1. “Happy Hunting Grounds is an afterlife marked by forgiveness, in which one is reunited with the ancestors of one’s nation and family, Crow Dog said.

    “Four days from now, he will enter [it] to see all the chiefs in his band, and all the families, all the relations, all the stillborn that went to Happy Hunting Grounds,” Crow Dog said. “He will see them in the Spirit World… Happy Hunting Grounds has never been disturbed by any corporations in the United States, Canada, South America or anywhere. Spiritually, we understand that power.”

    Read more:http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2012/10/24/russell-means-begins-his-final-journey-as-family-and-supporters-gather-for-first-of-four-memorials-141935 http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2012/10/24/russell-means-begins-his-final-journey-as-family-and-supporters-gather-for-first-of-four-memorials-141935#ixzz2AKu1pcUr

    • First I have to say if a building I was in was on fire and CD yelled fire I wouldn’t necessarily be inclined to take his word for it.
      For his own sake and that of his cohorts he better hope that a person can do whatever they like in this life and instantly be forgiven in the next-sounds an awful lot like that Baptist tenet of once save always saved.
      I think this could go a long way in explaining their behavior as well if they assume
      they are not accountable anywhere.
      And so in Russell’s passing, CD, not being content with naming himself the chief of chiefs, names Russell a leader of all tribes-somehow I think other tribes might have something to say about that.

  2. Indeed, I was very surprised to read about Leonard Crow Dog being called “Chief” and Russell also named “Chief.” I am not aware of anyone appointing them “chiefs?” In no culture are titles of nobility or spirituality accessible to people who grab them for themselves: they must be bestowed by others. They are incompatible with alcohol and drugs., and beating women, etc.. etc.. Simple.

  3. “For his own sake and that of his cohorts he better hope that a person can do whatever they like in this life and instantly be forgiven in the next-sounds an awful lot like that Baptist tenet of once save always saved.
    I think this could go a long way in explaining their behavior as well if they assume
    they are not accountable anywhere.”

    Yes. Only the Creator( and the Spirits) knows how things are in the Spirit world and in the spiritual realm. But if you’re going to take your line then most certainly the FBI and it’s culpable agents will have their “judgment day,” as well. I’m guessing that they won’t be protected by the “privilege” that they’ve been awarded in this lifetime. There will be no corrupt judges to cover for them and no documents to withhold. No “immunity deals.” All the cards will be on the table. No “justice” dept to hide behind. Will Trimbach, Price, Wood ect also have to face Annie Mae’s Spirit? I’m guessing that the whole plot was revealed. All the operatives, provocateurs and handlers exposed. They’ll have to face Coler and Williams as well. Will THEY be held accountable by the “judges of judges?” And will they be held accountable for the COINTELPRO that you try to rationalize away? Did Hoover have to face MLK, Malcolm X, The chairman Fred Hampton, Falcon, ect.. I’m wondering? Will those “corporations,” and their CEO’s that Crow Dog alluded to ( The Uranium mining companies, Big Coal, Big Oil ect) have to face THEIR maker and answer to the raping and pillaging of mother earth and the genocide inflicted upon the indigenous populations that they exploited? At least AIM made a stand against these. How did Dick Wilson fare? If Trimbach tries to write a book about him to re-write his legacy will it change what he actually did? Will all of these have to face the real, “Chief of chiefs?” Another spiritual leader once told me that the spirits said that the,” Creator ultimately forgives all human mistakes.” I’d like to believe this but who knows? Did the murderers of Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull and Big Foot have to face them as well? Did Hitler and the Nazi’s have to face their victims? Will the ones that framed Leonard Peltier and stole more then half of his life have to face him one day? How about Mr. Ed? Will he be exempt? ” But Creator, he was “fairly,” convicted in the AMERICAN courts.” But Creator I spent 37 years putting “bad guys,” where they belonged and my great grandfather was a “full blood.”

