1. I support you in this but only if it’s done all the way, meaning that if it’s discovered that the FBI/ U.S gov. are guilty of wrong doing themselves then they need to be brought to Justice like everyone else. No FBI immunity. It’s very well documented how COINTELPRO did Dr. King in himself( and every other prominent African American leader of the time period). The biggest question to me regarding Ray Robinson is why did the FBI call off the meeting with his widow when she requested that she have her attorney present? Was he indeed an informant? Did the FBI itself or the federal marshals play a part in his death? What are they covering up? This is the kind of question that this “Truth Commission,” should be investigating:


    • Hasn’t that been the gist of what I have said throughout this blog-that
      I want everyone with any responsibility taken down?
      That’s EVERYBODY-I don’t attempt to exclude ANYONE as you and your cohorts
      Now in an attempt to marginalize the murder of Ray Robinson it begins with
      the stereotypical cover story-“was Ray a snitch”? And based on what? Nothing,
      but sheer speculation-a penchant to turn everything to what is construed to
      be an advantage.
      So predictable isn’t it? And so pathetic.
      The same crap that was floated about Annie as some mea culpa-and when that
      no longer worked then it bacame “ultimately the feds fault”.
      Did the fbi or federal marshals play a part in Ray’s death? Eureka! you’ve done it, you’ve
      cracked the case-they snuck in completely unrecognized in broad daylight and murdered
      him-funny Carter Camp makes no mention of that is story doesn’t it?
      Funny no one else does either-but you do the work well SB-you attempt to
      float another distraction with the trademark go to of every murder victim
      had to be a snitch-that somehow it exonerates AIM.
      Ray-a man who had devoted his life to civil rights, been in the streets, been
      beaten and jailed suddenly became a snitch infiltrating wk. How sick is
      that to even suggest it truth seeker?
      I’ve run this by two attorneys I know-one a tribal attorney who by the way
      thinks AIM sucks and Peltier is guilty, and both offered an opinion that there could be several
      reasons why the fbi didn’t want an attorney present, some of them very mundane, but to
      suggest merely on the face of it was that it was in any way to protect a snitch is a huge leap.
      Sounds like you’re “cribbing” notes form Crow Dog or Claypoole.

    • Already covered this in another blog SB-you need to try and keep up.

      Peltier has also supported the Mr.X story hasn’t he-the one that has been completely discredited?
      Did he as breathlessly command his forces to go after that truth-to bring it all to him?

      How many attorneys or “Buffalo Bravado white boys” piled on that wagon?

      This entire pie patrol article is infused with the usual mocudrama so common to Claypoole’s

      You know, breathless statements like ““Go after the information, give me what you have about Blackhorse and file whatever lawsuits you can, to find the truth”.,, and the ephemeral use of words
      like “some have said”
      Who exactly are these “some” if not a figment of Claypoole’s imagination or a cheesy attempt at dramatic license?

      And dredging up selective words spoken by John Trudell as some sort of revelation-an indisputable validation-how about Trudell saying everyone in the AIM leadership needed to be dragged in-that AIM was responsible for the murder of Annie-isn’t that dramatic enough?
      Or is it merely an inconvenient truth?

      Brings to mind that line from A Few Good Men-“you can’t handle the truth”.

      I have to agree though it is a huge mosaic-a puzzle with people continually attempting to add new pieces that don’t fit.

      So indeed lets all advocate for casting the net and dragging Blackhorse in-and while we’re about advocating for that let’s drag the rest of them in like Trudell suggested. You and Nora up for that?

      The implication is that Blackhorse rolled over on Peltier -let it be known what hole he was hiding in-wouldn’t surprise me as if he did the orders would have come from AIM command central -where
      the real mole snitch(es) has embedded himself for decades as a “leader(s)”.

      Do you think Claypoole slash Lois Lane will attempt to resurrect the Mr. X story at some time? Do you think Lois believes as Trudell does that Annie’s family deserves answers? Answers independent of her opinions?

      Kuzma’s “zeal” may be contagious but Claypoole’s wide eyed Nancy Drew/Pocohontas approach is anything but, and she ought to be embarrassed for herself.

      How many people have fed on the bones of all this-how many have attempted to make a name for themselves?

      “According to continued Indian Country “moccasin telegraph” Blackhorse was not at Jumping Bull
      that day. But without public disclosure about this man, nothing about his whereabouts. Is certain.”

