of governmental
      dependency, doing so would be initially difficult and require some sacrifices, but the dividends in
      the end would be well worth it.
      But I also believe it would require a period of preparation, that for there to be a sudden unilateral
      cessation could be devastating, and it would be the elders and little ones who would be
      impacted the most.
      AIM is an aberration, but just as this is a government that describes itself as being representative
      of the people, and indeed is when you look at the divisions and lack of direction, so too has AIM
      become representative of the divisions and lack of coherent direction among indigenous
      The fact that AIM authored much of this doesn’t alter the reality.
      It is also a fact that once power is attained no one willingly surrenders it-it has to be taken
      from them-and so it is with AIM. They will fight and lie to the last breath to maintain what they
      I recall some time back a journalist proposed that the media ignore Sarah Palin for a month,
      saying if they did so in the hopes that she would just go away, that people would have the
      opportunity to breathe.
      This is an approach I favor with AIM-of course it would cause them to have seizures and trot
      out the victim card again, but it would also allow the nations an opportunity to breathe, and
      in that respite perhaps realize that as the Oyate said “AIM is nothing”.
      Too many sites and media outlets pander to AIM, and in my opinion amount to little more
      than satellites-and as I’ve said I think it is apparent LRI is one of them, but there is an entire
      list that could be presented.
      Any movement attracts various elements as we see with the Occupy movement-but it
      also attracts the attention of those it seeks to address who will initiate a campaign to discredit.
      I believe the Occupy movement has done a remarkable job of staying on point and “policing”
      themselves thus far-and they have my full support.
      As to AIM attempting to attach itself to Occupy I recall a “video update” from the PR Vatican
      known as Russell’s place where he offered his “advice” to Occupy-hopefully it carried about
      as much weight as his political endorsements.
      AIM has pretty much owned the media over the years, so I encourage one and all to begin
      a blog of their own-I would call that taking back lost territory and yet another front AIM would
      have to defend against.
      We are for the most part a materially impoverished people-and the wealth we hold in traditions
      and ceremonies is slipping, but that can be addressed and reversed-it requires only the will
      to do so.

  3. Reblogged this on Influenced to Death and commented:
    The more I think about it the more I like the concept of an Occupy AIM movement.

    The need and reasons for it share many similarities with the Occupy Wall Street movement-a part of which is to expose the behind the scenes machinations, agenda, and greed-that one perecnter mentality.

    Laws that are routinely broken for the “good of the people” while CEOs speak in platitudes and talk about the great good they are doing.

  4. I’ve tried my own sort of “Occupy AIM” thinking that if you start working from the inside then maybe things could change for the better? Not so. What I quickly found out is that questions from the past to the present are not going to be answered. These questions are swept to the side in a grandiose pursuit of “things that matter”, which means basically anything that promotes the leadership and their b.s. quest for justice. It’s about image, status & funding. Nothing has changed nor will it ever because the followers will remain just that, followers. To say I am disgusted with this continuing mindset is putting it lightly.

    I’ve lost a few a friendships in this community because I don’t bow down or change my stance on what I believe is the right thing to do and I probably will lose more as time goes on. I’m ok with that but also a little saddened too.

    • Joe,
      I’d say if you lose “friends” for doing the right thing they weren’t friends of value
      in the first place -I’d also say change begins with individuals and it is an
      incremental process the results of which aren’t always readily discernible,
      but always better to do the right thing and “lose”, than to do the wrong thing
      and “win”.
      Some people think and some can do little more than follow-some want nothing
      more than to be a part of the herd, and like Lemmings will follow to the point
      of hurling themselves over a cliff.

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