12 comments on “MORE-DOWN TO THE LAST DROP

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    “Russell told me that he wrote the amalgam of truth and error, fabrications and telltale omissions that he calls his “autobiography” for “white people” and said “I think I covered myself pretty well.” Guess it does cover it. Just another con man looking for a sucker. I’m going to cover more on this later. Keep up the good work.

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    • Mary-the last photo had me falling on the floor-hilarious. And what is it with AIM and turbans?
      Russell is known to have a green one he used to wear when performing gospel songs.

  3. Morphing-A special effect in motion pictures and animations that changes (or morphs) one image into another through seemless (in this case I would say shameless) transition. There’s your answer. But I have one more question. When was Clyde made a chief?

    • “When was Clyde made a chief?”
      Can’t say Mary-but I assume it has something to do with saving enough cereal box tops
      or sending in some coupons with the proper fee-that’s about all it takes nowadays.
      This is the stereotypical monkey see monkey do thing-let one of them do something
      and the other lacking any originality do likewise-kind of a competition between
      children- none wanting to be outdone.

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