    • Personally I don’t believe there are any exemptions, and interesting that while you cite the words of another who uses the word “ultimately” in forgiveness when CD seemed to imply it was instantaneous.
      The reality is that eulogies are delivered for the benefit of the survivors-bad form I suppose for any to say of one who has passed that they are in for it now, and will have some explaining to do.
      But as I said if there is no accountability then all you have mentioned, in fact everyone, gets a free pass-something none of the traditional beliefs of any nation that I am aware of believe in. But then they don’t View CD as the “chief of chiefs” as he likes to refer to himself or adhere to the doctrine of Crow Dogism.
      It reminds me of some of the tenets associated with various branches of the new age movement-though others hold to the concept of karma that you mentioned in that it determines the circumstances of an individuals reincarnation-something else I don’t believe in.
      As to Peltier he will have to face others as well, any claims he has made or myths surrounding him won’t work. There won’t be the “privilege” of an LPDOC, a battery of attorneys, or spin doctors.
      I’ve sometimes wondered if in Creator manifesting himself in a geographic and
      cultural manner understood to different peoples if their concept of an afterlife will be their experience?
      Does a burning lake of fire exist for those of the Christian persuasion for instance? Will some spend time in a purgatory until they complete their penance?
      Interesting to ponder but too deep for me.
      In taking the “line” I have I would think it would be obvious it isn’t a selective one, but all encompassing.
      People can quite literally become sociopathic monsters regardless of ethnicity if they adhere to no “moral” values, if they believe no accountability exists on any level-but most when the moment arrives attempt to reconcile, to wipe the slate clean in as much as they can in speaking the truth-for those who fail to do so it’s difficult to imagine that they don’t honestly believe they have no accountability.
      That they don’t believe they aren’t actually “special”, larger than life, and have no responsibility in this life or the one after.
      Perhaps in the case of indigenous beliefs they just don’t believe that “Indian shit” as Graham said.
      Will Crow Dog be held to account for commodifying and corrupting ceremonies?
      Just for the sake of discussion on your part assume that Peltier is guilty-will you have an accountability for the things you have said and done regarding him-what will be the lies you have advanced?
      Or conversely if he is innocent will I have an accountability? I think we would both have to assume so wouldn’t we? And something to think about.

  4. “Will Crow Dog be held to account for commodifying and corrupting ceremonies?”

    In contrast, will he be rewarded for all the people that were doctored through his alter via his Spirit helpers? Will these voices be heard as well? Will he be rewarded for the TRUE injustices that he stood up against with courage? Will he be acknowledged for standing up against the unlawful persecution of the ceremonies by the U.S government? Will he be recognized for all the different peoples around the world that he shared the teachings with in the true spirit of Mitakuye Oyasin and in accordance with Crazy Horse’s vision? I know you’d prefer to simplify things and put CD in a “box” but I’ll offer a quote from someone that knows him well. “The Chief is complex.”

    • Ever the front man SB.
      The “chief” is complex? Oh yeah, he is that, but the game is transparent.
      Now about the the UN and those human rights violates you’re bouncing
      around from blog to blog to avoid answering as was asked in The Cat Is
      Out Of The Box blog-want to address any of those, or the various stories
      about the hands and thrown boxes?

  5. In accordance with your past, “Truth Commission,” blog does this U.N commission also include a War Crimes tribunal to investigate the FBI’s and U.S governments complicity in the “Reign of Terror,” murders and also complicity in regards to Annie Mae and Ray Robinson himself? I’ll respond more to this. I want to do some more research on what the U.S military refers to as “friendly fire,” in a war zone. As far as the “hands” go are you trying to say that they were placed politely in someone’s hands by agent Wood? Both accounts said they were thrown. As to who’s hands they ended up in maybe the details weren’t fully remembered? Kind of like the bullet wound in the back of her head that was “overlooked,” in the first autopsy?

    • You really don’t care how lame an excuse you offer do you, as long as you don’t
      have to admit a simple truth? Now it’s maybe the events aren’t “fully remembered”?
      Throw some cold water on your face and wake up-take some of that truth serum Peltier
      wanted to subject Annie to.
      A singular event like having a box containing someone’s hands thrown/tossed at you
      and it might not be fully remembered? What, it was such a common occurrence for these
      people it’s all just kind of a blur? You’re making yourself look really bad.
      Hey, maybe Peltier doesn’t fully remember shooting those agents, maybe Graham doesn’t
      fully remember shooting Annie in the back of the head and leaving her to bleed out much
      like Ray was.
      Maybe that’s what the whole sorry mess is about-AIM/Peltier/ Crow Dog, none of them
      fully remember.
      Well thanks for clearing that up for us-we can all rest easy now.
      Do your research about friendly fire or whatever-but if this is the kind of BS you’re
      bringing to the table don’t bother.
      The accounts/lies match you say-just like all the other accounts/lies promoted by
      the Peltierites and LPDOC, that’s the result of years of rehearsal.
      And if you want to talk about my suggestion of a Truth Commission then in the spirit of
      that try speaking a little truth.

