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  1. Can’t you even let Russell die in peace???? Have you not heard? Or are you too busy rejoicing? For Christ’s Sake, Man, STOP this Evil PARANOIA! Leave him alone! Leave his family alone and show some Respect to them all!!! You appall me, you really do….

    • Nobody gives a rip about your delusional opinions Lizzie-I approved this as it
      affords the opportunity to quote Russell regarding the passing of Vernon
      Bellecourt -I mirror the sentiment concerning Russell- spin it as you will.

      When Means was asked how he felt after Vernon Bellecourt died in October 2007, Means said, “I said I was saddened for his passing, but I’d wanted him arrested, in prison, held responsible, and then he can die.”

      If Russell is moving on I take no joy in that-but I’d like him arrested and held responsible first, just as he did with Vernon. Ironic how one’s word can revisit them isn’t?
      How peaceful do you think Annie and Ray’s death were, or Williams and Coler when
      getting their faces blown off?

      • Ah, I see Lizzie escaped the straight jacket again.. Geez..

        Russell Means
        2 hours ago

        “The reports of my death have been greatly exagerated” –Mark Twain

        I would like to thank All my friends and family that have sent out prayers and well wishes for not only myself but also my wife Pearl, children, grand children, and great grandchildren. I continue to appreciate my life, my family and friends, and my people. May the Great Mystery continue to watch over you and your loved ones.

      • You put down as many lies as you feel you need to about Russell, Leonard and all the others…Vernon and Russell never got along, according to words I’ve read, for Russell felt that Vernon lived his life far closer to the ways of the white man, than his own people. And the reports were wrong, by the way..you can read his words on his FB page. Now, I’ll leave you to continue your hatred and lies, though I doubt you’ll have the guts to put this on your page….Have a good hate-filled hateful day, as ever….

      • “Have a good hate-filled hateful day, as ever….”

        As you no doubt will have your usual love filled day bouncing around the net
        castigating and cursing people who don’t believe as you do. Sound advice
        Lizzie-so bipolar.

        Russell and Vernon never got along because Russell didn’t like Vernon’s
        “white” ways? That’s really the pot calling the kettle black isn’t it?
        Russell Means-Mr. Wasichu, with his ranch, his New Mexico and Santa Monica
        digs-Mr. “I only fly first class”.
        You’re so knowledgeable and authoritative I don’t know what us po’ ig’nant
        savages would do without you other than to say yaz um Miss Daisy.

        “And the reports were wrong”…why Miss Daisy, aren’t all “reports” coming
        from you wrong-so what else is new?
        Now just get on and paint your toe claws, pluck your moustache, or whatever it is
        you do for entertainment.

    • “Ah, I see Lizzie escaped the straight jacket again.. Geez..”

      Ain’t it the truth Nicole-they need to ramp up security at the asylum-so I assume
      then Russell isn’t slipping away, but then Lizzie’s known to be a drama queen, or
      maybe her comment amounts to a Freudian slip and speaks to other things.
      Reminds me of her better known signature comment line-LEAVE LEONARD
      ALONE -as she blazes her way across the net spamming as she goes.
      Thanks for the update.

      • Rez, I ran across this, just a bit ago.. You seen it?

        And Lizzie, here’s the lies from Russ’s own page:


        October 20, 2012 by admin1
        Filed under Media

        Discuss Now!

        I have been very moved by the global outpouring of love and support that has been sent to me and my wife, Pearl, since reports of my new illness became public. At times such as this, it is common for innaccurate information and rumors to circulate. A recent rumor that I had passed to the spirit world, is inaccurate. I, like all of us, will eventually join my ancestors, and when I do, my hope is that you will all continue to dedicate yourselves to the work to which I have tried to commit my life — liberation and freedom for my Lakota people, for all indigenous peoples, and, in fact, for ALL peoples. It is true that I am very ill, but my spirit and humor remain strong. Whatever the future holds, the truth is that the work of the TREATY Total Immersion School, the Republic of Lakotah, and the freedom principles of AIM will continue, and hopefully grow. For the most accurate information about me, and my health status, please rely, first and foremost on this website, my official method of communicating to you all. May the Great Mystery continue to watch over you and your loved ones.


