14 comments on “FIVE CENTURIES

  1. There are contradictory messages, I guess. This is what I received minutes ago, from Rapid City:
    Russell Means is nearing the end of his earthly journey. He is currently in hospital in Rapid City, surrounded by family and close friends.

  2. I’ve been hearing and seeing accolades for Russell Means, and from those who know the truth first hand comments like “rest in Peace”, and “don’t speak ill of the dead”.

    I wish people would understand. Once you go through that gateway in the West, the Grandmothers and Grandfathers, the medicines, release you to all the energies and actions you have ever put out into the world, into life. These actions and energies turn around, look you in the eye, and devour you.

    Because he was a self indulgent manipulator/controler, narcississtic personality, stealing much money as well as blocking ‘good’ from happening, and ordering much harm to happen to others (he would never do it directly, too smart for that), he will receive Creator’s power and might, Creator’s justice and judgement, not mine, not yours, not any human’s…

    He will never again experience peace, and sometimes I am frightened by Creator’s judgement. I would have more mercy and compassion, because I am weak and programmed and programmable
    by bad people… even if it’s just a corporate giant selling me junk that I want to buy.

    I would say, please don’t ever forget your own heart and soul, and your connection to Creator, Great Spirit, Great Mystery, and pray for change in your own life, so that we may never end up like Russell Means… and what’s happening to him now.

    Make no mistake, even up to the last day, last hour, last breath, he had the opportunity to change, to confess to the truth, and to ask for mercy from Creator. To set things right. He did not do that.

  3. ” Russell said that the time comes to all of us to join the ancestors, and indeed it does, the manner in which we make that passage is what will define it and us as individuals.” – YES as he knows now,
    & Joan – well said as well

    • auntiej5, I heard someone say once that a hearse doesn’t have a luggage rack on
      top of it because you’re not taking anything with you.
      That’s certainly true in the material sense, what you do take is the liabilities or
      assets you compiled in this life, and there is an accounting.

  4. I think there has been a point missed about the Crow; it’s an insult for a Lakota to be called Crow rbecause the Crow were recruited by the US Army as scouts against the Lakota. Quoting the lines from the blog: ‘The Crow are a great nation with a rich history and culture, as are the Nakota. The Crow, noted warriors during the plains wars and enemies of the Lakota.

    It’s as though in Russell’s denial he minimizes them as people, I don’t like that-it is what the nations have been subjected to for over five centuries.’

    Equally, a Crow person would find it an insult to be called Lakota. As you say, they were enemies. Something else struck me, Russell Means was particularly proud of being Oglala. If he had been inventing his blood,instead of saying his mother was Yankton and his father was half Oglala, half white, he could have said one parent was half Yankton half white. I am not suggesting he would do that, just meaning that if the implication is he invented his blood, surely he would have invented it differently.

    • I’m familiar with that aspect of the Crow history-one that hasn’t been uncommon
      among many of the nations from the first moments of the invasion in Central
      By and large this was predicated on facing an historical enemy- I make no
      excuse for it and maintain that the Crow and all nations are a great people
      with a rich history and culture.
      A reality that you haven’t addressed is that among the Sioux reservation
      “police” consisted of their own-so in the larger picture what does this all mean?
      I don’t believe that Russell was a person of high integrity who always spoke
      the truth-his altered stories regarding Annie and who was responsible is one
      If you look at the statements of people at WK2 who were held hostage and
      abused his version of that is another. These would be people, some who
      were children, who would have nothing to gain by lying while he would.

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