      The above statement that via the mt that Blackhorse wasn’t at jumping bull kind of blows the rest of the story out of the water doesn’t? Unless you want to say those who were there and knew are either lying, retarded, or “snitches”. But then that’s been standard procedure for decades hasn’t it?

      So the larger question is did Blackhorse kill either of the agents? No. Did he kill Annie? No. Did he kill Ray or any of those in unmarked graves? No.

      So what does this sudden focus on Blackhorse amount to other than another donations drive and perhaps a last feeble gasp? What else and who else remains to try an exonerate Peltier?

      And what is the intent-to attempt to shift the blame of being the shooter to Blackhorse? Shades of
      Mr. X huh? Was it Blackhorse’s fingerprints found on the handgun that belonged to one of the agents in the RV in Oregon. No-just another inconvenient truth isn’t it?

      Was it Blackhorse who boasted of shooting the mfer begging for his life? No, just another one of those inconvenient truths while pie patrollers drool out a story and others dine at the table they set.

      Is Blackhorse a shadowy figure? Yup-but then I can think of others that didn’t pan out-like Dave Hill
      aka Mr.X-and perhaps the biggest of shadowy figures, Means, Banks, and Bellecourt.

      And I am given to wonder how many times Claypoole and others have employed the mt in the reverse
      to validate some point they would make? How many times has Claypoole? How many times have

      The problem with you people is you want to manufacture the truth-you want it to exclude those you serve. You go into hysterics at the mere thought of it, probably because if it is known you will look like fools and have to admit you’ve been played.

      Jimmy Hoffa was a shadowy figure-are you sure he wasn’t involved somehow?

      As the emails from insiders at LPDOC confirmed in an earlier blog Peltier is considered something of an idiot who has come to believe the myth-so I’m not impressed with this quote “Go after the information, give me what you have about Blackhorse and file whatever lawsuits you can, to find the truth”- no doubt it was ghostwritten like the rest of his literary efforts.

      I figure those insiders have a better insight into his character than either you, Claypoole, or I do-and I think the emails can be considered hard proof rather than rumors or speculation.

  2. Perhaps if the truth is found out about Blackhorse it will lead to more information on who the operatives/ informants were that were complicit with Annie Mae and Jumping Bull? Was it Theda like Barry suspects? Let’s find out. It isn’t clear exactly what Blackhorse’s role was/is but it seems like he did lead them to Leonard in Canada in exchange for immunity. How else could you explain him living unhindered in Canada after he allegedly wounded two agents? Perhaps he was used as some kind of “provocateur,” like Trudell described? Show us the documents and let’s see what is what. If they weren’t hiding anything then those documents would have been released years ago.

    • I have no doubt Blackhorse was a informant-just as I have none about Hill, or Durham.
      But to what extent can only be speculated at this point and it’s a bit much to go on
      beyond that and try and stretch a base hit into a home run without something to
      back it up other than speculation and golly gee articles.
      One thing I do know is that law enforcement is pretty upfront about using informants
      and about the difficulty in making cases without them-in that context even a small
      town police force would keep it confidential-if not, there wouldn’t be any.
      So the fact the feds or any agency won’t give them up without a fight is understandable,
      at least to me-but that doesn’t imply if they as the handlers engaged in illegalities
      they should get a free ride.
      The relative nature of things and individual or organizational perceptions of that are the
      motivator-I have a friend who is a devout pacifist, one time in discussing waterboarding
      which we are both against, he offered the opinion that if he were faced with torturing someone
      within very limited time constraints to extract information that could avoid a terrorist act
      with the potential to kill untold numbers he would do so
      And that to me is an illustration of how few things are set in stone and the relative nature
      of interpretations.
      There is a huge difference in the scenario he presented and breaking the law others are
      expected to uphold-and once again why I say ANYONE with responsibility. ANYONE
      includes our own-our own killed Annie and Ray, our own attacked WK, our own have
      dealt drugs to support AIM, scammed people out of money, and history out of the truth.
      And whether you like or despise DeMain I agree that we need to clean up our own backyard
      first- for in the end everything begins and ends there for us.
      In such an effort a lot of things would be resolved-a lot of truths made known. Truths known
      now would still be buried if that process hadn’t been begun. And the reward for doing so-
      everyone involved in such an effort is a sellout, a traitor, or a fed.
      I say the opposite is true-they are the real last Indians trying to hang on, the real patriots
      who haven’t forgotten who we once were- and I believe a time will come when history will
      remember them as such.
      But if it doesn’t in the least they fought to “remain” as did our ancestors.