        Lizzie, please re enter reality.. Your insanity is becoming boring.. Find a new schtick…

      • I have seen the AIM link previously Nicole-may have even
        referenced it re Russel and Jerome absconding with the $35,000,
        and his infamous quote that AIM had “worked itself out of a job”,
        accomplished all there was to, and Indigenous people enjoyed
        a level playing field and equal access-but I appreciate your posting
        it for others and the eyeopener it should be to see and learn more
        about Russell,
        As to the “work” of the immersion school and the RoL I don’t know
        what that would be other than a fund raising tool.
        The school is an excellent idea based on one founded by the Maori’s
        of New Zealand in the 70’s I believe it was-the difference is the Maori
        didn’t do it for attention or money-to them it was and is about
        cultural integrity and survival, and they have had great success.

        Whenever Russell passes I believe there will a power struggle, a
        lot of jockeying for position resulting in business as usual, and
        an entity like the school and it’s potential will continue to be
        subverted just as AIM has been.
        In talking about this power transition with friends I offered an
        opinion that I believe Chase Iron Eyes of LRI will be in the mix
        somehow, that he has been positioning himself to that end-could be
        wrong, but we’ll see.
        Fortunately there are other “schools” in existence among the nations
        that aren’t seen as a possible cash cow, and they are making a much
        needed difference.

        I hadn’t seen the “freedom” link and appreciate you posting it as well.

      • All should be able to rest in peace Lisa-some can’t because of their own actions
        and others like Annie and Ray can’t due to the actions of the others , the
        manner of their death, and those who would deny the justice that is due them.

  2. Is Russell Means NOT an enrolled member of the OST? If not, how has he been on the ballot for tribal chairman at least 3 times?

    The Dine regard in-laws as tribal members and under tribal law… as RM learned. I don’t know if that extends to eligibility for tribal office.

    • BW -whether Russell is or isn’t an enrolled member is secondary to his geneaology, other than the reality he should not qualify for any tribal office based on it. But in politics often enough it is about who you know, unfortunately that can apply in the nations as well, being that the National model has been adopted.
      More than one person has researched his ancestry and it comes up the same.
      While the Dine do recognize in-laws as tribal members it apparently doesn’t extend to
      tribal office- which I am in complete agreement with.
      America is quote “the great melting pot”, a conglomerate of immigrants and their progeny, it would be extremely difficult for them to attempt to exclude any from seeking office based on ancestry.
      A part of this cloning of tribal government in reflecting the national one is related to the assimilation process-making us “civilized” so we could enjoy all the “benefits” and become learned “productive” citizens in a society we never wanted.
      For all the talk of colonization I’ve often marveled at AIM’s penchant to employ words like “central committee” and “ministry of defense”, etal. To then turn around and raise hell about team names and mascots-in effect saying that they don’t like any word or title related to us being used but at the same time will use those I have mentioned above.
      It’s pretty transparent though-money and media attention on the one hand and no associated cost on the other.-Guess they think it sounds official and lends an air of legitimacy.

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  4. My question was not about genealogy, but citizenship… I don’t question your findings, just whether OST citizenship would entitle someone to legally and legitimately say they are “Lakota”.

    What a bizarre turn, I find myself in the unfamiliar position of appearing to defend a claim of Russell Means!

    I do hope that before he crosses he come clean, as Thelma Rios did. Faint chance, I know, but I’m in the hope and optimism business.

    • BW- I understood your intent, and appreciate your comments. It’s a good question you ask-I
      can’t see how it possibly could, but then as they say money talks and friends in the right places,
      other than that I don’t have a clue.

  5. The only they can speak freely about Russell Means and by accident come across phony documentation is when he cannot reply.Very few take notice.

    • I’m not sure if I understand what you mean scout-if you intend to say this has only arisen
      since Russell passed that wouldn’t be correct-it is something said over a period of time
      when Russell had ample opportunity to address it and by more than one person.
      The person who spoke of the OST records in the previous blog is a well respected person
      who knew Russell quite well and featured him in various broadcast programs, and also founded
      and heads an organization by the name of Tazzla Institute for Cultural Diversity.
      Below is a link you might want to check out.

  6. This is very strange. He was born on Pine Ridge and has plenty of family there, and was enrolled as Oglala (from his father’s side). The blog does make it appear that he moved there without previous links,which it might appear as he had been living off the rez for some years, but he had plenty of family ties there who are also regarded as Lakota. I’ve never known anyone even if they didn’t like him suggest that he wasn’t Lakota.

    • I don’t believe the blog implies that Isobel-truth of the matter is that he was raised by
      his family off rez in California-that seems to indicate his immediate family as in siblings
      would have been as well.

