3 comments on “TOO MANY CHIEFS

  1. LCD may fancy himself (as the late John Gotti), the Capo di Tuiit Capi…or as you point out, the Chief of all Chiefs; a position that doesn’t exist. Or as an oxymoron; Peltier the warrior.

  2. They also abuse these titles in the “white man’s” culture. When they say “Chief of Police,” and “Special Agent in Charge.” Think of how many crooked law enforcement agents have abused these titles( Mr. Ed included). And even “Commander and Chief.” At least Crow Dog and Leonard were brave enough to stand up against the true oppressors. If them Wallace and others didn’t stand up then the ceremonies might still be illegal. They put their lives on the line with bravery for this. They didn’t hide behind a Nazi snitch and try to call it “justice.”

    • Another two wrongs make a right SB? I don’t much care if
      there is a chief of police-we both know the dynamics and
      implications are entirely different-even different cultures.

      Next thing you’ll be saying is CD is singularly responsible
      for resurrecting the sundance -which is absolute BS, and the
      bottom line is it little more than a revenue source for him-
      and the next step as you also know is to revive and capitalize
      on the ghostdance -everything has price tag doesn’t it, and
      you call that standing up to oppressors?

      I call it commercialism and cultural genocide. Take a look at
      the blog Not Yet and see what a family member has to say about
      Crow Dog.
      “Commander in Chief”-you think that’s where your boy got the
      idea from?

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