      “When truth is replaced by silence,the silence is a lie.”
      ― Yevgeny Yevtushenko

  3. “Hey. If they used MLK’s personal photographer as a snitch then I believe anything is possible. The Fact is the FBI avoided the investigation( like Annie Mae’s) for all those years. Why?”

    Hardly an indisputable line of reasoning SB-Withers, a former cop, worked as an informant-now there’s a real shocker. The twist on this is that he was a black man, ergo that can only mean that Ray as black
    man must have been one as well.
    Kind of a racial birds of feather sort of thing wouldn’t you say?
    So let’s take this Claypoolesque line of anythings possible a little further-in the past some of our own have worked as scouts for the military, informants one could say, by the standard you propose then Means and
    Banks could be as well-and no doubt Peltier also.
    Anythings possible isn’t it? You could even be a snitch infiltrating Crow Dogs Paradise and the Peltier camp under the guideline you present, doing that Durham thing working your way into the good graces of the hierarchy.
    Of course I’m not asserting that only saying anythings “possible”-kinda like you are.

    At some point a level of absurdity is reached, it just becomes mindless repetition, that point was reached decades ago, and yet in lacking any viable defense it is routinely offered up by AIM and the Peltierites.

    Something you always fail to mention is that AIM has avoided addressing the issue of Annie and Ray’s murder “for all those years”. Why?

  4. My answer would be that they avoided the investigations because as some said, “their informants/operatives got too close,” and therefore they avoided the investigations as to hide their own culpability. Yes, I agree with you that people can get carried away with the “ifs, buts and maybes,” and that’s why the documents should be released. Isn’t that what you’re pushing for anyway? It’s kind of like that Dylan song, “Everybody must get “stoned.”

    As far as your previous comment I don’t think Demain will be remembered because he’s willing to compromise too much. He’s willing to give the Fed’s a free pass in lieu of getting AIM convictions. As I suggested before to Denise, I don’t see that as justice. If it’s to be called justice it needs to go all the way meaning those informants/operatives are exposed and the Fed’s are implicated for their role. Let’s call it, “aiding and abetting.” I believe Hendricks and Matthiesson will be remembered before Demain because they went as far as to name the true villains. When does Jancita Eagle Deer’s family get their justice btw?

    As far as I’m concerned I think you got me figured out now. Except I don’t work for the U.S gov. I work for a secret star people’s society called the “Casiopeans.” I’m from the third galaxy from the Sun LOL right next to the Kligons and the Romuleans.

    • Would you call it a willingness to compromise in the midst of
      all this that you and others give AIM a free pass-that you will
      never say anything related to their culpability for fear of losing “status”.
      I think DeMain’s position is pretty obvious when he says he believes
      our own backyard needs to be cleaned up and then he’s willing to go
      after the “ugliness in the fbi”.
      How do you arrive at a position that a partial justice is all that
      matters-that everybody and anybody but AIM and their cohorts is all
      that matters?
      We’re supposedly talking about adults here, how does it work that
      “they made me do it” is enough for you or anyone?
      It was DeMain and other indigenous journalists that started this
      ball rolling, I don’t call that a free pass but an attempt to stop
      the hemmoraging-a necessary priority.
      If the fox is in the hen house is it enough to enter, clean out the bodies,
      and leave the fox inside?
      AIM would have preferred that the information available was what came
      from them-complete with all the lies and omissions.
      Is that what you call justice?
      Your version is that somehow Hoover and the Nazis will be resurrected
      and that they along with the feds are held accountable for whatever
      misdeeds they may have committed and it ends there.
      Have you ever so much as one time said AIM is responsible for
      the murder of Annie and Ray and need to be held to account, and if
      you have, have you ever done so without attempting to qualify it
      with but ultimately it wasn’t their fault? Do you even accept the fact
      that they are by their own admission?
      As to Jancita Eagle Deer I’ve addressed her in other blogs-a question
      related to that is why wasn’t Russell’s favorite Santa Claus Janklow held
      to account-you know the one who pardoned Russell and Russell waxed
      sentimental over in eulogizing him?
      If Janklow was one of those shadowy figures what’s up with the relationship
      between he and Russell? What are Russell and your heroes doing posing with
      Abourzek smiling like Cheshire cats at the CWS conference? Do you have
      any ifs, buts, and maybes about that?
      The truth is SB you’re presence at “paradise” is “suffered” as long as
      you fill a need, remain a tool-if you doubt that begin calling for AIM
      to be held to account for their own crimes and see how long you last.
      Being a drone for the Casiopeans I assume then you’re also involved
      with various top secret projects at Area 51.
      Another Dylan song is The Times They Are A Changing:

      “For the loser now will later to win-for the times they are a changin”

      AIM has been the winner and truth has been the loser-but like Dylan says
      the times they are a changin -and they’re going to come in last.

  5. See. If you would have printed out all that I said instead of censoring me out like Nurse Ratched you would have seen that I called Demain out on that statement because it contradicts most of his other statements. I never got a strong inclination from Demain or Denise that they had any serious intentions on going after the FED’S. If anything the whole thing smells of an “under the table,” immunity deal. As far as AIM goes, there have already been two convictions, Arlo and Graham and Leonard has languished as the lone scapegoat for Jumping Bull for 37 years!!! while Trimbach masquerades around the country selling “books” and doing lectures at $10,000 a pop. Where is the equity? If you’re thinking along these lines then why don’t you support clemency for Peltier?
    As far as the Dylan quote goes I think it could be interpreted differently. He echoes that line again in the last line with the biblical quote, “The first one now will later be last,”. Or as it otherwise is stated, “the meek shall inherit the earth.” Why not say that the Lakota or the indigenous peoples in general who have survived genocidal policies, boarding schools, Wounded Knee, Sand Creek, Uranium Mining, Custer, The “New” Calvary, Whiteclay, COINTELPRO, Dick Wilson ect… will be the “winners” in the end? Or you can interpret that line in terms of the Ghost Dance. The buffalo and the slain Elders, woman and children returning. Remember when Crow Dog revived the Ghost Dance at Wounded Knee? Although this is romanticized I believe that it’s a bolder interpretation. And Dylan was thinking bold when he was writing this. Why not see it as all of Babylon being toppled? Or since you like to reference the Occupy Movement you can see it as the 99% winning in the end. AIM at most were petty tyrants and ultimately victims of the covert war waged against them. I personally would rather see the “nuetrilizers,” themselves go down. But that’s just me. As far as Eagle Deer goes Janklow raped her but Durham( the FBI) killed her to cover it up for him. And what about her mother Delphine, your friend Crow Dog’s sister, what happened to her? Did she “die of exposure,” like Annie Mae? Or what about Pedro Bissinette?

    • Arlo and Graham are languishing now in adding them in the same breath with
      The implication in attempting to work this in is they were unjustly convicted isn’t missed,
      and another red herring you apparently couldn’t resist attempting to throw out.

      But if we would speak of languishing then Annie’s family, Ray’s family,
      and others like Buddy LaMonts are languishing in their wait for justice.
      And what about “Rocky” Duenas?
      The victims whose remains lay in unmarked graves languish in decay and
      denial awaiting repatriation while people like Crow Dog, Means, and
      Banks repose in the comfort of their ill gotten gain.
      Ten thousand for a personal appearance seems out of line for me-but then
      Trimbach’s fee was modeled after Churchill’s wasn’t it? And your boy Crow
      Dog has solicited that very amount to “conduct” ceremonies-but you make
      no mention of that, I suppose you think it well and good as he pays his
      daughters “utilities”?
      Tell me in being such a guardian of all things lakota do you think it
      appropriate to sell licensing fees to conduct a Sundance? Do you think it
      appropriate to have alcohol and drugs at ceremonies?
      Do you have a problem with the fees Russell, Clyde, and Banks charge-or
      do you consider that merely an assault on Babylon?

      ” Why not say that the Lakota or the indigenous peoples in general who have
      survived genocidal policies, boarding schools, Wounded Knee, Sand Creek, Uranium Mining, Custer, The “New” Calvary, Whiteclay, COINTELPRO, Dick Wilson ect…
      will be the “winners” in the end?”