  7. I just read that previous comment about this having been raised before and he didn’t respond. He probably just ignored it, there was much criticism he didn’t respond to not because he couldn’t but people tend not to answer every insult made about them. Enrolment being established through blood quantum, some proof would have been required. However there are relatives at Pine Ridge, his brother for example, who could look at the genealogy details and raise it if they felt it worthwhile.

    • He could simply have ignored it as you say Isobel, he had a long history of ignoring
      things-like the inside events at WK2, Ray and Annie’s murder, but if it and they were
      ignored the question should be why.

  8. Well it’s not just him as I said, his brother lived at Pine Ridge and he had other family members there. But there is a kind of indication in the blog, without wishing to be too querulous,that he had a ranch at Pine Ridge as an interloper. He was born there, his father moved off the rez with the family – as many did and often do – for work in San Francisco. If people are raised off the rez it doesn’t mean they can never go back to their birthplace to live surely, he wasn’t an interloper he was born there. He got endless criticism and rumours, denying them all would have been a full time job but there are plenty of relatives who can look into the genealogy issues if they feel it worthwhile I would think. It’s part of their identity, his children’s as well, so I should think they might want to if the rumours persist.

    • Isobel-people can go and come on the rez as they like or necessity dictates-
      as a child you have little input into such decisions, but if you are not Lakota and
      claim to be while seeking to direct the course of their nation, then in my opinion
      you are an interloper.
      If you are not Lakota, live in a material manner head and shoulders above those
      struggling in the midst of their poverty while bragging about the size of a herd of horses you own and that you only fly first class that too qualifies in my opinion as being an interloper.

  9. rezinate, I’d keep an open mind. You said he could have had friends in high places and got his enrolment that way even if not qualified. Someone who had friends in high places could equally have got geneaology records changed in an attempt to discredit Russell Means’ claim to be Lakota. He was born at Pine Ridge, so it was home to him (and others in the family). Quite a few Lakota people who were not AIM enthusiasts and did not particularly like Russell Means, and lived at Pine Ridge, never suggest he was not Lakota. I nearly said is not, it’s still hard to think of him as ‘was’.

    Yes I know he got criticised for travelling first class etc. A lot of Indian people who do well in life live more comfortably, on reservations, than many others around them. He does get picked out for criticism often for things that many other Indian people do.

    It would be easiest thing for Lakota people who didn’t like him, and knew him personally, to have said ‘he is not Lakota’. And rumours would have got round surely. He was accepted as Lakota, no one disputed it that I’m aware and of the many critical things they said about him, that was never one of them.

    • Isobel-perhaps you should keep an open mind as well. Personally I’ve invested a
      fair amount of time looking into all things related regarding AIM, it’s leadership, LPDOC,
      Peltier, and WK2, to such an extent that I have an external hard drive nearly filled to
      capacity with related information, court documents, and statements and comments made
      by these individuals.
      Too many discrepancies, too many lies, to many revisions of stories, too many
      conflicting facts, testimony, and public statements by others to ignore.
      I’ve stated before that I once supported Peltier, but as I began doing the math myself
      rather than depending on the LPDOC/AIM handouts it didn’t add up- just as the
      majority of what Means, Banks, the Bellecourts, Crow Dog, etc have to say doesn’t add
      up either.
      Whether Means was or wasn’t Lakota, which OST and ancestry records say he wasn’t,
      it is a drop in the bucket when the entirety of the issues related to Means are taken
      into consideration.
      I don’t know how familiar you are with the rez, but it is very much a closed society, with
      AIM’s history of murder and intimidation apparently people aren’t eager to confront
      them-and of those who did like Annie and Ray the associated cost can be your life- that
      would be a serious factor to consider as far disputing claims.
      A lot of what ifs and supposes can be advanced -bottomline though is what is recorded.
      Bottomline is this was a man who by his own admission was a miserable father and husband
      during the course of four marriages, if you can’t do the right thing by your wife or your children seems like a real stretch for any to assume he would for anyone else.
      This was a man who assaulted his then eighty year old one armed fatheri-in-law and kicked the concept of sovereignty not only for the Dine but for all the nations under the bus
      in his Chinle defense-that hardly sounds like a patriot or lliberator to me.
      Despite Crow Dogs attempt to immortalize Means as being a leader of all the nations
      people should ask the Dine, where he wasn’t welcome, whether they believe him to be a
      leader of their nation?
      Maybe you are able to minimize or gloss over such things Isobel but a growing aren’t,
      and that is exactly how it should be.
      As to Banks one of a multitude of issues I have with him is his penchant for young girls,
      and you should ask yourself if you had a daughter of the age he has favored would you
      have wanted him around her? Would you want her used and then cast aside, or would
      you find it acceptable if she was pregnant and the mother of his children for him to abandon
      her in the face of danger?
      So in asking these questions and providing the examples I have what exactly is it you find
      so exemplary in their behavior or them as individuals? Have you viewed Hostage Voices of
      Wounded Knee, and if so how do you explain them?
      There’s only two possible choices I can see-either they are lying, in which case you are
      compelled to present a valid scenario explaining why-or you have to say AIM is lying,
      and the motivation for that is all too clear.