      • According to Steve Hendricks Candy Hamilton was the one that caught “the hands.” There was also some stuff in there ie the FBI being deceitful and disrespectful to Robinson’s widow. Something about lying to her about some Grand Jury hearing in SD and then letting her go after admitting that they really had nothing on Robinson and spouting out some racist comments about Natives and African Americans. I’ll quote the whole passage when I get a chance. Do you believe Demain’s star witness Richard Two Elk’s account in the book that Robinson got shot in the knee cap after charging at Crow Dog with a knife? That would be self defense, wouldn’t it or an accident? There were also around 4 other theories presented so it’s hard to know what to believe?

        I know what happened. Peltier escaped from Milwaukee for one night, sneaked into Wounded Knee, shot Robinson and then he was back in his cell again before the sun came up. Hey you blame everything else on Peltier so you might as well blame him for this too?

      • This would be the same Hendricks who speaks of AIM’s “thuggishness” and says it’s little wonder that thousands of indigenous people are bitter about AIM and states definitively that AIM did kill Ray Robinson?
        Hendricks who speaks about being confronted over the contents of his book and characterizes Means as being bellicose and self aggrandizing?
        Hendricks who lays blame at the feet of both AIM and the feds but ultimately cannot resist following the line of poor infiltrated AIM couldn’t help but start killing people?
        Brilliant SB-when do you graduate law school?

        So if you want to advance Hendricks opinion in his book that it was Hamilton who was the recipient of the box then by extension you are admitting that Ellisson lied. Or maybe Hendricks just flipped a coin to decide?
        That would be Ellisson, a Peltier attorney, serial taker of the fifth amendment to avoid self incrimination, and member of the so called WKLDC. Ellison who was present and participated in Annie’s interrogation following her abduction and prior to her premeditated murder.
        That is what you’re doing isn’t it-or do you have a work around for that also? Though I notice you leave yourself some wiggle room in mentioning other “theories”.
        I agree, a lot of “theories”, and they are ground out in the LPDOC grist mill as each new need arises. Latest being the DeLuca/Blackhorse one.
        Like I said SB let’s do some FOI’s requests pertaining to Means, Banks, Crow Dog, and the Bellecourts-that would be in keeping with pursuing the truth wouldn’t it? Then we could establish once and for all who among them has been the insider.
        If such an attempt were to be made and they were denied you’d find yourself in the position of having to complain about it wouldn’t you?
        Why don’t you ask LPDOC or Kuzma to take things in that direction?
        Ray was committed to the concept of non violent change-his entire record of civil rights work and association with MLK attest to that- so I could give a rip what Two Elk has to say regarding the “attack” on CD if indeed he did.
        Are we to believe that within a day or two upon his arrival at WK2 Ray suddenly became a knife wielding maniac? This is little more than the current whisper campaign suggesting Ray was an informant that you so shamelessly alluded to previously.
        Funny too that in Camp’s version he never mentions such an attack isn’t it? Though he gets confused and offers different stories-like leaving Ray to bleed out while he courageously manned the barricades then to having seen Ray “walk out” of WK. Good trick when you’re knee cap has been off wouldn’t you say?
        Why don’t you post the exact Two Elk quote and then we can call on him to verify or not?
        Means at the CWS conference completely denied Ray’s presence-a bald face lie by a balding serial liar-even AIM can’t keep their multiple stories straight, yet we are to believe anything they have to say.
        An “attack” on such a “holy” personage as CD that played out in the aftermath of not evacuating Ray, or providing medical attention in lieu of stuffing him in a closet to bleed out would most certainly qualify as manslaughter if nothing else-not self defense. So even that BS “theory” doesn’t hold water does it?
        What is it-you’ve got something against Ray because he was a black man? A black man who defied all mighty AIM in refusing to pick up a gun, which speaks to his non violent approach?

        “I know what happened. Peltier escaped from Milwaukee for one night, sneaked into Wounded Knee, shot Robinson and then he was back in his cell again before the sun came up. Hey you blame everything else on Peltier so you might as well blame him for this too?”
        Maybe you’re on to something-maybe he is a black ops assassin and they did let him
        out while providing the perfect alibi of being in jail. Should we FOI that?