      I believe I have said these things as an underlying theme in nearly every
      blog I have written-but my perspective is more encompassing and I say them
      in the context of every nation in this land and this hemisphere.
      They are a reality that stand as they are needing no support to be
      propped up with lies-no effort to pimp and capitalize on.

      Of course Crow Dog would “revive” the ghost dance, and what a revenue
      source it has been for him-this faux “spiritual” man who was the only one
      willing to align himself with AIM when they were seeking applicants and
      getting repeatedly turned down.
      But if you think to imply no sundances were conducted prior to President Carter’s
      “authorization” you’ve either overlooked or missed a portion of history.

      As to “censoring” I guess I have to repeat myself-no stacking/spamming
      of comments by anyone with a lot of name calling and an endless array of
      videos about Nazis or fixating on whether Hoover wore or didn’t wear a
      dress and where he shopped at.

      The first will be last has many applications-and the choice in applying
      it is an individual one.

      “As far as Eagle Deer goes Janklow raped her but Durham( the FBI) killed
      her to cover it up for him.”

      Kind of interesting you would say this-casts the spotlight of association
      and bromances a little brighter on Russell and Janklow doesn’t it? Might
      even raise questions seeing as how Durham was Banks right hand man with Banks
      being one of the smiley faces in the previously mentioned photo how this
      could have come down and Banks would be completely unaware of it.
      Now I know Banks took a public position regarding Jancita calling for
      investigations and Janklow’s head-but then I can’t help but remember a
      similar approach when he led a so called “internal” investigation into
      Annie’s murder. And if memory serves I believe there was even talk of
      a monetary “reward” wasn’t there? As to be expected though nothing ever
      came of it-I mean what’s to investigate when you already know all the
      answers? Nothing more than smoke and mirrors.
      Like I’ve also said-AIM in it’s becoming mafia like might seethe and
      boil at another faction but when it came to business everybody was a homey.

      Here’s a question sure to have you reaching for the skates-do you think
      banks had anything to do with Annie’s murder?

  6. It seems like a lot of speculating is going on here. What was the price tag on LBW and Trimbach’s FBI/ Lakota “spiritual” retreat, I wonder? As far as your question on Banks I won’t speculate and I’ll say I don’t know. I do however agree with Hendricks’ assessment that the FBI directly “manufactured,” the paranoia that lead to her death and that an FBI informant/operative had a direct hand in it. Do you think Trimbach was the orchestrator of “a plan,” that went array at Jumping Bull that lead to the deaths of his own agents?

    “Had the FBI not sabotaged the rights movements of the postwar era, had it not sent Doug Durham and Gil and Jill Shafer and John Stewart and Virginia Deluce and others of their kind into AIM, had it not added the virus of Informers A and B to the paranoia it had already created, had it investigated crimes against AIMers on Pine Ridge, had it stanched the perjury and coercion and framing that its agents practiced as a matter of course, had the Justice Department not gone along with every step of this, had the BIA not let Dick Wilson run his own impeachment trial, steal an election, and jerry-rig voter rolls to save his government, had the courts held the FBI or prosecutors accountable for their sins, or had Congress done so, Anna Mae Aquash would not have been killed. To read the news reports of the last few years is to be told that Aquash was murdered because AIM thought she was in infiltrator. This is only half the truth. Aquash was murdered because the government of the United States waged an officially sanctioned, covert war on the country’s foremost movement for Indian rights. It was a quiet war, chiefly psychological, with only the occasional shot fired in anger, but like the Cold War, it was a war all the same.” Hendricks “Unquiet Grave”

    “On December, 1975( which was to say, one week after Aquash was murdered)____advised that an unidentified Indian female was_________Colorado. The three Indian members of AIM( all of Denver, Colorado identified as ____(phonetic) and alledgedly_________…Source claims rumors are that __who stays at ______the ____,Colorado and ___Colorado, committed the actual murder. Others who may have knowledge of the murder are ____Colorado and ______, South Dakota.” FBI files ( comment: If there was no FBI complicity why wasn’t this addressed at this time? )

    • As far as Trimbach goes I don’t think he was high enough up the ladder to orchestrate a plan.
      but I’m not familiar with fbi protocol or chain of command.
      And you choose to ignore that Williams and Coler only wound up where they were because they
      thought they saw Jimmy Eagle- pass by in a vehicle. So how do you orchestrate a mistake
      like that?
      How do you cause two agents to both make the same mistake-was it some kind of mind
      control-an hallucination they jointly shared-or joint optical illusion? Or just the best story that’s
      available at the moment?