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  11. Whether or not his lineage is true, or whatever backbiting happens in the community, you have to let that go. No person is perfect. Russell Means was a famous face that could bring attention to the plight of all peoples. It doesn’t really matter what his bloodwork says, or what some documents say, or what other people say about the human behind the concepts. He was a positive influence as much as he was a negative influence. Nit pick about whatever you want, but Russell did what he thought was right, and he preached a lot of great things. Again, not perfect, but I ask that you not throw stones. I doubt you are perfect either.

    • db-not being perfect myself and never having expected it of anyone, I’ve attempted
      to live my life with a measure of integrity and principles- I don’t think that is
      too much to expect of someone who attempts to portray themselves as a leader or
      AIM’s desire has always been for people “to let that go”-to let go and forget the
      rampage at WK2, the murders of Annie Mae, Ray Robinson, and countless others-all
      which occurred as they were doing what they thought was “right”.
      These things are never right under any pretext-and when what remains of the AIM
      leadership lets go of the lies and accepts responsibility for their actions, then,
      and only then will I let go of what you so cavalierly refer to as nitpicking.
      Russell Means was an unrepentant liar and con artist-if you are able to find a
      “lot of good things in that” it is your choice to do so, but I beg to differ.

      • That is not to say that you have to forgive or forget what has happened in the past, buy it is best to accept it for what it is. There is no changing what happened in any of the circumstances you mention. How does AIM move forward is the real question. Letting go of that past to not let it cloud the present, and working constructively toward a brighter future.

        As for Russell, he may have lied, he may have used certain things to his own personal advantage, but name me a leader who has not.

      • AIM moves forward by becoming a real peoples movement for the first time
        in it’s four plus decades history.Progress is made by addressing issues,
        not attempting to bury them as they did at WK2, or taking an abducted woman
        to a remote area and shooting her in the back of the head after first
        interrogating and abusing her.
        A peoples movement that recognizes and empowers the individual, a movement
        that seeks direction either by consensus or majority and not by the
        arbitrary decisions of a select few sitting at the top.
        A novel concept for AIM and it’s leadership, but long past due.
        It moves forward by a leadership whose hallmark is truthfulness and integrity, not self enrichment or the pursuit of power, celebrity, and self enrichment.
        Something not a one of the leadership is known for.
        If it is merely a matter or forgiving and forgetting then we should all
        set aside the injustices of the past-we should forgive and forget about
        the inequities of treaties and the violation of them.
        We shouldn’t rail about the rape of our women at the hands of non indigenous
        while making excuses for such things if the perpetrater is one of our own.
        But if we were to do that there would be no forward movement, no bright future, much the same
        as there will be none until AIM is held accountable.
        In the “to accept it for what it is” nothing is remediated, wounds aren’t
        healed, and the justice graves cry out for is not obtained. It amounts to a
        free pass, and in a very real sense a license to kill, a continuation of
        pimping the poverty and misery of the nations.
        My understanding of forgiveness is that it is interactive-admissions are made,
        an act of contrition occurs in doing so, and an understanding that the offense
        will not be repeated.
        AIM and it’s leadership have never done so-they instead have fabricated lie
        upon lie, never accepted responsibility for anything, and continue in the same
        vein as they always have.
        None of the leadership is worthy of forgiving and forgetting-they are not
        representative of either the nations or tradition, and have become indistinguishable
        from the greed and corruption so characteristic of the very system they claim to
        stand in opposition of.
        Accepting this is far from being the “best” choice-it is surrender, an admission of
        defeat, another bogus treaty made with self serving oppressors-and in my opinion this
        rhetorical question you ask of “As for Russell, he may have lied, he may have used
        certain things to his own personal advantage, but name me a leader who has not.”
        impugns the name and memory of a great many of the nations fallen leaders.
        AIM is an incorporated business replete with it’s own fat, bloated, living high on
        the hog CEOs -as such the focus is on the profit margin and trickle up economics where
        wealth and well being migrates to the top.

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