      • In the below link, the first one, the reader will have the opportunity to view and listen to Richard Two Elk and what he has to say about AIM and Ray Robinson.
        At the end of the video take note of the site recommendations, among them Ray’s and Annie’s FB pages.
        In the second link you will see another version by Barbara Deming-in this one Deming has Ray pulling a gun. Despite the obvious inconsistencies to be found in several versions they all attempt to mitigate any blame AIM might have, portray them as victims, and transfer all responsibility to Ray.
        One should note as well that Two Elk in stating that Ray had a knife, this while apparently eating and after having been threatened on numerous occasions, Two Elk says nothing about Crow Dog’s presence or
        Crow Dog being threatened.
        I think under similar conditions I would of had either a knife or a big stick close to hand.
        So at the very least it appears as though Hendricks either misquoted Two Elk, expanded on it, or as authors have been know to do engaged in literary license.

        “He was sitting on somebody’s porch eating oatmeal. An Indian dude came up, ordered him to go see Dennis Banks. Ray said, ‘In a minute – I’m eating my oatmeal – I’ll go when I’ve finished.’ The Indian dude got affronted by Ray’s lack of servility. The Indian shot Ray dead,” Cheryl Robinson wrote.

        “Ray Robinson was at Wounded Knee no more than a week but quickly got a reputation as unwilling to take part in the fight, said Richard Two Elk of Denver. On the day he was shot, Robinson had again refused to pick up a gun, Two Elk said.”

        In the final link you will note that during an interview Banks lies as is his norm and says he doesn’t “recall” Ray and it’s all a blank to him. But then anything pertaining to the truth is always a blank to Banks-something he isn’t able to “recall”.
        The issue of “racism” was much more than a possibility-it was a reality-always has been and probably always will be for AIM, unless there’s an advantage to AIM to speak and act otherwise.
        But to be black and not bow head your and shuffle along to see the massa when he sends for you takes it to a whole different level.



  6. I know Leonard Crow dog well. I sundanced at Yellow Thunder in the Black Hills with him. He cut my flesh. As I held the Pipe, an eagle came over the dance, and Leonard stopped in front of me, while the eagle circled above us, and long enough until the eagle flew away… Quite a moment. Our relationship was good after that. He invited me to Crow Dog Paradise, and I went there once, but I did not like the atmosphere of the sun dance there. Guys danced with sun glasses and drank coke. Before I attended the dance at YTC, I fasted and prayed to have a dream to tell me what to do, attend or not attend. I will not divulge the content of a big dream I had, but it warned me strongly , and quite clearly about the “powers” of the man which were described to me very vividly. I have no animosity toward Leonard Crow Dog,. I know stuff. I was also personally invited by Fool’s Crow to his last sundance on his property, and I can assure you, had no such “beware” signs coming from my dream guidance…. Fools Crow and I were good friends. I used to visit him regularly at his home near Three Mile Creek. Frank Fools Crow was a Lakota Chief. I also grew close to Matthew King. Matthew King was a Chief.

    I never said any human being is “simple.” I said the recognition of a man as chief is a simple one. Perhaps even there, I should not have advanced that, as there are all kinds of chiefs among Plains people, self proclaimed included. I just saw a picture a few minutes ago of “Chief Red Cloud, and Chief Crow Dog sitting with a third man” at Russell Means’ wake, on Wednesday. I have met Chief Red Cloud and visited with him. I have no problem with his title. I expressed my surprise at “chief’ Crow Dog, because in all the years I have known him, he was not considered a “chief.” And now, apparently, he expects to be called “chief.” Same with Dennis Banks, or Russell Means….. I am surprised, yes, I am…. For me, from what I know of these men, they do not deserve such honor. It is a personal opinion, founded on precise facts.

    Thank you, Rezinate, for allowing me to say these words, as praises and eulogies keep pouring from people who seemingly need to make heroes out of ordinary men with a lot of baggage. I am also somewhat reserved , as I do recognize that Russell Means, by his belligerence and bombast acquired the respect of a lot of people who are grateful to him for fighting a cause and bringing to popular attention the plight of the Lakota people and other Indians in the North and South American continents.