      Once again in your estimation AIM is exonerated-this time you concede a partial responsibility
      for AIM in saying they are half responsible, not a personal concession on your part
      just part of an excerpt you add-so I’ll ask the same questions I have-who ordered her murder,
      who abducted her, and who pulled the trigger?
      Who murdered Ray inside WK?- an event others who were there have at least spoken of to
      some degree. People who were AIM members.
      You can add, subtract, multiple, or divide that any way you want but it still comes up the same,
      it still comes up that every murder AIM committed was “orchestrated” and carried out within
      and by AIM.
      Every shooter, every abductor, every arsonist was AIM from top to bottom, forward an backward.
      Since when is “paranoia, perjury, coercion, or framing” any kind of a defense or justification for
      premeditated cold blooded murder?

      You’re willing to play it safe and not “speculate” about Banks involvement but willing to speculate
      about anything else that mitigates or points the finger elsewhere. You’re as afraid to voice an honest opinion as are others.
      Every word you say comes directly from the AIM field manual. “had it investigated crimes against AIMers”-and not a mention of investigating crimes against anyone else.
      So while were on the subject of “had ofs” let’s continue on with had AIM been a peoples movement
      no one would have gotten killed- had AIM been anything more than a band of criminals, thugs,bullies,
      and murderers there would have been no WK2, had AIM not been awash in
      drugs and drug dealing ceremonies and tradition would be intact, had AIM
      so much as an ounce of integrity they wouldn’t have scammed untold amounts of money from
      misguided well intentioned contributors, had AIM so much as a single warrior within their leadership
      when tribal elders at WK asked for time to think it over their wishes would been respected, had AIM
      any “spiritual base” whatsoever they never would looted and burned the WK 2 museum, they never as would have held elders hostage, they never would have sent children as the first wave.
      They wouldn’t have forced people out of their homes and then to add insult to injury defecate and urinate
      in them.
      If they were anything more than what they are the remains of Ray and others would have been repatriated-and a for real and respected medicine man would have become their guide-not this capitalist, colonized, hang around the fort known as Crow Dog.
      But you can somehow rationalize all this because they were “paranoid”?
      I’m sure you poured over the CWS videos-you couldn’t help but see and hear Adrienne Fritze- a survivor of WK2 who was a twelve year old child-a witness-want to tell me she’s a liar or doesn’t understand, or
      tell her AIM really isn’t to blame-they just became afraid and couldn’t control themselves?
      If not what the hell was it then-another Boston Tea Party with feds disguised as Indians so poor AIM
      would get the blame? I would imagine the Mafia is probably paranoid-you going to vouch for them or
      shift the blame elsewhere?
      Castro comes to power, gets paranoid and immediately begins killing his own, including those within the command structure-Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Milosovec, Saddam Hussein, and countless others do likewise-no one says well it really isn’t their fault cause they were paranoid -but you would have an exception made for AIM- decades later and this is the best you and they have.
      One obvious answer to your question of why things weren’t addressed in a speedy manner is that AIM had a very real reputation for threatening and silencing people-hard to go against that in a closed society by stepping up to testify-and cases do require testimony.
      But that was then and this now-and people need to step forward or aid and abet in their own silence.


  7. yes, I too agree that numbers are growing for AIM, (again)
    & I see many, (not all), would rather pay a spiritual warrior or chief, for the perception of strong protection, & the secrets of Spiritual hierarchy,. Especially if that someone has been in the movies, or had documentaries made about themselves. Ignoring a truth long now in the past, but still in the works. These folks will work hard to keep those stories going, less they themselves were bunked.
    i do not invest much in paying for the ‘named’ screen holy man knowledge.
    I do not believe in paying Warriors for protection, yes, this is how gangsters, & bullies do things, and NOT a good role model for the children.
    .I am older, & i know that many do not want the great responsibility that comes with being sovereign , As years roll by, some will close their ears and believe their own stories, this is how i see his/story has worked But I have also observed that prophets, leaders, & warriors, for profit. Compromising a strong heart, & truth of what matters, for fame and power, a mental illness that came with….
    Sadly the heart of what matters, ARE the Women & Children , especially those of ‘color’ .

    Just an old Woman’s perspective.

