6 comments on “SIMPLE QUESTIONS

  1. A copy/paste of a comment made by Paul DeMain -difficult to find fault with when the
    AIM/Peltierites have carried on for decades about the guilt of others while refusing to
    admit their own.
    If one lives in neighborhood overgrown with weeds do they weed everywhere but
    their own yard-and if they elect to do so shouldn’t they begin with their own first ?
    These questions aren’t going to go away, and somebody with a little integrity
    needs to step up and address them-sounds like something a “warrior” would do doesn’t

    Nfic Paul DeMain:
    Arlo’s voice has been lost in all of this. And the courts seem to be one of the only tools, effectively dealing with this issue. Other than the court of Indian opinion, but in that court, people hold these AIM leaders up like something they are not — they left a trial of dead Natives and other victims from Ray Robinson, Buddy LaMont, Johnny Moore, and Annie Mae for starters. Leaving it to Indian people to deal with has led to nothing in the last 40 years other then the group of Native Journalists that took it on and exposed the truth from the Wounded Knee murders to Peltier bragging about shooting the agents. When that is resolved — I want to go back to expose the ugliness within the FBI, but I intend to help clean up my Native back yard as best I can, first.

      • I look forward to this. Will you further your denial and downplaying of Wilson’s “Reign of Terror,” and FBI culpability the sane way that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad denies the European Holocaust? Or maybe like Trimbadh you’ll say that “Wilson was actually a good guy and good for the people’s of Pine Ridge.” Trimbach even told me that he was going to help Wilson’s daughters to write a book about him to ‘set the record straight.” Does this scenario sound familiar? LOL

  2. Reblogged this on Influenced to Death and commented:
    It is an interesting dichotomy directed at those who don’t worship at the AIM/Peltier altar that the supporters will portray themselves as truth and justice seekers but have no interest in those things for Annie, Ray, or the vicitms of AIM’s Reign of Terror at WK2 -AIM’s Resmurs. -Rezinate-

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