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    • yes, such a joke it is, i hold regard for most belief systems and the people that practice them, providing they keep within their individual structures. i do not support the mixing of parts of the individual beliefs like spices and conducting shake and bake ceremony to bless something for Zealots. Hot air is all they are, and no effect except the distortion of original spiritual beliefs for mindless wonders to follow setting a path for norms. that’s disturbing

      Here is another that showed up in the Save Pe Sla fb page with his rants about divine intervention , reflections and mirrors of the self while he prey’s on peoples spirit. This yoyo says he assisted with securing Pe Sla and has been sundancing for 3 decades. It would not surprise me to hear he has dialog with the ranch. This issue is turning into a bowl of holiday mixed nuts. LOL , thank goodness i can still find some humor in all this garbage , because it keeps me from lashing out,

    • Cut and run is right still seems to be correct, wondering how long it will take for LRI to make any further comments about the fund raising aside from their final statements to the global community,

      “We are processing orders for those of you that ordered “perks”, so be on the lookout after September 8th!”

      Wondering who got perked for the $2,000 Huey Nat Geo Photo Print , LOL

      La Noche Triste – Go on Take the Money & Run

      • I suspect as far as the fundraising campaign and AIM associations LRI has
        entered a state of remission so to speak-but a formula has been found that
        is too good to merely cast aside and I expect to see more of the same down
        the road.
        Maybe something involving Russell’s so called Immersion School, or the AIM
        museum, which could be touted as a sacred place like Borderlands.
        Not to worry though, I’m sure the “think tank” is in session and exploring
        all the possibilities.

    • Carla Rae Marshall of Cheyenne River, I also support the idea to provide a learning facility on Pe’Sla for future generations. Besides Bear Butte, there are no other places in He’Sapa that are Tribally owned to bring Lakota children. Many times so they have to pay various venues/business to camp and/or stay in hotels, which, as we know, cost big bucks … So I do hope and pray that there can be a Lakota learning facility established … after all Pe’Sla was used by our ancestors since time immemorial. If they do build some structures I would hope they consider using earth home structures such as what Cal-Earth offers… perhaps make a larger one in honor of the Morning Star and seven smaller to honor the seven sisters. I was thinking that in order to start this process, they could have Cal-Earth offer a on-site training institute. This would allow us to bring in the young people from the various Tribes to help build these structures, which would allow them to take stock in the facility and also to take this knowledge back to their own Reservations.

      This gal has a common interest with Borderlands Ranch, says she has known Linda for quite some time , thou only recently has she visited the Ranch. I really dislike the way “children” are constantly used to support agenda’s, one day its no development for our children to have a place to pray, the next day it’s , let’s build a pattern of bldg’s that reflect spiritual aspects of the culture, just plumb dumb!

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