1. In 1983-1984, when I was working in the Archives of the Oglala Lakota College, I was shown the genealogy of Russell Means: A white army man, Colonel Means, married a Crow woman and settled in Pine Ridge. One of his sons, Hank Means, Russell’s father, was half white, half Crow. He in turn married a Yankton woman who gave birth to Russell and his three brothers. The Yankton are Nakota, not Lakota. The Nakota are a group of the Great Sioux Nation which differed from the Lakota and the Dakota by language, traditions, and mode of life..Therefore, Russell Means would be half Nakota, one quarter Crow, and one quarter white. 0% Lakota. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    • Thanks for sharing this information Helene-others like LBW have made basically the
      same statements though lacking your access to the OLC archives-guess this makes
      Russell a wannabe. But then he’s a wannabe when he comes to a variety of things.

    • Thought about “sacs of chit” as well but the spelling was obviously wrong, and so Special
      Aimsters in Charge seems appropriate for the irony involved.

  2. Did you coin the phrase while engulfed in the crevices’ of Trimbach’s , Woods’ and Price’s, “nether regions?”

      • That’s why I quoted you. To give you credit. Next time I’ll replace it with “Rectal Orifice.”

  3. P.S- Why are you making such a big deal about genealogy anyway? Isn’t Looking Back Woman herself a half-breed that fled from her people and went up to Canada( while she denigrates people on the reservation)?. What’s the worth of a so called, “Full Blood,” if he/she does nothing more then harbor a “white man’s,” attitude?

    • Easy question to answer SB-how does a Lakota wannabe ensconce
      themselves as someone who can declare treaties void, establish
      a faux republic and declare themselves the “chief facilitator”
      of the Lakota people?
      But there’s a blog coming up about this that will go into greater
      And speaking of white attitudes I’d say Means is awash in them.
      “Denigrating” those who deserve it often results from exposing lies
      and searching for the truth.

  4. Kind of like LBW trying to generate self-importance for herself because she carries a Chanupa. Even if she does carry the one that she claims that she does it certainly does not give her any type of special clout or authority. My understanding is that all Chanupa’s are extensions of the first one brought by the Calf Woman and that they’re all equally Sacred. So LBW going through all the exercises to prove this or that is just an act of futility and self importance in an attempt to elevate herself above others. If she hasn’t done so already, next she’ll claim that she’s the White Buffalo Calf Women herself.

    • One thing I know is that LBW is very careful about the
      origins of the pipe she carries-and if all pipes are
      equally sacred then why not buy yourself a Meerschaum
      and start carrying it?
      Anyone can make or purchase a pipe now-a lot of people
      are doing just that-but more to the point it is about
      who carries it, it’s origins, and if given, WHO it came
      from and why it was bestowed.
      If none of that has any value then try going to a Catholic
      church for example and give Mass-ain’t going to happen
      because of the protocols that have been set in place and
      the observance of them.
      Protocols completely disqualify Crow Dog for the blood on
      his hands-and I would go further in saying that any pipe
      Means, Banks, Bellecourt may have is worthless.
      I believe in a certain type of animism that imbues those
      things we have-some part of who we are, our character, is
      transmitted to them-this type of animism can be seen in
      cultures throughout the world and the reason for such things
      as exorcisms which aren’t always confined to people, cleansings,
      and blessing an object or a home.
      Personally I believe regarding LBW, the origins of her pipe,
      the suspect way in which Arvol has ascended to his “throne”,
      and the attacks upon her she should be actively defending
      her “claims”-self importance would have nothing to do with
      If that is the way you interpret it then what would you call
      the behavior of Means, Banks, and Peltier? Before you answer
      that look at the accolades on the Peltier’s page, consider
      how he boasts of being courageous, a hero, yada, yada, yada.
      Consider too how Means and Banks promote themselves-and
      Crow Dog as being the chief of chiefs.

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  6. So the charade continues. More documents withheld. More delusions supported and defended. More protecting of the true villains, ie the FBI “brotherhood.” And the only causality is the “truth,” that you profess.

    • Well, the AIM charade certainly has for over four decades-another charade would
      be the Peltier one.
      I would like for every pertinent document to be made public, doubt that will happen though.
      I’d like to see some FOI attempts made related to Means, Banks, the Bellecourts, and
      Crow Dog-you interested enough in the truth to pursue those?
      How about Kuzma and Claypoole-think they’ll do the “bravado” thing and get behind that?

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