1. It is the women who must step forward now… in ancient times the women were traders, travellers and power brokers, because they were the mystery connected to life (they give birth to life)

    Through prayer, women can accomplish much. Let go of the past, and be guided in the present by what you need to do today.

    The men have honourable lives elsewhere, but they do not have the power. Creator, Great Spirit, Great Mystery does.

    The programming, short circuiting, and reprogramming is unravelling, the abuse and control is ending, especially with women.

    It’s time, planetary sisters, it’s time. Tell the truth, and get out of the sickness and disease. We don’t need to take control, to have power, although Creator gives us this, we just need to wake up, pray,
    ask for guidance, and follow through. Become like a hollow bone, become like the ancestors, who are alive within and without. It’s time.

    • More than that I believe it is time for the divisions between men and women to
      be set aside and a common purpose and goal adopted-what affects one affects
      the other-not only that but families and communities as well.
      Both men and women should empower themselves-and in doing so empower
      and respect each other.
      Indeed women should step forward and say in a unified voice enough-but men
      should be at their side adding their voice as well-if that isn’t the way of it then
      let women provide the example and men accept the shame of failing to do so.

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