    I really liked this sentence, thank you.
    “When truth is replaced by silence,the silence is a lie.”
    ― Yevgeny Yevtushenko

    • auntiej5-these things speak to a poverty of spirit, of a battered spirit desperately
      seeking respite and mistaking vinegar for water. A wounded heart all too often
      only needs to hear there is a promised land, a leader, to follow. A great vulnerability
      exists in such things-a vulnerability AIM has fueled and capitalized on.

  8. If your going to talk on this line of “shared responsibility,” then why are you so against Clemency for Peltier? Certainly his 37 years of unjust incarceration( in violation of his 8th amendment rights) have covered any crime that he ALLEGEDLY committed. Why do you not see the logic in Judge Heaney’s plea for Clemency in the name of “shared responsibility,” and a “healing process?” Or has your thirst for vengeance against AIM rendered you emotionally blind?

    “Judge Heaney of the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, who heard an appeal in Peltier’s case (denied on a technicality) wrote in a 1991 letter to Sen. Daniel Inouye, D-Hawaii: “The United States government overreacted at Wounded Knee . Instead of carefully considering the legitimate grievances of the Native Americans, the response was essentially a military one which culminated in the deadly firefight on June 26, 1975 … The United States government must share responsibility with the Native Americans for the … firefight … the government’s role can properly be considered a mitigating circumstance.” Judge Heaney, in this letter, recommended clemency/commutation of sentence for Mr. Peltier as part of the healing process.”

    • So on the basis of a single judges personal comments the opinions
      and findings of multiple others should be set aside?
      If that’s the case then all any imprisoned or accused person
      needs to do is shop around for a sympathetic one.
      In addition most are familiar with Judge Nichols and his “findings”-a judge
      who by any legal standard should have been recused for the known
      associations of his wife and daughter with AIM, and the startling
      fact that at least one of the defendants had been entertained in
      his home.
      That isn’t a proof of innocence in any sense of the word-what it is
      an illustration of corruption-the very corruption you would label
      all others with.
      So where can one find of these sympathetic judges be found-are they on
      Craig’s List, or Ebay? And would you care to disclose the Eighth Circuit
      Court of Appeals findings and decision in total? Do you want to discuss
      the extracted shell casing and LPDOCS supposed ballistics experts who
      didn’t have a single word to offer to in testimony as a rebuttal? not ONE
      word-just sat there like a martinette whose strings had been cut-went deaf,
      dumb, and blind….impressive.
      Do you want to pull out the bogus 30 year “rule”? If so consider
      we are talking about TWO CONSECUTIVE life sentences plus seven more
      for his escape that led to yet another death. That’s TWO life sentences
      because TWO agents were murdered.
      If you want to argue that AIMs or Peltier’s responsibility are mitigated
      by what the feds did or didn’t do then you surely have to admit Peltier
      has a responsibility for that death during his escape as well don’t you?
      And if that is so then he should be serving three life sentences shouldn’t
      he? Wouldn’t that be this “shared responsibility” you speak of?
      Peltier is scheduled under the 30 year rule to do 67 years-but that’s
      a simple math that can’t be spoken of can it?
      There are people who have done more time than Peltier for “lesser” crimes,
      so my answer is I could give a rip how much time he does as I believe him to
      be lying. murdering, thug-I wouldn’t have an issue if clemency were given-just
      as I don’t with the sentence he has.
      Furthermore since Peltier is guilty and been found to be during his trial and
      numerous appeals I hardly consider his incarceration as “unjust”…..but nice
      try attempting to work that in.

      So now I’ll ask again as this blog is about more than Peltier-WHO killed Annie-WHO
      destroyed WK from within-WHO killed Ray and those in unmarked graves-and WHO
      put them there-WHO other than your boy Crow Dog was worried enough about it to
      advocate for buying the surrounding land? WHO took hostages within WK-WHO did
      the elders ask for time to think it over and in asking were denied( and that’s something
      that really pisses me off, that elders had to ASK a bunch of scum for anything)-WHO
      sacked, looted, burned, and threw people out of their homes at WK-WHO interrogated
      Annie at gunpoint if not your boy Peltier-WHO along with Banks fled the RV and left women
      alone to fend for themselves- WHO do the insider emails describe as an idiot and a loudmouth
      who has come to believe the myths and lies if not your boy Peltier-WHO “supported” the
      bogus Mr.X story-WHO has changed their story repeatedly as evidenced by video
      interviews? WHO did the Oyate refer to in their ’99 statement as nothing and wannabe chiefs if not AIM?
      As to the UN Special Rapporteur I think he needs to address some of that shared responsibility you speak of. I think maybe he ought to address some of these questions
      I’ve just asked…….don’t you?
      Tough questions I know-I also know you aren’t up to answering them.