    • Helene-my intent wasn’t to imply to anyone that you thought or said anyone was
      simple, but this is the net and people will go for what they believe is the low hanging fruit.
      Hopefully those who read my response will understand the difference between
      your words and mine-if not they have this to correct any misconception.
      Nonetheless I stand by mine, for I believe it is a very simplistic approach, a simple
      way of thinking, whether deliberate or unintentionally, to accept that many who
      claim the title actually have the right to.
      Dancing with sunglasses is about as Hollywood as one could go and speaks
      volumes to me about the nature of “paradise”, Crow Dog, and the “ceremonies”
      that take place under him.
      I know Crow Dog also, not well though, and have no desire to associate with
      him in any manner.

      “I never said any human being is “simple.” I said the recognition of a man as chief is a simple one. Perhaps even there, I should not have advanced that, as there are all kinds of chiefs among Plains people, self proclaimed included.”

      I don’t believe a problem exists in your having said this, for any who self proclaim themself as a chief regardless of the nation are in my opinion speaking out of turn-but that is for you to decide regarding your words.
      To me it is like the quote above: “the evil that men do lives after them, the good oft interred with their bones”- the good and the evil should be weighed and seen if a balance is struck, and relates to the now cliche saying of which wolf one has chosen to feed.
      Russell fed the wolf of ego, personal advancement, and the obstruction of justice for the people of WK2 who lost so much, were abused, and never offered even an apology
      or a helping hand to recover. He fed the wolf of avarice , greed, and non closure for Annie and Ray’s family-nothing he did compensates for that.
      You’re always welcome to comment here.

  7. Rezinate…you are so good with your words & patience with the not so Silent Bear, who seems to have to wade in consistantly to continue to protect his faux AIM heros, it seems without AIM he hasn’t any cultural identity of his own without them…
    Just my observation from years of watching his attempts to justify AIM’s criminal activities…

    • Well, SB and I seem to have a penchant for butting heads, and after his thirteen years of
      hanging with the boys he’s become thoroughly indoctrinated-but I’ve been there during my
      days of supporting Peltier and have a little insight into the mechanics-thankfully though during
      that time I wasn’t raging back and forth across the net in my support as he has chosen to
      Conviction is an essential ingredient of belief-but it should be remembered there was a time
      when a common conviction for a large portion of the world’s population was that the earth
      was flat and the Sun orbited around it.

  8. Still protecting the FBI “brotherhood,” / “sisterhood,” I see? So I’m guessing that they didn’t investigate Ray Robinson’s case for the same reason as Annie Mae’s? One of their informants/operatives got too close or was possibly the shooter himself so they backed off and opted to “cover up,” in fear that their man and they would be exposed. Instead they opted for trying to manipulate and deceive his widow by using her in their Anti-AIM propaganda “neutralization,” campaign. As I hinted before I’m surprised that another “Kamook” wasn’t used to “testify” and say that Leonard did it.

    • Still being a shill for AIM and Peltier I see.
      Apparently somebody did investigate Annie’s murder as there have been two people convicted thus far, Arlo and Graham. And now you have Ray’s widow being assigned the position of unwitting pawn. I think the only pawn frequenting these pages is you.
      As far as neutralizing I think AIM has and is doing an effective job of that entirely on their own.
      I’ve been thinking that since you’re all about assigning names to others like fbiguy, fedbaby etc, how
      about if we come up with one for you? Which do you prefer Crowbaby, or Peltierbaby?
      Apparently my having said numerous times I want all with any culpability exposed and taken down is a little to deep for you to understand, so rave on.

  9. Ray Robinson’s disappearance is very suspicious. Something happened to him during his stay in WK. Why so much evasiveness from AIM.

    The man did not deserve to die. That being said, he knew he was going into an armed conflict. If he was so dedicated to nonviolence, why on earth did he go to WK? Pretty stupid, but still, he didn’t deserve to get killed for it.

    • Stupid? Or dedicated to the concept of civil rights?
      The civil rights movement wasn’t a stranger to violence-people were murdered,
      including MLK jr.-yet they gathered and marched, staged sit ins, and suffered
      abuse even at the hands of “authorities”.
      When the day comes that people are no longer willing to do so nothing even
      vaguely resembling a free people will remain.
      Ray mistakenly thought WK2 was about civil rights when it was singularly about
      the agenda of those in AIM’s so called leadership.
      As a people the nations are still in the midst of a civil rights struggle, made
      all the more difficult in having been co opted by people like Means and Banks who
      have seen it as an opportunity to enrich and promote themselves.

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