8 comments on “BETRAYAL

  1. Betrayal leaves such a shock and sickness in the human heart and soul, it takes your breath away.

    Imagine all those you naively and in all innocence, trust, faith and hope, those persons that you think are good human beings, turn around and betray your trust, use and abuse you.

    First the shock wave causes silence and horror and fear, then the response of both anger and incredulity, because you are innocent of any ‘evil’, yet they have chosen you.

    So you rage, and that’s when the threats and punishments, intimidation and lies happen. They tell you you’re one of them, you are just as bad as them, because you agreed to a relationship with them,
    and so therefore you are bad.

    If you speak up, if you fight, if you ‘turn them in’, not only will they get you and yours, they will tell the police and courts how bad you are. And that everything you are saying is a lie. They will say you are crazy, with mental illness problems, and or physically ill, with a lot of health issues along with whatever your weakness in life is.

    And we all have weaknesses. Because we’re human.

    This is the trickery and abuse used on children, as well as those trying to change things for genuine good in this day and age. Not the fake trickery good which is everywhere, which is just greed and dishonesty run rampant.

    My weakness was chocolate and potatoe chips. For others it’s drugs and booze. You can laugh, but these weaknesses have led to type 2 diabetes problems.

    So the abusers fed me tons of chocolate, desserts, and potatoe chips, and when I was so obese I couldn’t stand up easily, they would tell anybody who tried to help me that I was weak and sick and a fatty, so don’t believe anything she says… she is pathetic.

    So long as I believed the initial lie, which was just propoganda and programming, ie, that I am bad just like them because I am in a relationship with them, I could not change, turn around, look them in the eye, and kick butt… from here to kingdom come.

    Betrayal, I and everybody else I know could write a book on it.

    But listen, we are children of Creator, Great Spirit, Great Mystery, and it was never our fault to begin with. We have chosen to love others, as well as Creator, as well as ourselves, and that love sustains all of us but the abusers. To love even abusers is not a mistake, but it will be used in some way against us. Love anyway, but still kick their sorry butts from here to kingdom come. Fight!

    The abusers are lost and have no more time. They feed the beast, they always have, and their greed and hunger grow. They don’t know love, they never will.

    I would say Mother Earth and Father Sky, the Grandmothers and Grandfathers and medicines of the 4 directions are kicking their sorry butts now, wouldn’t you?

    But we still have a responsibility to say no, look them in the eye, and say, “From now on, I’ll follow Creator, and speak and live the truth to the best of my ability”.

    Rezinator, you have an uncanny ability sometimes to say exactly what is timely. Right timing.


    • I believe your comment will resonate well with those who read it Joan, and speaks to
      multiple issues with eloquence and understanding.
      I don’t believe I have any special abilities -if I do then they are no doubt the result
      of that tin foil I at times fashion a hat/protective covering out of….one can never
      be too careful you know.

  2. The good words from rezinate and joan, our people know this word betrayal for the
    long time. and to funny with this tinfoil rezinate

  3. I caught up with you towards the end. I too believe it isn’t so, at least not to that extent. It’s all far from perfect for sure, but there is some hope. If everyone and everything was perfect we’d have noting to talk about and it would be a pretty dull place. We have to do the best with what we have and what’s worth fighting for.

    • nppa -I agree we have to make the best of what of we have, but we also need
      to understand that so much more is possible and start demanding that human
      dignity and welfare becomes the priority.
      I was talking with someone once and they said there was time not all that long
      ago that a person would receive unsolicited credit cards in the mail, fully activated
      and good to go-hard to imagine but I’ve thought for some time easy credit was
      a ploy to keep wages down and profits up-that it created an illusion of wealth,
      financial well being, or an income that didn’t exist – I believe people are waking up
      to that reality now.
      Technology has made tremendous strides and I think an attempted relationship
      to those advances has been made to create the illusion of well being once again,
      the byproduct is that what has real value becomes supplanted with something else.
      Mediocrity becomes not only acceptable but a goal to strive for.
      I’ve read several economists who say that the minimum wage should be in the
      neighborhood of twenty dollars an hour, as I read that I can hear corporations
      and legislators howling in denial and dismay because it serves them better to have
      a nation of consumer/debtors than one with any degree of financial independence.
      If the “American Dream” ever existed I think it would be difficult for any to make
      a solid case that it does now- certainly the nations have never been able to.
      America is no longer the industrial giant it once was-jobs are exported based
      on a bean counters margin of projected profit in doing so.
      Trade agreements are fashioned using the same metric-and nowhere in them
      can the term “fair trade’ honestly be applied.
      This country is becoming a nation of service oriented jobs-even if we develop
      a technology we export it. Export where production costs are cheaper and importation
      of the finished product back into this country adds little or nothing to the cost.
      All of these things speak to a betrayal.
      Bertrand Russell said something to the effect that if modern man is provided
      adequate food and sexual stimulation he will accept anything-add to that the illusion
      of credit wealth, that elected politicians actually do serve their constituents, the
      law is just and equitable for all, and then toss in the latest iphone, ipad, or other
      electronic gadget and I’d say he knew exactly what he was talking about.
      Despite all that is available today, all the toys, the advertising campaigns, and
      fine rhetoric about all is well, America leads the world, etc, I think the opposite
      is true-that this country and others who wield the power are on the cusp of
      Factor in environmental issues and I believe it is undeniable. We live in a finite
      world-resources aren’t unlimited, and when they are depleted, when the air
      becomes difficult and dangerous to breathe, when the water is no longer
      palatable, humanity will find there is no place to go.
      Indigenous people are the least of the minorities in this country, and we well
      know the meaning of betrayal-from the treaties to the ongoing land and resource
      It is insult to injury now that some among our own will betray us based on a
      foreign model of greed and self advancement we never knew or practiced.
      But we remain, and as you say make the best of what is.

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