  9. Uhm SB,

    I support you in this but only if it’s done all the way, meaning that if it’s discovered that…

    AIM murdered all people mentioned, sold Black Hills to Gov for uranium, cooperated with FBI and CIA; if Leonard Peltier is guilty, if Mr Means and Banks and Crow Dog and all other ” Chiefs” should join him in jail – that IT’S DONE ALL THE WAY which means you all will TELL TRUTH ,FULL TRUTH WORLDWIDE to all deceived and lied and manipulated…and all going to be apologized and answered honestly and frankly every single question regarding all aspects of Wounded Knee 1972-2012 case and for all those decades of lies and misleading…

    And how you pay back amounts they fraud, laundered , stole, misconducted and misused for own selfish purposes (houses, books, self-promotion, T- shirts, gambling and other addictions) instead investing in own people welfare, well being, education and strengthening community…
    Sweet Lord, good it’s not MY problem as i wouldn’t know where even to start.

    “I support you in this but only if…”

    How lame and gross THAT is to come to someone’s place and put words this disrespectful way?
    I don’t know really who makes me feel more sick, embarrassed and disgusted more – AIM…or it’s brainwashed followers of any and every kind…

  10. SF
    It’s all part of the AIM/Peltier broken down, decrepit three ring circus-AIM, Peltier, LPDOC,
    whose only attraction is an aged, lame, and malnourished one trick pony known as the
    “feds did it”.

  11. It seems that FED BABY has encountered a “censorship” problem. Sound familiar? This guy must get his cues from you and Demain:

    Leonard Peltier Still Guilty shared a link.
    12 minutes ago
    Levi Rickert, front man for Native News Network, has now decided to delete comments that make him look bad, as when he’s caught lying on behalf of AIM rapists and murderers. Once again, a member of the supposedly open-minded Indian press censors opinions and facts he disagrees with, to the utter detriment of Indian Country. Nice going, Levi.
    AIM Leaders and Former FBI Agent to Discuss Wounded Knee – Native News Network
    SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA Augustana Colleges Center for Western Studies is hosting

    • Like I said before-tell you’re girlfriends at the Peltier site to
      stop “censoring” and “blocking” and maybe it will start a trend…oh
      yeah, I forgot, it’s different if they do it. How about your girl Lizzie
      blocking Denise-in your infinite wisdom would you call that censoring?
      Yeah< I know, that's different too.

  12. Soooooo SB… let me ask you a question… does this,

    “Had the FBI not sabotaged the rights movements of the postwar era, had it not sent Doug Durham and Gil and Jill Shafer and John Stewart and Virginia Deluce and others of their kind into AIM, had it not added the virus of Informers A and B to the paranoia it had already created, had it investigated crimes against AIMers on Pine Ridge, had it stanched the perjury and coercion and framing that its agents practiced as a matter of course, had the Justice Department not gone along with every step of this, had the BIA not let Dick Wilson run his own impeachment trial, steal an election, and jerry-rig voter rolls to save his government, had the courts held the FBI or prosecutors accountable for their sins, or had Congress done so, Anna Mae Aquash would not have been killed. To read the news reports of the last few years is to be told that Aquash was murdered because AIM thought she was in infiltrator. This is only half the truth. Aquash was murdered because the government of the United States waged an officially sanctioned, covert war on the country’s foremost movement for Indian rights. It was a quiet war, chiefly psychological, with only the occasional shot fired in anger, but like the Cold War, it was a war all the same.”

    Indicate you saying it’s OK to kill someone if they are an informant, or someone is convinced that someone MIGHT be an informant?

    Are you REALLY saying OUTRIGHT that AIM did it, but it was OK because they were tricked?

  13. Oh, let me add. If AIM truly believed Annie Mae was an informant, why not ban her for life? Why is it acceptable behavior to kill?

    You REALLY stepped right in it this time. You would think you would have been able to sidestep your own verbal defecation.

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